Repositioning Cruises

Guest post by Randy and Lori Grant. You can visit them on their website here 

Part of traveling is learning or finding out new ways to do it. We are always open to shortcuts or finding savvy ways to travel.

When we planned our first year in retirement we knew we would spend a year in Thailand, but after that first year we started looking at several options. Lori had a milestone birthday coming up in October 2015. She wanted to get back to Italy and several other places to celebrate it so we decided once we left Thailand we would fly ​ to Europe and then take a repositioning cruise from Italy back to the U.S.

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We learned about repositioning cruises several years ago while doing travel research on the internet. It was very intriguing and we thought one day we might be able to use it as a transportation option instead of flying.


As we told people about our plans, we were often asked, “What is a repositioning cruise?’

Everyone is familiar with basic cruises, but a repositioning cruise is when a cruise ship moves from one area of operation to another. For example, cruise ships spend the summer months sailing in the Mediterranean region and then in the fall they cruise across the Atlantic Ocean to winter in the Caribbean. In the spring, they simply reverse direction and on it goes.


Since these trips are usually one-way and during the less-busy off season, you can get some really good deals on these two week cruises.

​Most stop in several amazing ports in Europe or the Caribbean for a week prior to the transatlantic crossing, which is usually another week at sea. There are plenty of activities and lectures during your week at sea. Don’t forget to bring a few books or your e-reader.


Depending on what cruise line and accommodations you choose will determine your price. Since we were celebrating Lori’s birthday, we decided to upgrade to a balcony stateroom and we chose Celebrity Cruise Line because the trip we wanted was called the 16 Day Three Continent Cruise (Europe, Africa, North America). Total expenses which included balcony stateroom, taxes, tips, trip insurance for two people cost $3500  Now this is a lot of money compared to what you can usually get these cruises for, but ​we splurged this time and probably won’t do it again. If we decided to get an inside   cabin we would have cut that cost by a third. If we would have gone with Norwegian Cruise Line and took an inside cabin, we would have cut the cost in half.

Prior to our sailing, I checked the Norwegian transatlantic crossing which was 14 days and the price for an inside cabin was $480 per person. This was before taxes, gratuities, etc. Even with those, the price would have been less than $1000 per person. That includes all your meals, entertainment and lodging for two weeks. You are not going to get an airfare much cheaper than that. And another big bonus, no jet lag!


These types of cruises are all over the world and transit many places. You can go to almost any cruise web site (Vacations to Go,, and find these types of cruises. Remember, the price is low because it is one-way and it is usually during the off season. As teachers we would never have been able ​to take these cruises, but if you have the flexibility, it may be well worth it for you to look into this type of cruise.

Good luck and happy cruising!


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A cheap and reliable way to get the car of your dreams

By Charlie Brown

Owning a car could be a very good investment. In some parts of the world, owning a car is a necessity. You will either have to walk to work or car pool with someone because there is no public transportation available. At the same time, cars tend to be ridiculously costly to purchase. If you want a healthy car that you can trust to serve you for a very long time, then you will have to cough up a good amount of money. There are used cars available for you to purchase and brand new ones which are more costly. Luckily, there are auto loans that are available for your purchasing activity.

Taking up an auto loan is a very good idea, right? In an ideal world, this is the case. You take up a loan, buy your car and then pay off within the given time. However, these are times of dramatic economic turns. The economy can collapse at any moment. This means that you will end up spending so much more servicing the loan. Eventually you will end up selling that car you bought with the loan or face having it auctioned.

What is the better option?

The best option is to take a car lease. There are so many places where you can get these and they are really good investments. When you lease a car you are assured of many merits. For starters you will get that car that you have always dreamt of at a cheaper price. Leasing is more like taking up a long term rent agreement. Of course renting a car is unreasonable if you are going to be in a place for several years. This is where leases come in to save the day. Instead of buying the car or renting a different one every time you want to go somewhere, you simply take up the lease.

Leasing gives you a time limit of how long you can own the car. However, it is incredibly cheaper than buying a car that you will sell after a few months of using it. A lease comes in very handy when you move to a different place for a given period of time. Say you have moved to Singapore as an expatriate and you will be there for five years, you can take up a lease to avoid the hassle of buying a car only to sell it some five years later. Selling a car is even harder than buying one.

