Practicing Yoga on the Road

Amanda Kingsmith is a podcast host, avid traveler, writer and yoga teacher who is passionate about people, movement, living boldly and exploring the world. To learn more about Amanda visit or

I don’t have time.

It’s too expensive.

There is no studio near me.

I don’t have an hour and a half in my day to practice.

When it comes to yoga, we’ve all made these excuses. Myself included.

So when we book a trip, or make the decision to long term travel, yoga is absolutely out of the question. If I didn’t have the time or money while I was at home, I definitely won’t be able to do it on the road.

Right? Wrong.

I’m here to tell you how you can maintain your yoga practice while on the road, without spending your whole day on your yoga mat and breaking the bank.

First, yoga is expensive. I teach and I practice, so I know. When you’re on the road, it can be challenging to fork out this kind of money.. But, what if I taught you how to practice at home? Or from your hotel room? Or from the rest stop that you stop at while on the road?

Do not let Fear make your decisions for you. Risk has a price and so does security.

You see, yoga doesn’t have to be expensive. The problem is that if you don’t know how to practice, you automatically think you need to go to a class.

Second, the idea that we have to spend an hour doing yoga is a complete fallacy. Although an hour is amazing, we don’t usually have that kind of time on the road. You can actually practice yoga in 5-10 minutes and have it be super effective for your body.

Don’t believe me? I’ll show you how!

Take 5 minutes, either sitting or standing, to close your eyes and do a mental check in. Mentally scan your body from head to toe and pinpoint places of tightness or tension in your body. Now, you have a playing field to work with.

Here are 6 basic poses to help you stretch those out, and feel amazing while on the road:

1.Neck rolls

Neck rolls

Neck rolls

Drop your right ear to your right shoulder, hold for a moment, and then begin to drop your chin to your chest. Hold for a moment and then bring your left ear to your right ear. Continue at your own pace doing 3-5 movements.

  1. Lateral side body stretch

    Lateral side body stretch

    Lateral side body stretch

Reach your arms towards the sky, grab your left wrist with your right hand. Inhale deeply and as you breathe out, begin to tip to the right, feeling a nice stretch through your left side body. Hold for 3 breaths, and then switch sides.

  1. Cat / cow pose

    Cow pose

    Cow pose

Come onto your hands and knees in a tabletop position. On your inhale, sink your belly and send your hips and head to the sky for cow. On your exhale, arch your spine drawing your shoulder blades away from one another for cat. Repeat 5-10 times.

If you don’t have somewhere where you can come onto your hands and knees, you can do this from standing, as shown in the photo below!

Cat pose

Cat pose

  1. Lungeyoga8

Ground down firmly into your front leg, bend your knee and lengthen through your back leg coming up onto your toes. Now, tuck your pelvis in and under and feel a nice long stretch through your hip flexor. Hold for 3-5 breaths and then switch legs.

  1. Hip circles

    Hip Circles

    Hip Circles

This is about as basic as it gets, and it feels AMAZING! Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and begin to make circular motions with your hips. Move for 30 seconds in either direction. Make sure to use your hips, and NOT your knees. And remember, the motion doesn’t need to be dramatic.

  1. Forward fold

    Forward Fold

    Forward Fold

Bring your hips to hip width distance and fold forward, clasping opposite elbows and allowing yourself to gently sway from side to side, as pictured. Keep your back as long as possible, and allow your head to hang heavy. This should feel awesome, especially if you’ve been sitting, flying or driving for a while.

You can practice these poses in any order you want, at any time or day, and it should take you no longer than 10 minutes. Now, the next time you’re on the road, there’s no excuse to not get your daily yoga practice in!

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Mattress types

Jennifer McBride is a content copywriter and mattress expert at Mattress Insider. She’s keen on everything related to mattresses and loves writing tips that help you choose your mattress and keep it clean and hygienic.

If you are suffering from back issues, first thing that a doctor will tell you is that you need a good mattress. When we say a good mattress, we refer to a type that should support your particular body type allowing you to rest and relax. It is general knowledge that a new mattress can provide you much more support than the one which is worn out. Simply put, as time goes by, stuffing depletes, providing less support to your joints and other parts of the body. Even though doctor can suggest a particular mattress, it remains up to you whether a certain product fits your needs or not.

