Wondering whether you need a lawyer to represent you?

Jack Giraud is a 29 year old gentleman who is a fanatic of the law and likes to say that the law fascinates him. Jack says that it is important to look for a Houstonian Top Lawyer to help you out on whichever case. During his free time, he loves to read novels.

Have you ever wondered just how life would be without lawyers? Think of situations where you would be on the wrong and have no clue on what exactly to do. This is when you would realize just how important lawyers are in the society today. It is not easy to get caught up in a tricky situation and end up walking away Scott free.

When it comes to the law, a Houstonian Top Lawyer is all you need. Realize that you cannot work it out on your own. You will definitely need the help of a lawyer who will work things out for you. On your part, you may not be in a position to defend yourself for many different reasons. This is when you will realize the importance of having a lawyer.

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In case you have been wondering whether it is really necessary to have a lawyer to represent you in court, well, it is important. There are several reasons as to why you need to ensure that you have a lawyer in Houston. Here are some of them:

  • Get to save your money

Most people think that having a lawyer will cost you a lot of money. This is a very wrong perception. Having a lawyer will actually cost you less in the long run. You cannot compare spending a certain amount of money on a lawyer who will ensure that you are free in the end, to having no representation in court then you lose the case and have to serve some jail term.

You would be better off hiring a lawyer who is a sure bet than taking the risk.

  • You have no connections

You need to know that a lawyer does not work alone. They will always have a chain of other people who they can count on to ensure that you win the case. You on the other hand may not know anyone, only your loyal folks.

A lawyer will also know how to bend when need arises in order to ensure that you win the case. You therefore should not hesitate when it comes to getting a lawyer.

  • The law is not an easy thing to comprehend

You need to realize that the law is complicated and that you need the help of a lawyer to help you out. On your own, you may not be able to meet the deadlines and other legal procedures that need to take place. This is the more the reason why you need to ensure that you have a lawyer.

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Benefits of Travelling- Why People Should Travel Regularly

Carlton James is a freelance writer. He enjoys cooking, sampling different types of food, and networking. He describes himself as a travel addict whose bags are always packed for the next trip. Find out more about STS travel your resource for Spring Break here.

Travel provides the opportunity to explore different places, meet people from various cultures and learn new things. It is an enriching experience that enables you to enhance your personal and professional life. People are encouraged to travel as often as they can to enjoy the numerous benefits that travelling has to offer. Whether you are heading off on a short trip or long-term travel, you will be able to gain a lot from regular travel.

Reduce your cost of living. Pay less for medical care. Find better weather. Create a healthier way of life.


  • Hearing about different destinations cannot be compared to actually experiencing them. Until you take the time to visit different places, you will not be able to fully comprehend or appreciate them. Travel involves learning different ways of doing things, languages, cultures, lifestyles and how other places function.
  • It stimulates your senses because every aspect of your trip remains a treasured memory. Everything you experience and see becomes an integral aspect of your life. You become inspired and more creative when you are away from home.
  • Travelling helps you find out more about yourself and your character. The opportunities and challenges that you experience along the way make it possible for you to learn about your personality and who you really are.

Take a Break

It is essential for everyone to have a chance to take a break from their regular routines and concerns. A few days or weeks away are important for restoring your energy, revitalization and keeping you going. Traveling is something that everyone should include in their schedules. It is important to learn what is going on beyond your comfort zone. Make your travel dreams come true by taking the first step of planning and budgeting for your trip. Visit STS Travel your resource for Spring Break.


Travel usually requires you to get acquainted with unfamiliar surroundings. You might have to learn another language, consume different types of food and mingle with some interesting strangers. Such activities play a major role in your personal development. You can look forward to a sense of accomplishment when you try out new things or get involved in activities that you never thought you would participate in. This may enable you to aspire for more in your personal and professional life.

Skill Development

Travelling regularly increases tolerance because you learn how to get along with various people and adjust to different environments. Being more tolerant improves your interactions and reminds you to appreciate what you have. When you are at a new location, you may realize that you possess various skills that you were previously unaware of. Travel is an effective way to develop skills such as leadership.