Another reason why leasing is very convenient is that you get to select from a wide array of options to take. There are so many different cars available for your selection. All you need to do is find the companies that offer the leases. One of the best ways to get affordable leases is to take up someone else’s lease. Well, this might sound a bit like a crude method to get a lease. However, it is the fastest way to get affordable lease contracts and most of all the short term ones that are very rare.

Conclusion is the place for you to get the best car leases at really affordable rates. People who want to quit their leases early and those who are looking for short term leases come to meet here.

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Can You Knock a Decade Off Your Retirement Date with Extreme Financial Planning?

About the Author:  Andrew May is a hedge fund attorney and the founding member of May Law in Chicago.  He is also an avid blogger and enjoys sharing his expertise on a variety of business and financial online publications. 

Most of us feel an innate pressure to live the life society expects us to live. You grow up, go to school, get a degree, find work, earn as much as you can and live off the savings when you are old enough to retire.

It’s the average life, and there’s a great deal of advice out there on how you can fit in and achieve that life. But have you ever stopped to think if it’s really the life you want?

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Most people start thinking of retirement when they reach their 40s. It’s then that many people realize there may not be enough money to support their lifestyle when they’re no longer working.  And that deadline is now hurtling towards them faster than ever.

A Gallup poll showed that the average age an American expects to retire is 62. That’s climbed from 59 since 2010.

But is there a way to knock a few years off the age you can expect to retire? How about a plan that can help you knock a whole decade off so you can retire significantly earlier than most of your peers?

If you’ve ever played around with a financial calculator, you know that there are a ton of ways to get creative with money. Not only is it technically possible to retire early by taking extreme measures, it’s actually doable. In fact, many people around the world have pulled it off with flying colors.

One of the best examples has to be Mr. Money Mustache, an anonymous blogger who retired in his mid-thirties. His fascinating blog outlines the ways people can save money and boost the returns on their savings to be able to afford a comfortable retirement much earlier than most people.

Then there’s the blogger who claims to live on just $7,000 a year. So, extreme living can yield extreme results. Saving up for retirement is no easy feat, however, and there’s an entire trillion-dollar industry around this struggle, but with a little creative thinking and discipline, knocking a decade off your retirement age is very doable. Here’s what you need to know…

Start Saving Early (If You Can)

For some, it may be too late to start building up a nest egg from scratch, but if you’re young enough, starting early is one of the best possible strategies for working towards an early retirement. Compound interest on your savings is among the basic principles of financial planning and starting even a decade earlier than most do could dramatically improve your results.

Unfortunately, many people don’t start thinking about their retirement until their 40’s, so if you’re reading this while in your 20’s or 30s, congratulations on being ahead of the game and putting yourself in a position to earn more on your own money over time.

Cut Costs

Most retirement advice assumes you’ll be spending pretty much the same amount of money as you did when you were collecting a paycheck. Some planners consider two-thirds of your income as a baseline for how much they expect you to spend in retirement. What’s ignored is your ability to cut costs not just while saving for retirement, but during retirement as well.

One of the best ways to lower your cost of living is to move to another country that has a dramatically lower cost of living than the US. Panama and Ecuador, for example, often top the list of destinations for moderately wealthy retirees looking for a bargain abroad. Your money goes much further than it would at home and you don’t need to save as much to reach financial freedom as you would have to in most American cities.

Of course, you can even cut costs while staying in the same home you’ve owned for decades. A budget managed with discipline can help you live frugally anywhere on the planet.

Boost Returns

Planning it safe is often the most popular mantra for people saving money. But locking money away in a pension scheme may not be the best option if you want to see money grow faster. Try to take advantage of the local economy and increase your exposure to stocks and other investment opportunities to boost returns substantially.

Lower Withdrawals

A 4% withdrawal rate is assumed as rule of thumb for retirement savings. The thinking goes that inflation-adjusted returns are likely to be higher than 4% over the long term, so it’s safe to withdraw that much annually. But maybe your expenses are lower and your nest egg larger than average. This would mean that withdrawing less than 4% annually would help make retiring early more attainable.