Nowadays, mattresses are made from various materials. Some of them focus on durability, others on anti-allergic properties, while some are meant to provide better support to your back. According to the experts, it is optimal to change mattress once every seven years. Here is a brief rundown that will help you recognize different types of mattresses.

Not sure you can retire? Get answers here

  • Foam mattress

As its name implies, this type of product is made out of foam. This foam can be from various substances such as polyurethane, latex or memory foam. Furthermore, foam mattresses can also have gel and some other materials within them. The good thing about this particular item is that it can be made in various shapes and densities (due to different materials which are used).

  • Gel mattress

A gel mattress uses a gel within the mattress. However, due to its structure, this type of mattress has to go with some other materials. It can be placed within the item’s support system, upholstery layer or both. Together with foam, it creates feeling of comfort.

  • Memory foam mattress

When it comes to this form, this is a product which uses high density polyurethane foam. Similar to a gel mattress, this substance can be placed in the support system, upholstery layer or both. If you need an easy to clean mattress, this is the one for you.

  • Latex mattress

If you wish to have an organic mattress, this is the best option for you. Latex mattresses can be organic, non-organic and a mixture of the two. While organic is made from the coconut plant (its milk to be precise), a non-organic mattress is made from petroleum material.

  • Mattress with springs

This is the oldest and still, most popular type of mattress. It has a spring within it as a support system for your back. Naturally, due to its long existence, there are various sub-types of this product. You can choose your mattress based on the spring system within it. There are those that are made with springs connected into a single unit as well as those that are individually wrapped pocketed coils. Springs are covered with different materials which are meant to provide protection and isolate the user from the springs themselves. When it comes to number of coils, it can vary. However, one thing holds true; the more springs there are, the better distribution of weight. Having this in mind, more coils will provide a better support to your back. These mattresses are very cheap and durable.

  • Hybrid mattress

As you can presume, this mattress combines different technologies. It is based on springs together with foam (can be made from various types of foam). Have in mind that even gel can be used for this particular item.

  • Waterbed

These beds are based on water. There are two main types available to consumers: a hard sided and a soft sided bed. Even though this kind of mattress has existed for quite some time, it has never attained the same popularity as other similar products. Even though they are very comfortable and good for your back, they are not very durable.

  • Pillow top mattress

This is a great option for people who need additional support or extra comfort. A pillow top mattress has another upholstery layer which is placed into the top of the mattress. It can be made out of fiber or foam.

  • Air bed

Similar to a water bed, this type of mattress is quite gimmicky. Their support system is based on air which is placed in a special chamber. This chamber is protected by padding or upholstery which is made out of fiber or foam. The good thing about these mattresses is that you can adjust different parts of it according to your own desires.

Although these products vary in term of price, durability and comfort, the most important thing to have in mind is hygiene. Even if you have the best mattress in the world, it can still present a health hazard if you do not maintain it properly. Of course, anti-allergic materials may solve a part of your problem but you still need to clean your mattress from time to time.

If you wish to learn more about mattress cleaning, read this detailed mattress cleaning guide.

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Birth Injury Claims and Compensation

Dr. Fisher is a renowned plastic surgeon. Fisher is listed as one of the best surgeons in the field of cosmetics. His appearance in “Extreme Makeover” sparked a lot of attention. This in turn led to numerous interviews and publications. Dr. Fisher shares the sentiments that “dealing with a birth injury attorney is not an easy task”.

Having a child is the greatest thing that can happen to anybody. Imagine the joy and pride of finally being a parent; being able to witness the continuation of your lineage- the feeling is simply amazing. Unfortunately for some parents, the birth of a newborn is usually filled with devastating instants rather than cheerful moments. This is all thanks to medical malpractices.

Medical malpractice accounts for a significant number of birth injuries. 20% of birth injuries are as a result of carelessness and negligence from various practitioners. It is true that we need to trust medical experts to prevent avoidable problems. But that is not to say that you won’t meet with a few bad apples here and there.