Leaders are expected to manage people and be comfortable around different personalities. When you travel, you get a chance to meet all types of people, which will help you become a better leader and team player.


The people you encounter during your travel can turn out to be some of the most valuable contacts you make in your life. They give you insight into other aspects of life and compel you to adopt new perspectives while realizing that people have several things in common despite their differences.

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Are you worried about your AC?

Brian O’Malley is a 33 year old gentleman who is a specialist when it comes to ac maintenance. He works with an AC repairs company back in his home town. During his free time, O’Malley loves to go out with his friends and have a good time. 

Most often, the comfort of your home is what will be in your mind as a home owner. It is probably because your home is the place where you can actually unwind and have a peaceful time. You will therefore wish for it to offer the most comfort that it can. You will actually do anything in your capacity to ensure that it is as comfortable as it should be.

When you talk about the comfort of your home, there are several things that you may have in mind. It could be that really comfy sofa at the corner in your living room or even just how the AC makes your space so cool. The trouble comes in when your AC starts to malfunction. This is when you begin to make phone calls to your friends asking if they have any idea on how to fix the problem.

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It is during such times that you need to go out and look for the best AC service provider and let them fix the problem for you. You do not need to beat yourself up trying to find a solution to a problem that you may never get to solve. In case you have been wondering what to do with your AC, you may have just found the solution.

You do not need to worry anymore. You can simply follow the tips below when it comes to finding the best ac maintenance  service and pick up the pieces once again.

  • Look out for a reputable service provider

When it comes to services being offered, there is one area that you need to pay keen attention to. The reputation of a person will tell you whether the services they provide are good or otherwise. You can do this by simply going on to their website and have a look at the feedback of their customers.

Through this, you will be in a position to judge and know whether to seek their services or not.

  • Look out for the best services

Sometimes, it’s not all about the money. Sometimes all that matters is how you are being treated as a customer. You need to ensure that the kind of service you get is top notch, one that can make you recommend your colleagues and friends.

This could be in the charges; do they offer discounts for return customers or not. Sometimes, such simple gestures are what makes you go back for their services.

  • Look out for experience

You cannot compare the services you receive from one who is experienced to those of an inexperienced person. You need to ensure that you look out for a service provider who is very much experienced and knows anything and everything to do with ACs. This is the most certain way of ensuring that you get worthwhile services.

  • Affordability

You need to cut your coat according to your cloth. Go for a service provider whose services you can afford.

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What Do You Do about Online Security Abroad?

Q&A with a Reader

Do you or have you ever used a wireless travel router when conducting online banking or other secure business over the Internet when abroad? What method do you use?

I enjoyed The Adventurer’s Guide To Early Retirement. Thank you for sharing your experiences and encouraging others to follow their dreams. Seeing that I had already taken some of the steps you suggested was reassuring that I am on the right track!



All of our books lead to adventure. Don’t miss out on yours!

Hi Kevin,

We use a Netgear extender… but not always. Most of the time while traveling we just jump onto the hotel’s system.

That said we check our accounts daily.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for writing and we are happy you enjoyed our book.



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Can a Government Job Really Mean a Secure Retirement?

Jane Brown

Right now the trend with government jobs is actually away from pension plan type retirement. That being said, the retirement benefits remain better with a government job than with the public sector.

It wasn’t that long ago when having a government job meant that you would be guaranteed to be comfortable in your retirement. While the salary isn’t what you would expect in the public sector, you could still work for 30 years and retire without having to worry about where your income would be coming from.

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What You Need for a Government Job

There are some requirements for any government job. Each job will have various requirements, but there are still some things that can help you get into one of them. Masters programs in diplomacy can help you acquire top-notch communication skills, as well as the acumen to solve problems within the international system.

