5 Ways to Cook with Coffee

By Carol Trehearn

Quite simply, fresh coffee can make any morning better. Not only does it smell gorgeous as it brews, it’s also great to help get us going and wake us up in the morning with its delicious taste. All over the world, you’ll find chefs, bakers and brewers who are not only just drinking coffee, but incorporating it into their recipes to give their food a little hint of their morning routines. With that in mind, we’ve put together five tasty recipes which use coffee as a main ingredient that you can try in order to get your coffee fix in other ways than simply drinking it out of a mug.

In Sauces

Coffee sauce? You’d be forgiven if you’re wondering whether there actually is such a thing. In fact, there are a number of great sauces which can all incorporate coffee into their ingredients. One of the most common sauces which uses coffee as a spice is a barbecue style sauce which you can use to baste meat before cooking to give it a delicious barbecue taste. To make it, you’ll need a range of ingredients which can be found here. For a rich coffee taste, see coffee by Javafly.

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If you want to cook with coffee, tiramisu is one of the most popular recipes to try. This no-bake, creamy dessert is a favorite from Italy, and definitely incorporates the gorgeous taste of coffee perfectly. To make this classic Italian sweet dish, you’ll need mascarpone cheese, one and a half cups of strong coffee, half a cup of brandy or cognac, 30 savoiardi (Italian ladyfingers) cocoa powder, and bittersweet chocolate. See the full recipe here.

Coffee Dry Rub

Coffee might not be the spice that you usually reach for to season meat, but it can yield surprisingly tasty results. Throwing a little bit of coffee into the dry rub of spices that you normally use for smoked ribs or even barbecued burgers can add a strong, barbecued taste that is delicious.

Coffee Ice Cream

If you enjoy making your own ice cream, coffee is a flavor which you definitely have to try. Whether you like to make ice cream from scratch or have a special ice-cream making machine to do all the hard work, adding some coffee to the mix can provide tasty, refreshing results that are the perfect alternative to a hot cup of coffee on a warm summer’s day. For even more taste options, why not try using flavored coffee such as hazelnut or caramel coffee for the most delicious ice cream ever.

Coffee Cake

Coffee flavored cake is another classic recipe which uses your favorite beverage as a main ingredient. There are many different ways in which you can make coffee cake, with some of the simplest being adding fresh or ground coffee to a regular cake recipe. Coffee and walnut cake is one of the most popular coffee cake recipes to try, and it’s easy to make, even if you’ve not done much baking in the past.

What are your favorite ways to cook or bake with coffee?

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How to Find Cheap Student Travel

By Charlie Brown

Students always feel a wave of excitement as the holidays approach, as it gives them the opportunity and freedom to travel. However, being a student means one will almost always have budgetary restrictions, and travel destinations should ideally be cheap. Without proper due diligence, this can be a huge problem. However, with the right amount of input, finding options for cheap travel should not be too big of a problem.


The first step is to make sure one does as much research as possible. The fact that the holidays are here is not an excuse for research on subjects to be over. Before they start the actual booking and reservations, it is important to make sure they know what they will expect to pay for flights, accommodation, and travel and so on. The internet has many helpful resources, key among them the peak performance group travel website, which offers students options of most frequented locations and a choice of different types of tours and travel options. When searching for options and gathering information, it helps when one knows where to look for information. Look for sites that offer packaged deals and discounts, as well as resources for saving money.

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Sometimes, picking a specific destination can be difficult with loose travel plans and a budget that is not exactly as flexible as possible. A clever trick is to focus on the type of vacation one is to have, instead of focusing one’s attention on a single destination. By not committing oneself to a specific destination, one opens themself up to numerous suggestions and a wider selection of travel deals.

Planes, trains and cars

Air travel costs have been going up in the past few years, and there is little chance that there will be significant drops in future. Still, there are discount airlines available for students who prefer flying. However, travelers with stricter budgets might also want to consider travelling by train and bus. They offer a more meaningful experience as one gets to pass across famous landscapes and enjoy the scenery. More importantly, they are much cheaper than flying. In fact, in some case, travel by train can be the fastest and cheapest way to move from one location to the next.