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Unfortunately, for parents that have to bring up children with birth injuries, the toll is enormous. A child might be disabled for life. This translates to constant care and attention. Even when the results of birth injury are deemed to be mild, the impact on the child and family lasts forever.

 How to Cope with Birth Injury

The best way to deal with birth injury is filing a lawsuit so that the liable persons can be held accountable. There are quite a number of medical malpractice suits filed each year. Please note that this is not out of anger or malice but out of need.

Caring for a child that has been afflicted by birth injury is not an easy task. The whole process is challenging and expensive. No parent should have to carry such a heavy toll. It is through lawsuits that victims can be given compensation that can be used to settle medical bills and future needs.

Types of Compensation Claims

Birth injury compensation is usually categorized into two:

  • Non-economic damages- this is basically compensation for mental anguish, pain, and suffering among other similar damages that aren’t termed as economic.
  • Economic damages- basically, these are the types of compensation that can be quantified economically. They include things like medical costs, lost wages, physical and occupational therapy among many others.

Filing for Compensation

The first step involves identifying a reliable birth injury attorney before filing a lawsuit, it is important to ensure that you indeed have a valid case. This can be done with the help of your attorney. Some of the factors that can help you prove negligence are:

  • To begin with, there must have been a doctor/ patient when the injury took place.
  • The doctor must have indicated signs of negligence during prenatal care or delivery. Some of the common signs are improper use forceps during birth, failure to diagnose and treat a problem at hand, and improper use of medical facilities among many other related malpractices.
  • The negligence must have resulted in birth injuries. Some of the common injuries are wrongful death, bone fractures, fatal lacerations and natal brain damage.


An effective lawsuit can only take place with the help of a qualified attorney. They have the necessary skills and expertise needed in uncovering any malpractice behavior. This is usually done with the help of medical experts.

Are you wondering where you can get the services of a reputable attorney? Why don’t you give Family Law Guide a try? This is an online platform that features a comprehensive list of attorney products that deal with birth injuries.

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Discover the Wiper Blade Technology That Can Save Your Life!

Millie Jenner is a car parts reviewer. She reviews various elements of modern cars and posts her opinion in the media. She has written pieces for numerous respected car magazines, blogs, websites and even presented some webinars. She has over ten years of experience in this field and is an expert on how to choose the best wiper blades. She graciously made a contribution to this report.

There are many systems that operate together to make modern cars work properly. Some of these systems provide power to the vehicle while others keep the occupants safe. There are many instruments and parts that function in the safety system of the car. One of these is a pair of windshield wipers. These wipers work to clean the windshield and keep it clear. Various pollutants can cause it to be dirty such that the driver is unable to view the road ahead. Weather conditions can also impede the ability of the driver to see through the windshield. This can lead to fatal accidents. As such, the windshield wipers are an important part of the safety equipment of your car. Which parts make up the windshield wipers and how are they effective? Read on.

What is the windshield wiper?

This is a thin frame that is mounted right below the windshield and it is motorized. Therefore, it can move to and fro across the windshield to get rid of any material or elements that could be blocking the driver’s view. The wipers are fitted with a thin blade that sweeps across the glass and cleans it up. The wiper blade is the most important part of this mechanism. It converts the motorized motion into a cleaning effect. Therefore, you should choose the best wiper blades for your car. How do you identify the best? Here is how.

Loosen your grip on routine!

Wiper blades that utilize the Rain-X technology

This is the latest technology in wiper blades. Blades that are made using this technology have a curved design. They are designed such that their shape follows that of the windshields that they clean. Normally, windshields are not straight and flat, but rather have a curved design. The new Rain – X technology ensures that the wiper blades are designed in the same way. Thus, they are more capable in eliminating items such as:

  1. Snow
  2. Dust
  3. Debris
  4. Water
  5. Bug splatters

The design increases their effectiveness and reach on the windshield. Moreover, the Rain-X technology gives the blade swipe a close cut as it cleans the windshield. As a result, there are no cloudy spots left after the blades make a swipe. The most important part of a wiper is the blade. How is the Rain-X blade different from all the others? Here is how.