You might also want to get acquainted with the landscape. Even though we might perceive the government as a single, giant entity, it is actually made up of quite a few different departments and agencies. Identify the ones that mesh well with your interests, expertise, and experience. As an example, if you happen to have experience in finances and love nature, think about getting a finance job for the National Parks Service.

Having a degree of any kind will help in getting a government job, but having the right one to fit the specific job is also a bonus. You might be in a position where you will need to analyze information and oversee implementation while managing resources and people. The right degree for that would likely be in public administration. Or, if you wanted to work with getting people jobs, you might consider a degree in human resources.

A Hot Government Job

Like it or not, one government job sector that is always hot is in defense spending. There will always be a need for people in this arena. US wars cost us money on a daily basis and have for years. If you can get a job in this area, you will be set for retirement. This doesn’t mean that you need to be in the military either. You could be a defense spending analyst in Washington or work in payroll as a civil servant on a military base. Also, signing up to serve now isn’t nearly as dangerous as it used to be. While we do still have boots on the ground in war zones, most of the wars are fought from great distances now due to digital and technological advancements.

What to Expect from a Government Retirement Plan

While pensions do still exist, they are not nearly as popular as they used to be. They also might not be around for much longer. Additionally, the requirements are different now. Some require more years of working for the employee to be fully vested while others require more of a contribution from the employee.

There are also investment plans. These function like a 401(k) with the employee putting in money and the government putting in money as well. The percentage will vary from state to state, but this seems to be a popular option currently.

You can also choose to invest your pension in things like annuities or retail bonds. Annuities are currently used the most, but retail bonds are close behind. You might also check into low risk shares and bonds or even think about investing in gold.

There are actually quite a few different options for you if you want to invest your pension. Many of them are high risk for those who like to take chances. The bottom line is this, though: when it comes to retirement, a government job can be as risky as a public sector one, but it can also be a much safer option.

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How To Travel On A Budget

Joel Cortez

One of the most fascinating changes over the past 10 years is the ease and speed with which one can move round. You will be fascinated by the effective and smart ways of reducing travel cost. It is impossible to travel the world without buying or paying for something. However, there are few tips to help in getting fresh ideas that can greatly assist in reducing costs while at the same time ensuring that you have an authentic adventure.

These include:

Getting around

The first stop while looking for inexpensive flights is none other than Skyscanner.com. This website offers a swifter means by which to determine the European budget airlines that operate on the route an individual is eyeing. This assists in price comparison. Do not be fooled by the cheapness of flights at a glance, it is essential to factor in the additional costs. For instance, the price that will be spent in travelling to the airport and from it. With few sacrifices, light packing and little planning, travellers can avoid a majority such costs. Lyft is indeed a sound financial saving ridesharing service that is similar to Uber. This is an excellent way of saving money instead of hiring a car altogether.

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Saving on accommodation

Hostels are still some of the cheapest accommodation options available to travellers on a budget. Hostels with high standards and are respectful offer high standards, are fun and interesting. The perfect way to locate hostels nowadays is via Hostelworld.com. Alternatively you can use Airbnb.com to find someone’s home where it would be inexpensive to find  accommodation. Airbnb.com has extensive options that range from living room futons to whole apartments. It is recommended that the traveller goes through all the reviews to find what matches their needs.  Airbnb Coupon codes can come in handy in paying for hotels, rentals and making online reservations at a
discount. You can significantly save with coupon codes.

Stay in touch

Technology is significantly revolutionizing budget travels in one of many ways. For communication purposes, cell phones are cheap and easy options. What is even a better deal is to make phone calls via the internet.

Tours and memoirs

Students who have memorized a script tend to emphasize academic stories over the exclusively academic. In the recent past, they are known for liberties with characters and historical events.

A journal is important to keep as they are enjoyable and for individuals who cannot find a cost effective way to familiarize yourself with it.

Embracing the art of travel hacking

This is a simple concept, it entails working the system to score sufficient free rewards points on airline and hotel on the loyalty programs. This will results in free transportation and accommodation.