Student discounts

Student travelers enjoy discounts for travelling in almost every country, so do not be afraid to ask for discounts. Museums, parks and various historical sites have special rates for visiting students. Make sure to bring international student identification cards, or any other form of identification to take advantage of these rates.

Group travel

Travelling with friends is another great cost cutting tip. On gets to save money through the sharing of hotel rooms and group travel. With a group, it is also easy to make new friends who can then offset some of the costs, like accommodation and travel.

Being cash strapped might have students feeling like they cannot travel the world during the holiday period. With these tips, though, travelling for the average student is much cheaper.

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Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of Healthcare in Retirement

By Carol Trehearn

Even with health insurance, the co-pays can eat you alive. It seems that changes in healthcare that made it more accessible to some lower income families has taken a toll on conventional health insurance and many services or treatments which were once widely available no longer seem to be covered. Then, if they are still covered by Medicare, the co-pays are going up and up almost by the day. If you want to lower the cost of healthcare during your retirement days, here are a few good examples of what you could be doing to lower the costs you are subjected to.

Take a Proactive Stand

Today, wearables are all the rage and for very good reasons. Most often what fitness or healthcare wearables do is communicate directly with your healthcare provider. They track specific metrics within the body to be sent to your doctor for analysis often circumventing the need for a visit to the doctor. Not only will this save your co-pay but you will not be spending half a day for a 15 minute appointment. What doctor have you ever known to get you back in the treatment room on time? Also, you might want to contact medical marijuana doctors that can give you a prescription for medical marijuana that is infinitely less expensive than some modern meds and a whole lot safer.

Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

Many people in retirement become much less active than they once were and as a result start putting on the pounds. Not only is this a result of a much more sedentary lifestyle but from having more time on our hands eating the absolute worse foods you can imagine. Steer clear of tobacco and alcohol because these can be two of the biggest ‘killers’ on earth.

A Glass of Wine Keeps the Doctor Away

The old saying about the apple may have some value to it but modern science proves that a glass of red wine may be a whole lot more effective at keeping the doctor away. Red wines are high in resveratrol that is known to fight arterial plaque, thereby reducing your risk of getting a heart attack. It is often quoted that the French have one of the lowest rates of heart attacks and science believes it is because most French families sit down to their main meal with a nice glass of red wine.

The cost of living is horrendous and medical care is even bypassing the average rate of inflation. From doctors and specialists you visit to the cost of drugs, vitamins and other medical supplies that are needed as we age, it is quite difficult to afford the high cost of healthcare. Try as many of these natural remedies as you can and you will soon see that your healthcare budget is getting chipped away a bit at a time. Money was never more difficult to make and easy to spend but with a few well-placed ‘tricks’ you can cut your expenses and do more with your money than pay doctor bills. There is a way to do it if you just know how. These tips should help.

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Read These Printed Instructions on How To Be Rich As Fast As Possible!

Frank Wooder is a former student of Bob Proctor. He enjoys reading bob proctor books. His experience has inspired this report.

One of the common traits among successful people is a voracious appetite for reading. According to Bob Proctor, an accomplished life coach and the main trainer at the Proctor Gallagher organization, reading is one of the steps towards success. He confesses to reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich at the tender age of 26. When Bob read and thoroughly studied that book, he was empowered to transform his life dramatically. As such, he read that book every single day after that. He indicates that he does not merely read the book, he studies it.

Reading between the words

It is not enough to just read the contents of the book. You have to study it. Bob Proctor goes through a paragraph up to 1000 times while reading. For example, he currently has a book where he has read the same pair of paragraphs for the last 8 months. By having this intense focus on reading, you are able to focus intensely on the words of the author. Earl Nightingale taught Bob how to study like this and it has been immensely helpful. So what are the favorite bob proctor books to read? Discover more below.

Which books should you study to be successful?

As indicated above, reading is one of the factors that leads to immense success. Bob Proctor is one of the leading authorities on how to be successful in life. His favorite books to read include:

  1. Self-Reliance: The Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson as Inspiration for Daily Living
  2. The Secret of the Ages
  3. Think and Grow Rich
  4. The Master Key to Riches
  5. You2
  6. As A Man Thinketh

All of our books lead to adventure. Don’t miss out on yours!