Tough materials to ensure a clean windshield

The blade of the wiper is the main component that cleans the windshield. Thus, it has been made stronger and more flexible using the Rain-X technology. In this technology, the blade is made using rubber that has been infused with graphite. This adds strength to it and makes it more durable. In this way, the cleaning ability of a Rain-X wiper blade is much greater than that of a regular one. This improves the overall effectiveness of the windshield wiper.


Your windshield wipers are part of your first line of safety in the car. It is important to invest in a set that is of high quality. This way, you can be sure that they will keep your windshield clear in any weather conditions. Invest in wiper blades that have Rain-X technology, they could save your life.

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5 Qualities to help you become an exceptional caregiver

Harriet Smith is a former caregiver and assisted living expert who is passionate about training other caregivers in their respective practices. She has worked independently as well as with care giving agencies such as

  1. Punctuality

This is a very simple yet profound characteristic that can greatly improve your marketability. Punctual caregivers are more likely to get better reviews as they always show up at the appointed time without any delays. Most care seekers are unable to look after their loved ones due to their busy schedule. In view of this, it is extremely important for you to offer the flexibility they desire by maintaining punctuality at all times. Whether you are carrying out evening sit-ins or regular checkups, try as much as possible to plan your schedule accordingly so that you don’t miss a single appointment. If you really want to impress your clients, arrive at the job extra early. This is sure to give you excellent reviews.

  1. Compassionate Care

The whole essence of care giving is to provide necessary assistance and care to someone who is unable to perform certain functions on their own. Undertaking this job requires an immense amount of patience and compassion, especially when handling those with certain illnesses. In carrying out your job, always remember to add a personal touch by going the extra mile to make your client as comfortable as possible. Something as simple as a smile will make a huge difference in the long run.

  1. Morally Upright Character

Care seekers are usually very sensitive about whom they will allow into their houses. In order to gain a strong reputation as a top-notch caregiver, you should always strive to demonstrate good morals in every sphere of life. Most care-giving agencies such as carry out a comprehensive background check on prospective caregivers in order to ensure that their clients are receiving the best of the best. So before you jump that red light, kindly remember that continuous traffic offences can taint your image as a caregiver.

  1. Discreetness and professionalism

As a caregiver, you will have the opportunity to relate with your patient on a very personal level. In some cases, they may share sensitive information with you such as medical records and personal struggles. As a qualified caregiver, you must be able to accurately discern your role in the client’s life and thereby maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism at all times. Never overstep your boundaries as this can lead to immediate termination.

  1. Additional training and qualifications

Even if you are a non-medical caregiver, it would be useful for you to acquire basic first aid training as well as CPR certification. Being fluent in more than one language can also be an added advantage as it will increase your client base. Always seek to gain additional trainings and qualifications as this will place you a cut above the rest in the competitive care giving industry.

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Can My Stomach Handle the Food in Mexico?

Q&A with a Reader

Greetings from Iowa!

Am rereading one of your books I have purchased and have a couple of questions.

1: Am thinking about buying your “4” pack of books an am wondering when you wrote those and if the information has changed much?

2: Regarding all the restaurants/local food places that you eat at, I wonder if the ole digestive system ever gets affected? I’m showing my wife all your pictures and she laughs and says, “Can your stomach handle that unboxed food”? haha

Many thanks

Craig and Lori

Life is an adventure, follow your dreams.

Quesadillas being made on the street in Mexico

Quesadillas being made on the street in Mexico

Hi Craig and Lori,

Thank you for taking the time to write. We enjoy your questions and appreciate your keeping in touch.

In regards to the books written on Mexico, those books were written when the Peso was 12 to the Dollar, and currently the Mexican Peso is 18 to the Dollar. Any inflation that might have happened since the books were written would be covered by the better exchange rate. Right now, it’s a great time to be visiting Mexico.

As for the food in Mexico, take a look at our piece, Is Eating Street Food Safe?