Teach English in a foreign country

This has always been a popular and well thought of strategy that allows a traveller to see the world while making extra money on the side. This is more so in the countries of South Korea, China, Japan and even Romania.


With the above insightful information, you are now sufficiently equipped on how to travel on a budget.

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Cherry Hill Living: Country Living, City Convenient

A Lakeside RV and Park-Model Community on “the edge of the Canadian Shield”

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it takes a village”, that couldn’t ring more true. Villages have it all, children, teenagers, parents, and those that are looking for their ‘”last big adventure”. We love hosting people of all ages and interests.


For those of us looking for our “last big adventure” we want a place to look forward to. One such option is CherryHill, a lakeside RV and park model community located 45 minutes from Winnipeg, Manitoba in central Canada, and five minutes from Steinbach, a smaller full service city with state of the art hospital, medical services, banking, retail, grocery, recreational facilities like a curling rink, hockey arena, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, library, cinema, and golf courses, including the well-known Les Furber designed Quarry Oaks golf course right next door to CherryHill Living.


Whether you are looking for a 5 month, 6 month, or in future, even four season environment, these options are all available at this unique park community. And at a price tag that is affordable, even laughably doable. We are creating a movement focused on people moving into the next phase of their lives, with affordable housing. They are baby boomers, snowbirds, families with young children. Some of our families have three generations living at CherryHill. It is a quiet relaxing lifestyle that all ages enjoy.

From its early beginnings ten years ago, CHL started with 35 sites on the west side of the lake and now has 136 fully serviced sites available. Another 232 sites are on the drawing board for expansion on the remaining 60 acres of fully treed property. Family owned and operated, CherryHill is an oasis, secluded from the stress of everday city life but still close to an urban centre.

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A seventy year old red hip roof barn graces the property and has been renovated and restored to provide a clubhouse with an antique pool table for billiards and pool, darts, happy hour and pot luck. On a cement pad outside are two pickle ball courts and shuffle board. For the more active, there is volleyball. A network of walking paths and bridges is being planned for across the canal in 40 acres of wooded land set aside for future expansion.


Today’s Recreational Vehicle and park model features come in a variety of styles from the simplest RV to the sleek modern Black Diamond Edition Park Models available through CherryHill that rival the most luxurious of Condos. Instead though, they are situated on their own private lot, a 50′ by 75′ serviced site surrounded with views of trees, sand, and water. Stunning patios, decks, sunrooms are welcome additions to expand indoor and outdoor space if you desire.

For those of us looking for our “next big adventure” or even our “last big adventure” we want a place to look forward to, where the setting is vibrant and varied. We want to spend our retirement in a setting with people of all ages, our very own “village”.

Many people are looking at selling their home and moving into a park model community for the season. Then feel confident that they can leave to either travel to Europe, lay low in South East Asia, or drive south to Mexico or Arizona for the remaining months of the year. It’s freedom from stress, money issues, and comes with built in friends and a super lifestyle. CherryHill is a place to live a good life. To relax. To have fun with friends and family. To find balance in life. There’s always something to do.

What’s your “Next Big Adventure?”

For information contact: Joan Fehr, Owner, CherryHill Living, Cel 1-204-346-3168

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Simple Steps That You Can Take To Keep Pests at Bay from Your Home

Sam Jenkins is the owner of a reputed pest control agency that offers its customers protection against pests using organic and natural pesticides. A veteran in this domain, Sam writes extensively on the online media regarding simple but effective measures that people can take to keep their homes free of pests.

