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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

We have visited Mazatlan, Mexico many times over the years. This time we were coming from Culiacan, after a fun trip on the El Chepe train from Chihuahua to El Fuerte.

There were several bus lines from which to choose, but we picked AUS, a new one in our experience.

We were not disappointed!

Our bus tickets - Culiacan to Mazatlan

Our bus tickets - Culiacan to Mazatlan

It is about 2.5 hours from Culiacan to Mazatlan, and the bus was comfortable. Since we are seniors (GASP!) we got a senior discount on our tickets. This price of 105 Pesos translates today to about $5.50USD.

Mazatlan written out in colorful letters on the malecon, Mexico

The city's name written out in colorful letters





As I have mentioned in previous stories, all over Mexico, today's fashion is to have the name of the city spelled out in big, bright, colorful letters while depicting history or notable things about the town on the letters themselves.

Here you see the large "Mazatlan" letters standing proudly on the malecon of this favored beach vacation spot.

You will find similar style letters in Morelia, Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara airport, Comitan, El Fuerte and even the old, old town of Patzcuaro.

Panoramic view of the ocean, Olas Altas area of Mazatlan

Panoramic view of the ocean, Olas Altas area of Mazatlan

Again, this is from the rooftop of La Siesta Hotel, a vintage location in the area of Olas Altas area of Mazatlan.

We generally prefer the older, historic sections of towns rather than the super-duper touristy Gold Coast styles of tourist developments. Prices tend to be a bit more reasonable, and you can get a flavor of history and the renovated buildings give you a sense of how things looked during the "Old Days."

The ocean is marvelous, isn't it?

Inside La Siesta hotel, a poster of Mazatlan in 1936

Inside our hotel, a poster of Mazatlan in 1936

Check. Out. This. Poster.

Here you have a group of sport fishermen with the sailfish they caught lined up behind them. One of the guys has a UC Davis tee shirt on!

The ladies, in the meanwhile, have every stitch of clothing on - including their high heels and one is wearing a tiara - sitting on lounge chairs on the sidewalk in front of Hotel La Siesta. Not surprisingly, a very common sight here in Mexico, one woman is doing some knitting or sewing.

Notice the bright red coupe with fins and white wall tires parked behind them.

A section of Olas Altas on the malecon, Mazatlan, Mexico

A section of Olas Altas on the malecon

After settling in to our hotel, we went out walking around the area. Just had to see the ocean close up, and the malecon in Mazatlan showcases the beach and sea so well.

Notice how BLUE the sky is!

On our trip to Mazatlan, we enjoyed great weather.

Menu at a simple corner restaurant, Mazatlan, Mexico

Menu at a simple corner restaurant

Walking around, we found a small restaurant with outdoor seating so we could watch the sun set while having some light dinner.

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We ordered the Marlin Pate, and the price listed here at 90 Pesos translates today to under $5USD.

Billy and Akaisha at sunset, sharing a meal in Mazatlan, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha at sunset, sharing a meal

Our view of the sea was terrific. We were only a stone's throw from the waves and of course, we could both see and hear them.

What a way to share a meal.

We love our lifestyle!

3 men in sillouette at the beach, Mazatlan, Mexico

I wonder what they are discussing?

We are Retire Lifestyle Mentors. Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams.

Billy caught these three men in silhouette having a chat.

While I am always curious when I see photos like this -- What are they talking about? I wonder to myself...

But I can effectively guarantee what they are not discussing.

They aren't asking each other which color of tile to put in the bathroom, nor are they exchanging recipes. I can pretty much assure you they are not chatting about the plot of the latest novella drama on TV!

Chances are they are sharing viewpoints about business, politics, house repairs, or problems with a boat they own.

What do you think?

Sunset, Olas Altas, Mazatlan, Mexico

Sunset, Mazatlan, Mexico





Here we are, enjoying the sunset in a little piece of paradise.

Does this ever get old?

Looking at this photo, my memory allows me to hear the waves even now as I sit here in my palatial digs.


Panoramic Sunset view in Olas Altas, Mazatlan, Mexico

Panoramic Sunset view

By this time we had moseyed down the malecon and were sitting on another restaurant terrace watching the spectacular view.

These ball lights gave off a soft glow, not competing with nature. Twinkling lights in both directions show you how far this malecon goes.

On the right in the photo is the still-developing tourist section of Mazatlan.

Make it a point to come visit here someday. It's both affordable and gorgeous!

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