Beautiful beach of Zicatela, Mexico

Beautiful beach of Zicatela, Mexico

If you want to eat at a food stall and there is no one in line, pass it by. If there are people waiting to be served, chances are the food is good, and is turning over rapidly.

Not every dish in Mexico is spicy. There is a wide range of flavors and sauces including mole from Oaxaca and chicken Tinga from the coast. If you eat fresh food at all at home in Iowa, you should be fine in digesting the food in Mexico. Stay away from the fried stuff if that bothers you… but even then, you’ll have lots to choose from. The fruits are fabulous!

Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

Learn a few survival phrases (those listed at the back of our books should help you get started) and you are on your way.

Be sure you have a debit card that works with the Plus or Cirrus systems and works overseas. In this way you are able to get local currency at the ATMs.

Let us know if you  have any other questions. We’d be happy to answer them.

Take care, the both of you.

Best regards,


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Greetings from a millennial :) – My finances!

Q&A with a Reader

Hello Billy and Akaisha!

I hope you two are doing well! I just listened to you guys on the World Wanderers podcast and loved your story! Retiring at 38 is so unheard of and I’m so happy for you guys, that you’re doing what you love, 25 years later! I was inspired by your story, especially in how you both prepared for such a huge undertaking.  The reason I’m emailing is because Billy said he wanted to share his financial knowledge with millennials so here I am 🙂

So my husband and I are both working good jobs in San Diego making good money and have been for the past 2 years, and will continue to do so for the next 3 years. After that, the plan is to travel for maybe 1-2 years, to have adventures and to both volunteer and work abroad. I’m not sure exactly how long I’d like to do that, ideally indefinitely, but as of right now the plan is to go back to the states and continue working and putting money into our 401k.

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I’m very glad I heard your podcast because I liked hearing that you actually planned for 2 years before you quit your jobs. I hear all of these stories about young people quitting their jobs and traveling, though most of them either return back to work or stop traveling because it isn’t sustainable. One of the biggest issues that no one talks about is retirement  or a long term savings plan.

I’m 30 now, so I’m not fresh out of college or anything and I don’t have that much saved in my retirement. (I never understood it and only put the minimum match of 5% into it-I’m still only putting 6% into my 401k). So I’ve decided to not quit my job right now, but instead, to give myself 3 years to get my finances in order, save as much as possible, and plan our big adventure.

Billy mentioned that millennials should save and invest into index ETFs. For someone like me, who doesn’t really know what that means, I was hoping you could elaborate. As in, what percentage of your income (or 401k) would you recommend putting into ETFs? Do you have any recommendations on what else to invest in, like the bonds?

Another huge concern I have is how much to put into my 401k. Do you have recommendations on that? Did you guys try to get to a certain amount before you quit (or assume you’d need a certain amount to live off of for the next 50 plus years)? I have some savings in the bank that I really don’t know what to do with. Just throw it all into my 401k? Use all of it to invest into index ETFs? Use it for the big trip?

Knowing that I’m going to be quitting my job in 3 years, I’d like to use my savings wisely, and get my 401k ready. But if I’ll only be 33 by then, so I definitely won’t have enough in my 401k to retire – not that I’m necessarily trying to do that, but I guess overall I’m just interested in whatever recommendations you have on planning for something huge like this. I am definitely curious about what you guys did during that 2 year period and what I might be able to learn about and look into during my planning period. Please let me know if you recommend any books, websites, or articles, anything that may help me prepare for the scariest and also most exciting part of my life.

I so appreciate you taking the time to read my little bio, fears, and concerns. After hearing a bit of your story, I knew I had to get in touch with you guys so thank you for sharing it on the podcast. I’ve already learned something from you both, which is that it’s possible!  Especially if you have the right plan.

I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you, thank you, thank you for your time.



Hi Alexa,

Thanks for taking the time to write and we applaud you for taking control of your finances at this time in your life.

One of the first things I want to say is that Time Is on Your Side.