Self-Reliance: The Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson as Inspiration for Daily Living

One of the most well known authors of the last few centuries is Ralph Waldo Emerson. He wrote extensively about how to achieve the goals and desires of your heart. He wrote this book to inspire you on how to live successfully every single day. The book contains essays by Emerson. In addition to that, Richard Whelan has written an introduction that makes the essence of Emerson’s ideas much clearer.

The Secret of the Ages

This is a superb book that was written by Robert Collier. This book was adapted into the movie known as The Secret. It contains principles that allow you to make your mind open to achieving wealth, health, happiness and success. It is a great book to read and the movie is an amazing resource.

Think and Grow Rich

It is no secret that Bob Proctor thoroughly enjoys reading Napoleon Hill. He has read this book for over 5 decades every single day. Napoleon also has another book that is known as The Master Key to Riches. In this book, the author stresses self discipline. This is well known as a trait that is necessary if you want to be successful in life.


Written by Price Pritchett, this is a book that Bob describes as being phenomenal. The moment he turned the first page, Bob was hooked, He constantly carries a 36 page copy in his traveling case. Every single page in this book will transport you to a different dimension where success is your reality. Despite being short, You2 will transform how you think and increase the power of your mind.

As A Man Thinketh

This book is written by James Allen. It is superb stimulation for your mind. It will change it for the better in a remarkable manner. Bob admits to a love of reading anything for example news articles, biographies and educative material. He will read them for as long as they teach him how to use the tranformative power of the human mind.


You can train your mind to be a tool for positive change in your life. Bob Proctor is a man who has done this and teaches others how to do it too. You can read the above books and achieve a state of mental wellbeing that will guide you to greatness.

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How Divorce Cases Between Same-Sex Couples are Handled Today

Connie Halden is a same sex divorce lawyer. She has over ten years of experience. She was one of the first lawyers to handle these cases in the state of New York. Visit this website and learn more.

Massive strides of social acceptance have been made in the last few years. One of the achievements is the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. There are many states in the USA that allow and recognize these marriages for example the state of New York. In these states, gays and lesbians can get married, have children and raise families. In the same way that they can get married, they can also get divorced. The laws that govern heterosexual divorce are the same ones that are used to govern same-sex divorce. In both cases, the ultimate point is to ensure that the children caught in the middle receive the necessary comforts of life and education.

Is there any difference between same-sex and heterosexual divorce cases?

From a legal perspective, cases of same-sex divorce are identical to those of heterosexual couples. The law was designed as ‘one size fits all’. As such, there are no special rules and regulations that are used for same-sex couples that are not applied for heterosexual couples. When one takes a closer look at same-sex divorce cases, the differences are massive and quite stark.

Same sex couples have very complex systems of emotion. These emotions emerge during the divorce proceedings.  As a result, the same sex divorce lawyer has to apply a sensitive approach, lots of empathy as well as a high level of understanding of the same sex couples involved. The unique nature of the couples makes these cases different from the regular ones.

How do the lawyers involved in these cases handle them?

Some law firms have specialized in how to handle cases of divorce between same sex couples, for example, the Mandel Law Firm. In this firm, the lawyers have some special skills and characteristics. They can identify and adapt to the subtle changes and features of a same-sex relationship. They are also able to apply high levels of emotional intelligence in the divorce cases between same-sex couples. In addition to that, the lawyers handling LGBT cases are able to understand the foundation of these relationships and how to negotiate the split in divorce.

Despite the uniqueness of the parties involved in these cases, the lawyers have some responsibilities that are similar to those involved in heterosexual divorce cases. These responsibilities include:

  1. Division of the assets fairly and in such a way that the children are well taken care of
  2. Negotiating child custody
  3. Ensuring that proper living and learning conditions are secured for the children involved in the divorce
  4. Ensuring that all divorce proceedings follow accepted legal rules and regulations


Same sex couples also experience divorces in their relationships. It is not a fact that is confined to heterosexual couples. Whichever type it is, there are skilled divorce lawyers who will guide the couple to the greater good of their children.

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Forget the Joneses: Why Savings is Essential

By Jane Brown

“Money is made for spending.”

“You can’t take it with you once you’re gone.”