Pay Attention to Taxes & Benefits

Try to cut tax expenses as much as you can. The government understands the need for retirement savings and offers numerous benefits to people trying to save up and be smart, so take advantage of what’s available. Understand the use of IRAs and tax codes when you invest.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, that’s OK.  You don’t actually have to be a financial expert to achieve your goal of retiring early, but you may have to consult one.

A professional can help you to make the smart choices that will set you on the path to sipping frozen drinks on a beach while your peers toil away into their 60s.

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5 Travel Destinations for all Those Who Enjoy Fine Wine

By Charlie Brown

Who does not want to tour the world? If travelling was free, you can be sure that there are people you would never see again. They would be here, there and everywhere – always visiting a new place. Wouldn’t it be fun though? There are so many places that you have in your mind that you would like to visit. It all depends on what you love doing. There are people who love scuba diving and they have their destinations like Croatia, Indonesia, Madagascar and the likes. There are those who love mountain climbing. There is always a place to be visited. If you are a fan of wine then definitely you will find new worlds waiting to be discovered by you.

The wine tour of a lifetime

If you are planning to take a wine tour there are places that you cannot afford to leave out. These destinations host some of the world’s finest vineyards and wineries. They are the places that you can go and swim in wine if you so please. The costs and dynamics of doing that though are not all that logical. Either way, these are the places that you must visit if you want to brag about having visited the world of wineries.

  1. Champagne, France

This is from where the famous wine gets its name. Champagne has been producing the finest wines for a long time. The French kings and rulers of the world fancy champagne for the simple reason that it is delightful. It has maintained the same great taste over all these years.

  1. Rhone Valley, France

This place boasts scenery that will no doubt tempt you to move there. Located in southern France, Rhone Valley is one of the biggest wine producers in Europe. Whilst in Rhone Valley, you can stay at one of the fancy hotels and relax. A vacation would not be complete without tons of sleep. Peace and tranquility seem to reside here.

  1. Veneto, Italy

This is home to the famous Prosecco champagne. It is the only place where this divine drink is created. There is no better place to go for sparkling wines than the Veneto region in Italy. The famous Moscato fior d’arancio is produced in mass here. It is one of the finest sparkling dessert wines.

  1. Piedmont, Italy

You should have picked up on the trend by now; the best wines come from Europe. Piedmont in Italy is known for the amazing gastronomic experience it offers its visitors. It is not only about wine here. The wine is amazing – no doubt about that – but the food is also out of this world. Sophisticated is not a word that can even begin to describe Piedmont’s wines and cuisine.

  1. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Perhaps it is best to break the trend by mentioning a location that is outside Europe. Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand is one of the best places to drink some award-winning wines. It is also a fantastic place for those who love relaxing while sipping wine and enjoying picturesque sights.

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Medical Care and Infrastructure in Guatemala

Q&A with a Reader

We continue to search for the right place in Mexico that has moderate temps, low humidity and culture.  Although I want to be around some expats, I do not want to spend all of my time with them.  I want to experience the culture.

How is the infrastructure and medical care in Guatemala?  These are two criteria my husband uses to pick cities to visit.

We have now both retired so will finally have more time to explore and find our heaven.  Thanks for your wonderful writing.  I love reading your newsletter.



Hi Lisa,

The infrastructure is fairly good here, about the same as Mexico. The roads are in decent condition, although there are some places where they need repair. Water, electricity, and Wifi are all pretty stable and available, especially in Antigua and Panajachel. The only reasons you might go to Guatemala City is to arrive at the airport, or if you need special medical care. They have some of the best doctors in the world there and we have received care in Guate City for 2 separate incidents (see articles below.)


Medical care for normal, regular, everyday things is available in Panajachel, conditions of more specialty one would go to Antigua, and as I mentioned, you can get anything you need in Guate City.


Some links are for you below.

Antigua and Panajachel/Lake Atitlan are certainly worth the visit. There are other locations you might enjoy, like Flores, Tikal, Livingston and Xela, which we cover in our Guatemala Guide. Here is a link to our Guatemala Page.

All the best, and stay in touch.