I might mention that in the 2 years we took to prepare for our early leave from the working world, we figured out how much money per year and per day we were spending on ourselves, minus the cost of working. We knew that we would not have the house payment either, nor would we be driving our car all the time, so we subtracted those amounts out. Eventually, we became Car Free saving thousands of dollars a year on transport.

The categories of highest spending in any household are housing, transportation, taxes and food/entertainment. If you make adjustments in any of these categories, then you will “find” more money to save and invest.

We tracked our spending and found out how much we needed to have in investments to generate that kind of annual expense. Experts say to have invested 25 times the amount of annual spending and that should do it. If you take out the safe withdrawal rate of 4% per year (leaving 6% to reinvest and cover inflation) you would not run out of money.

We then created a “Money Machine” mainly investing in equities – A money machine that grows faster than our spending and inflation. At your age we had 100% in equities and your risk tolerance may vary but I believe the stock market using Index ETF’s is the way to do this. As we aged, now 63, we have backed off a bit from the heavy exposure to equities, and currently are at 50%.

We cannot specifically tell you how you should invest as everyone is different, but in my opinion, you should increase your stock market exposure using VTI, Vanguard Total Market ETF.

An ETF is like a mutual fund that trades in real time as compared to receiving the closing price of the trading day like mutual funds. And they are very low cost to own. We currently hold VTI, SPY and DVY.

As far as adding to your 401K, sure, and you can use the same VTI for this. Money that grows tax deferred is a plus. In fact try to invest as much as you can both inside and outside of your tax advantaged accounts. Time is your greatest asset….. Use it.

When we retired in 1991 the S&P 500 Index closed at 312.49 and as of this writing it is trading at 2100 which is roughly a 7.8% average gain per year plus a couple percent for dividends.

I hope this helps and you, too, can gain financial independence.

Let us hear from you if you have any further questions.



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Millenial Wants to Create Financial Sustainability

Q&A with a Reader

Hi Billy and Akaisha ,

I just heard your interview on Nomadtopia radio. I was an interviewee a few interviews back 🙂

Great to hear your story; you inspire me!

I’m a 30 year old with a giant nest egg left to me by my grandparents when I was a baby.

I’d love to consider early retirement and look forward to reading your newsletter and learning more about your journey and resources.

Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!


Do not let Fear make your decisions for you. Risk has a price and so does security.

Hi Louise,

Wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to write and to let us know you enjoyed the interview.

You have been given a tremendous gift from very thoughtful and forward thinking grandparents. I would certainly recommend the following articles from our site and a couple of our books to help you put your gift to work for you.

We think that becoming financially independent is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for the world.

When you are financially sustainable, you are no longer a wage slave, you no longer have to put up with a tyrannical boss, a bad personal relationship due to financial fear, or have to live in an area with unattractive weather just to keep your job. You become a free agent and can utilize your talents to the best of your ability anywhere in the world. You can invent a product or service to benefit humanity without the financial pressure of making your mortgage. You can volunteer your time and expertise to the many people all around the world whose needs are so great. Personal creativity can thrive.

We wish you the very best in your life!!

Here are some good articles for you to read – please feel free to write and ask any questions if you have them.

Best Regards,

Akaisha and Billy Kaderli

How to Create Financial Sustainability for Yourself


Create a Money Machine

The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, A Common Sense Approach

Your Retirement Dream IS Possible

Annual Spending Update

Preferred Links Pages


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6 Unique Perceptions about the Cow Parade

Sarah Quins is a traveler and writer. Through her blog, she captures exquisite events taking place in different cities and villages she visits. Her latest excursions led her through a big cow parade, peanut parade and mermaid parades before that. Visit her page to learn more about the parades and their relevance.

The use of fiberglass to make sculptures that are paraded and then auctioned for sale and the proceeds used for charity is a common event in Chicago as well as many other cities around the world. The people and communities practicing and taking part in the events do that for togetherness and use the proceeds from auction sales for charity.

You will therefore view this as a very beneficial socio-cultural activity. Different people have the following perceptions regarding the cow parade:

All of our books lead to adventure. Don’t miss out on yours!