I have certainly heard made these excuses up over the years as a reason to avoid trying to save. It wasn’t that I was trying to maintain a zero balance in my checking or savings account, but to consistently and strategically save my hard earned income was not something I was interested in before.

To me, trying to make ends meet and provide for my family was enough of a challenge. Trying to take my income and stretch it as far as it could go to afford our necessities was my main goal. Though it is important to make money and budget it to cover your expenses, it is just as important to save money and plan for the future.

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.

I didn’t realize how important saving really was until I fell into debt, ruined my credit, and essentially dug a financial hole that required assistance to get out of. Don’t believe me? Below are seven reasons you should consider saving more of your income – no matter how much you earn:

  1. Saving Reduces Your Need to Borrow

Simply put, if you have a nest egg that you can fall back on, there is no need to look to credit card companies or loan providers for assistance. You can revert to your own cash and afford whatever you need to.

  1. Saving Minimizes the Potential of Falling Behind on Bills

One missed bill can cause a web effect on your finances. When one bill is missed, fees are tacked on and your credit report is altered. Trying to repay can mean dipping into funds that are allotted for another bill. However, if you have money stashed away, when you get an unexpected bill or don’t have the funds to pay on the due date, you can use those funds to pay for the bill and eliminate the negative consequences of late payments.

  1. Saving Improves Your Credit Score

When you’re forced to borrow funds and/or fall behind on payments, it can negatively impact your credit history, causing your credit score to drop. This naturally makes it challenging for you to do anything from obtain a new car to applying for furniture. Saving money, however, can help you maintain a good credit score. Since you won’t need to borrow funds and you won’t fall behind on bills, your credit history will remain positive.

  1. Saving Provides You With an Emergency Cushion

As fun as life can be, it can also throw curve balls at you. A natural disaster, unexpected car repair, loss of income, or even a loss in the family can lead to serious financial downfalls. If you’ve been saving consistently, you can avoid having to ask family members for help, sacrificing on certain expenses, needing to borrow money, or damaging your credit score.

  1. Saving Affords You Large Ticket Items

Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to go on vacation, buy a new dream home, or even invest in a nice car? When you don’t have the funds upfront to afford these things, you put yourself at risk for falling into debt. Naturally, having a savings account can help you to afford those things you can’t afford on your typical income.

  1. Savings Can Help Fund Education

Whether you’re interested in picking up a new skill or you have kids that are nearing college, you’re going to need the funds to afford the education. It is reported that college can cost an upwards of $32,000 a year. While there are plenty of lending opportunities available, this obviously incurs more costs with interest. To minimize the amount you have to borrow, having a savings you can draw from is best.

  1. Saving Provides Peace of Mind

No one likes to stress over their finances, but it happens more times than not. Saving on a consistent basis can provide you with the security blanket you need to stress a bit less. Knowing that you have funds readily available to take care of major ticket items, unexpected expenses, and so forth will ultimately provide you peace of mind.

Saving should really be a part of your everyday lives. In fact, it can be a great topic for the entire family. The sooner you learn how to save and adapt a method for saving on a regular basis, the better it is for you. Just remember all of the above benefits you’ll reap from putting aside a few extra bucks each week.

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Reducing risk in a private retirement portfolio

As pension controls begin to be relaxed, and people begin to have more control over their savings, it can be a bit of a minefield trying to figure out how much money you have where, and where that will leave you by the time you wish to wind up your working activities and start drawing from the pension pot. With this in mind, the riskier investments are often those to be shied away from in later life, but does this necessarily mean taking absolutely no risks at all?

There are many things to gain in life with risk. The chance to make the most of an opportunity that you know will provide rich rewards for the future, should you get it right, is appealing to most, and the thought of whiling away retirement sitting on a beach somewhere warm seems too good to pass up on for many, but getting the balance right is key, or you could be left with nothing.

Life is an adventure, follow your dreams.

In younger years, being blasé about savings and aloof about a far off future destination is generally the most trodden path, and the wish to take risks for greater reward can be taken with repercussions as a bad investment will not be as severe if you have the chance to make amends later on. When retirement looms, however, the time may well come when you think that allowing your quality of life to hang in the balance on the basis of one massive investment is just too much of a risk to take, and so you look to take steps towards de-risking your portfolio.