Pest infestation is a nagging problem for homeowners all over the country. If proper steps are not taken in time, it can cause extensive damage to your home and lead to a number of diseases and ailments besides making your life miserable. The best way of getting on top of pests is to maintain a really clean home. This is because pests usually thrive in dirty environments that give them an abundance of food, water, and places to hide in. Some practical steps that you can take to keep your home free of pests:

Keep the Yard Clean

Even before pests enter your home, they are likely to invade your yard. Therefore, the first step towards ensuring a pest-free home is to keep your yard clean. This means that the yard should be free of dead plants, weeds, dry leaves and fallen branches, and fruit that has fallen to the ground as these are the very things that provide food and shelter to a variety of insects. The maintenance of your yard should include periodic trimming of the plants and trees since excessive vegetation provides a naturally safe and nice environment for insects and other pests to thrive. Also, rotting wood and fruits provide an extremely rich source of nourishment for termites, ants as well as a variety of other insects and rodents. Make sure that water does not stand in your yards as these pools of stagnant water are the ideal breeding places for mosquitoes and a variety of flies responsible for a number of diseases. The act of keeping your yard clean is your first defense against pests from entering your house.

You can retire in this economy – You do have options – Click here to learn how!

Keep Storage and Other Infrequently-Used Places Clean

Insects and rodents are far smarter than we give them credit for. They have a habit of identifying storage places or other areas that are not visited very often because they instinctively know that they are safe there to hide, feed, and reproduce. By ensuring that you regularly clean up these areas, you can make sure that insects and rodents cannot build their nests and wreak havoc inside the house. Though it may seem like a chore, cleaning up places that you do not use once a week is a very effective pest control technique that will prevent pests from using them to launch attacks inside your home.

Eliminate Food Scraps from Your Home

The main reason why pets invade homes is the easy availability of food and a large number of hiding places within striking distance. The simplest way of making your home unappealing to pests is to remove all items of food that can be accessed by pests. This means that not only should you keep all food items, raw or cooked, in properly sealed containers, cupboards, or the refrigerator, but also you should ensure that you do not dump uneaten or even uncooked food items in the sink, waste bin or other places that are easily accessible by pests. Every time after having meals, ensure that the table is wiped clean and all crumbs and scraps of food that have fallen to the floor picked up or the floor vacuumed. If you have pets at home, you need to be extra careful and ensure that their bowls are cleaned up after they feed and also do not allow your pets to take food to other parts of the house or yard for consumption later on.

Seal All Gaps, Holes, and Cracks

Insects and rodents are naturally very clever in gaining entry to the house by means of small gaps or cracks in the doors and windows. If there are any holes that are present you can be sure that they will be taken advantage of either to enter / exit the home or to hide there. By giving the house an inspection every now and then and immediately taking steps to seal holes, cracks, and gaps, you can to a very large extent stop rodents and insects from gaining access to your home. Especially vulnerable are the drainage areas in the kitchen and the bathrooms.


By keeping your yard and home clean, you can eliminate the main attraction for insects and rodents to infest your home. To add another layer of protection, you should take steps to seal all cracks and gaps that may be used by pests to gain access to your home. If you are still being bothered by pests, then it is time for you to call in the professionals and have them take the necessary steps to exterminate pests from your home.

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How to have a Successful Career as an Attorney

Shawn Wills has been a writer for 10 years. He has carried out research and compiled informative articles for different websites. He enjoys sharing information and is passionate about legal issues. For more information about where to find an accident attorney, visit the site.

Attorneys are responsible for providing their clients with professional guidance through legal matters. They use their skills and experience to navigate the system and can have a significant effect on the outcome on their clients’ cases. There are various attributes and qualities that facilitate a successful career in law. The ability to attain this type of success is also determined by how dedicated and passionate the individual is.

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Understand the Law

All good attorneys need to know and comprehend the law by continually studying their field. Regardless of what your specialty may be, it is important to regularly update yourself and be well versed within the field of law that you practice. Find out if there any changes, developments or regulations that affect your work and area. New legislation is frequently introduced and being informed is crucial.


  • If you are required to handle cases or matters that you are not familiar with, you should be willing to carry out research. Conducting thorough research, especially when dealing with issues that you have not previously handled, is necessary for finding viable solutions.
  • It is not possible for you to know everything, whether or not you have been practicing law for a long period of time. Different types of issues come up on a daily basis and research will give you valuable insight into how handle them.
  • The techniques that are used to conduct research have evolved over the years. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with information technology and efficient methods of electronic research. There are various applications that are available to make it easier for people within the legal fraternity to find information.