  1. A tourist attraction

The parades are exhibits of art and culture. The pompous events therefore attract huge crowds as well as tourists and travelers from many parts of the world. The end result is a flux of tourists into the cities taking many photographs just to capture the memorable events. For some, it captures the history of the place having the parades.

  1. Commerce

It is dubbed ‘cowmerce’. Some people view the exhibits as commercial activities because the operation and the structure of the parade comprises of sponsorships for every (or more) of the fiberglass sculptures.

The sponsors are individuals, organizations or businesses and every sponsor selects an artist of their choice to paint the sculptures for the cow parades. Since there is a predetermined amount of money per sponsorship, the events have been shown to raise a lot of money.

  1. Monotonous events

Fiberglass sculptures of cows are made in at least three poses. There are many other sponsored sculptures and for anyone who doesn’t appreciate diversity, this is perceived as monotonous. Also, walking down streets and seeing hundreds of cow sculptures will seem monotonous to some people. Consequently, these people have dubbed the event ‘Moonotonous’.

  1. Community development

Depending on the government is never a solution for any communal development. Taking an extra step to make things better, especially for the underprivileged, is a big step and that is the main motivation at the back of the minds of sponsors, artists and event organizers.

The artists benefit twofold by helping out in painting the sculptures and gaining recognition for their work, therefore landing more painting jobs in future.

After exhibitions and the parade, the fiberglass sculptures are auctioned and the proceeds fund charity projects and underprivileged individuals. This therefore ends up being a community outreach program. It is for this reason that the parades have been embraced by many cities around the world.

  1. Pun names

Names are used in a pun way for fun. Persons who see the pun consider the number of times cow names like Cowapatra, Moomaid or Taxicow are used and just take the parades as name punning days. Repetition of the names is considered a real pun-intended event for some people.

  1. Cow Disease

There is a negative perception from animal activists and groups for ethical treatment of animals where the cow sculptures are painted with butcher marks.

In conclusion, people are entitled to their opinions and you should accept them. The cow parade is a unifying event that serves the community well. Tourist attraction, for example, will guarantee a higher GDP.

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Easy strategies to apply in order to have a quieter and deeper sleep

By Charlie Brown

If you snore, you should be aware that this is not a strange condition; forty five percent of normal adults snore at least occasionally. If you have a spouse, there is a major likelihood that there have been some relationship issues arising because of your snoring. This condition even though it might seem small, has the potential of bringing up serious marriage issues. It can even  escalate  to a point  where you two can no longer sleep in the same room, so separate bedrooms seems like the most fair solution for both of you. Snoring is not only an annoying condition, but seventy five percent of people who snore also suffer from a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This condition is where breathing gets interrupted as you sleep, for only short time periods. This is a serious experience and if it is not treated in its early stages it can result to a greater risk of developing heart disease. It is very crucial that you do not just treat yourself with any spray and pill that is available over the counter before you consult your doctor. You should take caution in this area because there are many stop snoring aids and devices that are brought to the market even before scientific experiments are performed to support what they claim. You can instead try some natural remedies and lifestyle changes that will help you overcome the snoring condition. Here are some of them;

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Change your sleeping position.

Your sleep position could make you more likely to snore. When you sleep lying on your back, the base of your tongue and soft palate will collapse to the back wall of your throat; this will cause a vibrating sound as you sleep. It will be more helpful for you if you consider sleeping on your side instead. If you acquire a body pillow, this is a full length pillow that is designed to support your entire body; you will have an easy solution on how you can comfortably sleep on your side. There are other methods to ensure you sleep on your side, which may seem absurd but are proved to work well. One you can do is taping tennis balls to the back of your night garment; this will cause you to feel immediate discomfort when you begin to roll over. You can also modify your bed by reclining it with the head up to open up your nasal passage.

Open nasal passages.

Just like a garden hose, the narrower the hose the faster water goes through it, your nasal passage works similarly. If your passage is clogged due to flu or another blockage, you are more likely to produce snoring, because air is moving fast in your nose and vibrating the tissues faster. There are very good devices that can be purchased to open up your nasal passage, you can visit websites like to get aids that will help you to effectively overcome this condition.

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