The first step is often the most obvious, and it will be no different here. Diversifying assets is one of the key ways to immediately balance out some risk on your behalf. If all of your pension pot is tied up in one fund, managed beyond your control, all it could take is some market volatility to decrease the entirety of your savings overnight. By adding more options to your portfolio, it is easy to make sure this does not happen to you.

As you approach retirement, you may well have a good idea of how much money you will need to have put away to keep you going through all of the hurdles life will carry on throwing at you, and allowing yourself the most generous of estimates is probably a good idea to provide yourself some float should the worst happen. This means creating a solid and dependable fund that is only likely to carry on increasing in value, rather than one that could swing either way too quickly for you to do something about.

Plus, if you manage this right, you could even retire early on the proceeds you have managed to accumulate, something that many no doubt clamor for. Should you already have a reasonable portfolio in progress, and are therefore looking to transition this into a dependable portfolio set to see you through your older age, it may well be best to consult professional financial guidance to ensure that you make the right decisions. With so many opportunities available to you, it can be easy to end up overwhelmed with the sheer choice of investments, so working alongside those who study the markets intensely could help you make the most informed decisions for your future.

Now to delve into the vast array of investment types: depending on your prior knowledge and tendency for safety over risk, annuities are one of the most popular picks for guaranteeing a pension pot, but these will not necessarily carry out the big return you are hoping for. They are unlikely, however, to totally lose all value and are therefore one of the safest bets.

Should you still be looking to invest for your pension, but are still wary about it being too risky, look for guaranteed rates of return when purchasing these types of financial products, as opposed to variable rates of return that may not look as good when the time comes for you to harvest your savings. Fixed rates can give you peace of mind while still offering the chance to grow your portfolio as you wish. Self-investment pension plans are gaining popularity and offer more freedom.

There are a lot of options, but doing nothing is definitely considered the worst of them. One of the riskiest things to do is not check up on how well your retirement pot is progressing, so make sure you stay ahead of the game and secure the retirement you deserve.

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5 Great Destinations to Visit in Your Retirement

By Carol Trehearn

Retirement is supposed to be a time of enjoyment and relaxation, and one of the best ways to enjoy yourself after years of hard work is to do some traveling. We’re all familiar with retirement havens – cities or places that people love to relocate to after retirement. While permanently moving to another area is a common practice, many times the one-time road trips and getaways are the most memorable and entertaining experiences.

The travel experts at globalluggage.co.uk talk to people about their vacation plans all the time, and have therefore become familiar with some of the most popular places that retirees are visiting. If you’re looking to visit a few unforgettable places after years of being tied to a specific job or location, consider their suggestions for five great destinations to visit during your retirement:

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  1. Santorini, Greece

This small group of islands in the southern Aegean Sea originated from a series of volcanic eruptions that created stunning geographical features thousands of years ago. When it comes to scenery and romance, few places can compete with the islands of Santorini, which consist of Asproníssi, Nea Kaméni, Palea, Thira, and Thirassiá. If looking out on the horizon from ancient cliff-perched towns that offer some of the best cuisine in the world sounds appealing to you, be sure to check out Santorini on your next getaway.

  1. Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America and as such is home to an abundance of culture, history, and architecture. If you’re looking for tropical scenery and some of the best dining south of the Equator, this coastal Colombian town should be on your list of places to visit. When you’re done enjoying the festivities the town has to offer, get out and see the nearby nature at Cristal Beach or Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona.

  1. Kayangan Lake, Philippines

If you’re in good enough shape to take a fairly steep 10-minute hike, you’ll be greeted by one of the most beautiful lakes on Earth with the picturesque waters of Lake Kayangan nestled into the surrounding mountains. Expect there to be a number of other visitors at midday, so for more privacy you might want to see it in the afternoon or evening.

  1. Canyon Steps, Ecuador

Located in the tropical paradise of Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador, the so-called Canyon Steps descend alongside an amazing waterfall nestled in an exotic jungle canyon. There’s a walking bridge that crosses a raging river, and there are a number of cool spots off the beaten path that won’t require a very strenuous hike.