Ongoing Education

Whether you are an accident attorney or specialize in another area, you need to make an effort to continue gathering knowledge through ongoing educational programs and seminars. These will enable you to maintain your practicing license as well as to continue gaining useful information that can improve your work.


Different experts and specialists regularly attend seminars where you can interact, learn and share information. Attending legal seminars also provides the opportunity to network with other legal professionals within your area.


Successful attorneys should be able to analyze legal issues and find solutions. Viewing such issues from different angles helps you identify the challenges and develop the legal basis for your arguments when you need to defend your client.

Before making conclusions or coming up with solutions, you should understand all the facts that pertain to the matter. Since your clients may not always provide you with the information that you need initially, you should ask relevant questions that will enable you to get all the information that you require.

Communication Skills

  • Attorneys are expected to have strong communication skills, including the ability to express themselves clearly through writing. You will be a valuable asset to your client if you can draft documents effectively.
  • Effectively written arguments require information about the case, legal issues that have been identified, applicable regulations and conclusions.
  • Your verbal communication skills will enable you to articulate the position of your client when you speak to the court and other stakeholders.
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Staying Long Term in Hotels while Traveling

Q&A with a Reader

Thanks for all the information at your website!

I have a question that might be of interest to a lot of your readers.

In the interview you gave to Andy Graham at hobotraveler.com, you made a short comment.  You said that you often stayed at hotels rather than renting houses, condos or apartments.  As I recall, you alluded to staying at hotels as an efficient and inexpensive way to control travel expenses.  I know you also house-sit, but hotels are much more available than house-sitting gigs.

Can you give us any additional information about how to save on expenses by using hotels as your main source of housing?  I have heard many complain that housing is one of the greatest expenses for the retiree traveler who wants to travel long-term. 

This would also be a good topic for a short ebook for the budget-minded retiree:  Affordable Travel:  How to Keep a Roof Over your Head Without Sleeping in a Tent :).


Hi Gary!

Thanks for writing and for bringing up the topic of housing – both in retirement and while traveling. Yes, it is the largest expenditure in most households. If one can adjust the cost of housing in one’s budget, you can live just about anywhere in the world.

We think your idea about a short ebook on this topic is a good one… funny… I have been thinking of putting together another article on this topic anyway, because actually, more and more options about housing are becoming available all the time. It’s a new day!

Regarding housing expenses/living in hotels while traveling, you might take a look at our Travel Housing Page for some ideas. There are links to hotels, apart hotels, room rentals, snowbirding options and more. If none of these locations work for where you might be traveling, you can always ask a hotel where you are considering to stay, if they have a long term price, or if they offer a discount for longer stays of a week, month, or longer. In our experience, many hotels in Asia and all through Latin America will oblige with a discount. It might not be enough of a discount for you, but on the other hand, we have received incredible deals in this manner. Don’t forget to inquire about a Senior discount, a Third Age discount, a Pensionado discount and so on.

When you  are negotiating a deal, realize that when you are paying for long term, (a month or longer) that you might need to pay for your own toiletries and that cleaning might only be once a week instead of daily. You might need to provide your own drinking water.

Room rentals (like a pension in Europe) are available around the world also, and this often gives you access to kitchen facilities which will save you money on a daily basis. This might be where staying in hostels can come in handy as they always have access to kitchen facilities.

No matter where you are, assume you can negotiate. If the hotel only gives you a “skinny” off the nightly price, just find another place.

Sometimes there are deals online when you book. Or you can always arrive in a location and stay a few nights, and then go out and research hotels in person. These might be ones that are not listed online (often prices are higher online so as to compensate the booking agent) and arriving in person will afford you a better deal.

We speak to all of these methods and more in our Travel the World for Less report.

I hope you find this information to be useful to you.

Enjoy your adventures! and feel free to write any time.

Best Regards,


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