Pricing of a Medical Emergency in Guatemala – details about my de-gloving finger accident

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The tool that all international businesses need to become successful

By Charlie Brown

When doing business in a foreign country, you will have to learn how to handle the foreign currency. This is not as easy as you might imagine but, if you have a good currency converter tool then, you will be able to get ahead in business. Currency converters are in no short supply online. There are so many websites that are providing their clients with premium quality currency converter tools. Some of them will charge you for their services, others are just completely free. This is especially the case when dealing with online currency converters.

Keep your business up to speed

So your business has expanded to the point that it is in multiple countries. This is really good for you. It is an empire that you have created. However, the currencies can make your empire collapse if you are not keen. It is important to keep track of the changes in currencies and how they are interacting with each other in the individual markets and the world market generally. At the same time, you have to care about your customers.

If there is something that is so annoying is being charged for goods and services in a foreign currency, right in your country. When you open a branch of your business in another country, make sure that you charge the customers according to their country’s currency. Even if your business is online, make sure that they are being charged in the country’s currency. This way, you will be able to protect yourself from losing the customers.

In order for you to do this, you will need a currency converter. When you are pricing your items, you will convert from whatever currency to the country’s currency. This just makes shopping for your customers easier and less complicated. There is no one who wants to spend half an hour of their shopping time calculating how much it would cost them, when they paid for something in dollars or pounds.

Still in light of keeping your business up to speed, you will not just convert at any rate or estimated rates. This is what many currency converters will give you- estimates. You want a currency converter that is always up to date. The online currency converters come in really handy here. They are always up to date with the latest values from the world market.

Get the best currency converter for your business

A currency converter is a basic necessity for all businesses that have international branches. It is important to be able to access one whenever you need it. An online currency converter is a good deal here. There is no need of carrying around a calculator or any other device aside from your phone. You visit the site where the tool is found and you do your conversion.

Things are that easy. You do not have to struggle to do the currency conversions. Convert from any currency and back with just the click of a button. To make things spicier, it is completely free. You do not pay a single dime to make these conversions.

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Am I Doomed to Being the 5th Wheel in My Early Retirement?

Q&A with a Reader

Hi there Billy and Akaisha,

I have a question about retiring early.  I’ve reached FI and want to retire early.  There are so many more things I want to do with my life.

I was hoping to find a fella who wants to RE also.  Someone who is on the same wavelength as me.  However I don’t know anyone who wants to RE.  They are all scrabbling around for the biggest mortgage and the fanciest car and they are the most miserably unhappy people in the world.  When I dare to suggest that there are other options in life they inform me that what I am talking about is impossible!

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I know plenty of fellows who could retire early.  They have enough.  They have enough for three lifetimes but still they refuse to leave the golden trough even though the work stress is visibly taking a major toll on their health every single day.

5th wheel 6

So I figure I have to set out on my own for the next part of the journey which is so unbelievably scary.

My question is:  are there single fellas out there in the ER world?  I have visions of it being populated entirely by couples such as yourself and I’ll forever be doomed to being the fifth wheel which is not a very appealing future.

You two are very lucky that you have each other and that you both want the same things.

Thank you so much for your website.  It has been so very helpful over the years.



5th wheel 4

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind comments about our website. We appreciate that!

Yes! There are single men out in the Early Retirement, Financially Independent world! They are traveling and living fulfilling lives and some of them are looking for a like-minded travel companion. Some of the men complain that the women they know don’t like to travel or don’t want to leave the kids for too long a time, or need their comfort at a level that is not adventurous enough for them or too expensive for them to handle.

We like to mention that to find a traveler, one needs to get out there and travel! You won’t find them at the country clubs or working in banks or holding down big mortgages. These travelers have already come to the conclusion themselves that they want something else for their lives and are “out there” on the road, doing volunteer work, and having adventures in foreign countries.

5th wheel 5

While I completely understand that it is frightening to take this step on your own, my advice would be to fashion your life filled with things that interest you, go to places that make your heart sing, and if volunteer work appeals, then join these organizations and meet fellow volunteers. If you are doing activities that you love, chances are, this is the place where you will find a like-minded person to accompany you through life.

I would also suggest joining forums (expat forums or forums on topics that hold your interest) and meet people that way.

It’s a big world, Pamela.

The fact that you have your own means of financial support and don’t “need a man” to supplement your financial life makes you very attractive as a companion.

5th wheel 2

YOU are an asset.