  1. Tahiti

If clear blue skies, serene white beaches, palm trees, and an island breeze sound like things you’d be interested in, be sure to stop by the island of Tahiti for some fun in the sun. There are a number city tours as well as nature and wildlife tours that can help you see the best of the island while you’re there. A few examples of places to see would be Bougainville Park, Panaauia Beach, Faarumi Waterfalls, and the Water Gardens of Vaipahi.

Use This List as Inspiration

In closing, we should remind you that the above five locations are only a handful of the thousands of amazing places this planet has to offer. After working for decades to enjoy your retirement, you owe it to yourself to get out and see the world. If none of the locations on this list are places you’d want to commit your next vacation to, consider making your own list by searching for other destinations in the same or similar regions.

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Arizona Day Trips – 3 Awesome Hikes in the Southwest

Guest post by Mitch Stevens. Read the entire article here.

It’s a well known fact that Arizona is beautiful, often breathtakingly so. From the fascinating Sonoran Desert in the south to the red rock country near Sedona and the Grand Canyon, the state features a staggering diversity of landscapes, perfect for day trips and adventures.

  1. Mt. Ajo – Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

As a trip leader and interpretive guide, Beth Krueger knows the desert. She once spent four days camped at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, located between Arizona’s Ajo Mountains and the Mexico border.  While most hikers avoid summers in this part of the world, it’s Beth’s favorite season. At this time of year, she can savor the fruit of the organ pipe cactus, purported to be the best tasting in the world. Organ Pipe is the only place in the United States where the organ pipe cactus appears – it’s rare here, but common in Mexico.

All of  our books lead to adventure. Don’t miss out on yours!

Beth and I collaborated on a late winter outing in the park’s nearly pristine desert wilderness. We marveled at magnificent organ pipe and saguaro cacti, extraordinary plants. The preserve is a showcase for flora and fauna that have managed to adapt to the extreme temperatures, intense sunlight, and little rainfall that characterize this southwest region.

Ajo Sunset

Ajo Sunset

Together, Beth and I hiked 1.5 miles through dense stands of giant columnar cactus to the Bull Pasture overlook. There were exceptional views in every direction. In our immediate surroundings, smaller peaks, canyons, and other rocks formations; in the distance, majestic mountains. Before long, the boulders and rock formations that were part of the backdrop at the beginning of our hike were right in front of us. And after a few short, steep switchbacks with some loose footing, the route gave way to amazing rock outcrops, including windows, arches and a series of huge cone-like stone formations that were fun to explore.

After another mile of hiking walking on a ridgeline with stunning views, we realized the incredulity of the hike: a short but fun boulder hop landed us right atop Mount Ajo, the tallest mountain in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We scrambled a short distance on the summit and more grand views emerged. A large, and colorful rock slab that looked like a spaceship and was covered in lime green lichen greeted us. It This made for a great resting spot.

For a brief cyber journey of this southwestern wonderland, turn up your speakers and enjoy Organ Pipe Magic.

  1. Rogers Canyon – Spirits of the Past in the Superstition Wilderness

Elisha Reavis dreamt of living live off the land in a beautiful place far away from the hordes of humanity. He realized that when he moved to a high mountain valley in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, where he farmed, grazed and tendered an orchard. Ponderosa pines graced his ranch and a beautiful clear spring-fed creek watered the fruit trees he planted.

Arizona day trips

Arizona day trips

Five hundred years before Reavis arrived, the Salado peoples were eking out a living in Rogers Canyon and today, their fascinating cliff dwellings are visible from a hike just a few miles the Rogers Canyon trail junction.

Gradually, as we walked left from the junction, the landscape transformed from high desert grassland to riparian. There were huge, old sycamore trees, juniper, oak and mountain laurel. As we ventured deeper into the thick of Rogers Canyon, spectacular volcanic rock formations appeared. Different shapes seemed to be chiseled by the elements: a teapot, Queen Victoria’s crown. An immense boulder was perched precariously high up on the canyon wall.

We arrived at the Salado cliff dwellings. These well preserved ruins, constructed over 600 years ago and located in a huge cave above the canyon floor, were the highlight of our day. At one time, as many as 100 people lived there in more than 65 rooms, when it was constructed over 600 years ago. Most of the ruins have all but vanished but there is still a lot to see. Even from the ruins, across the canyon was a sight to behold. Impressive spires of volcanic rock, glowing in late afternoon sun and studded with trees and shrubs, appeared to march up the opposite canyon wall. The entire scene was framed by buff colored rocks comprising the cavern itself.

Because the ruins are fragile and irreplaceable; the forest service asks that hikers tread lightly and respect this magnificent place.

  1. Adventuring at Nankoweap

For hikers wanting to experience raw adventure and avoid crowds, the Nankoweap trail at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most enjoyable and epic treks in the southwest. Spectacular geology and out- of- this world views are the calling cards of this magnificent place.

The trail was originally constructed in 1882 by Major John Wesley Powell, the one- armed civil war veteran and explorer who is credited with leading the first group of men down the Colorado River and through the present day Grand Canyon in 1871. The trail was created so that Charles Doolittle Walcott, a geologist in the Powell party, could easily access the canyon and study its rock layers.



The first three miles of the Nankoweap Trail are a delightful romp through a high elevation forest of ponderosa pine, juniper and aspen. Then almost suddenly, the trail takes on an entirely different character as it plunges off the rim of the Grand Canyon to continue along a ridge-top. Arriving at Marion Point, we came right into contact with the geology that makes this part of the Grand Canyon so incredible and unique. The rock layers date as far back 300 million to 750 million years ago. rock layers reached far back into our planet’s past from 300 million to 750 million years ago.

Unbelievable panoramas unfold from that point. The visible green ribbon along Nankoweap Creek lies 2,500 feet below and the forks of the creek extend far back toward the plateau, each separated by colorful rocky ridges and lofty buttes. The most striking of these is Mt. Hayden, a distinct and slender 400 foot Coconino sandstone spire at an elevation of over 8,000 feet.

Should the Grand Canyon be included on your bucket list? Most certainly. The spectacular and uncrowded Nankoweap trail is one of the best ways to experience the raw and unspoiled grandeur of this most magnificent gorge, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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Here Is How You Benefit From Online National Restaurant Directories

Peter Miller is an avid traveler working for a travel magazine that appreciates the use of technology to easily find restaurants nearby. He has posted many travel related articles in his blog.  You can visit his blog here for more information.

In a busy world where people find less and less time to cook a whole meal and enjoy it, restaurant services are quickly becoming convenient solutions for many. If you have a busy lifestyle, you may want to ensure that you enjoy a good meal without the rush of having to prepare it yourself. The good news is that in any given area, you can find sufficient restaurants to feed you.

When it comes to finding a good restaurant, it takes more than just picking up the phone and making a reservation. You need to carry out adequate research to help you make the ideal selection. That itself is a time-consuming activity but it has been made easy by restaurant directories. You can use such resources to help you easily find restaurants nearby.

The restaurant directories are useful to you in many ways. The site developers have gone out of their way to ensure that your restaurant search goes smoothly. When rushed for time, the directories offer the quickest way to finding the best restaurants in whichever area you are. Even if you travel to a new location, you easily get the information. Some of the benefits you get to gain from using this resource include:

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It saves you time

You do not have to search for a long time before you find an ideal restaurant. Without the directories, you may have to click through many other websites, read reviews and do so many other things before getting the restaurant that is best for you. With the directories, you save on all the time it takes to do this. You just need to key in your keywords and location. You then get a list of the restaurants that are near you that fulfill the search criteria you set via the keywords.

It is convenient

This search service is convenient. You do not have to do much or go out of your way to get the information you need. The search criteria you use can be the cuisine you want or any other parameter that best describes the restaurant you want.  The service then does the rest by providing you with restaurants that fit the bill of your search. You can also use the search to find information on a restaurant you have in mind. You can then get its locations as well as other important details.

You get all the information you need in one place

The directories give a lot of details regarding the restaurants. They will offer locations, star ratings, even price brackets and a whole range of important information. You therefore do not have to make further searches on the restaurant to find out more about it. You can even get contact details, making your bookings much easier. That is not all – the sites provide comprehensive information in regard to location such as maps. Such directories are therefore not just websites that give you restaurant names and contact details. You get much more information that is crucial to your decision.

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