A man doesn’t have to worry about paying for everything but rather has an equal partner who can contribute in many ways to the relationship. Your entertainment and travel options have just doubled. The fact that you can contribute to housing costs and daily living costs has just upped your value as a potential partner in life. You and a potential mate can live in better housing conditions, travel with more ease, dine in locations of your choice rather than set by your budget, and you have broader entertainment options.

I mean… I hate to sound so unrefined in my above description, but seriously, Pamela. Consider yourself to be valuable. You have the freedom to be on your own as well as being able to contribute to a relationship. AND if someone doesn’t treat you well, you have the freedom and choice to move on. You are not “stuck” due to the fear of financial pain.

5th wheel 3

Congratulations on your financial independence!

Billy and I wish you the very best moving forward into the life of your own choosing.

Do keep in touch,

Akaisha and Billy

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Quick Comparison: Chapala, Mexico to Panajachel, Guatemala

Q&A with a Reader 

You know Chapala well (I have your guide to that).  And you know Panajachel well.  You live there.  So which one is better.  Which one do you like best?



Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to write, and thank you for your interest in our books.

In answer to your question, which place, Chapala, Mexico or Panajachel, Guatemala do we like best, our answers are this: It’s hard to choose, and it depends.


Chapala (and the surrounding area) has an extensive network of Expats with lots of activities and lots of members. There are tennis courts and volleyball courts, dozens and dozens of restaurants to choose from, a couple of theaters for those interested in acting, they have a movie theater, and there are several towns dotted around the lake each of which has a different flavor. Medical care is available, and if you have something specific or special, then there is access to Guadalajara for specialty doctors. There is an American Legion, bridge clubs, animal rescue… all sorts of things in which to become involved.

Weather is good. Crime, for the most part is low also, although there are the home invasions on occasion. Generally, the drug traffic doesn’t affect Chapala and definitely not the Expat population.


It is a well-established location for retirement offering fresh food, entertainment, medical options, and ease of travel. Public transport is abundant and affordable. You can live there without a car easily. We have for years.

Chapala is also a good place to travel from to get to other places in Mexico. It’s 3 hours to the beach, a few hours to the Mexican Highlands, and with Guadalajara international airport, you can fly to the States to visit family or fly to other locations around the world.


Panajachel is more quirky. The town is filled with local Maya in their colorful garb, lots of bold murals and unique storefronts and the town is much smaller than Chapala. Fresh food is abundant, there is a good selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars with live music for entertainment. The town is completely walkable and there is mass transport (tuk-tuks) available to get to anywhere you want to go.

The natural beauty is stunning and weather is good. Lake Atitlan is the largest lake in Central America and is surrounded by 3 volcanoes which gives great contrast. Many people say that the lake is the main reason they live there, that and the variety that the local population offers. There are lots and lots of volunteer opportunities.


One can spend the day going to another town across the lake, spend the night, or go for lunch and come back the same day. Each of these dozen towns offer something different and they are a nice break from the Panajachel routine.

The number of Expats is smaller here in the Lake Atitlan area, but Pana is an hour and a half from the Colonial city of Antigua which has more expats. Antigua is a bit more upscale and picturesque in its own right. There are wine bars, cafes, and restaurants to choose from.

Medical care is available in Panajachel, more is available in Antigua, and you can find anything you need in the capitol city of Guatemala City.


All this being said, the winding mountainous roads of Guatemala makes Lake Atitlan a little more of a challenge to get to, so the amount of tourists (there are plenty of backpackers) are less. We get groups from time to time who come in from Antigua. While Panajachel is growing up, she is surely taking her time.

Both places are good choices to live for an extended amount of time. One can get 180 days on a tourist visa upon arrival in Mexico and 90 days upon arrival in Guatemala. The 90 day visa is good for a 4 country block – Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. So to do a visa run in Guatemala, one needs to do it more often and to go out of this 4 country block. One can live in the Lake Chapala area and get by speaking English. There is more Spanish spoken at Lake Atitlan and in Antigua.


If you like an off-beat, small town feel with exotic locals and amazing natural beauty, Panajachel might appeal more to you. If you would like a longer time between visa runs, an already established pathway for the newcomer and a huge country to explore, then perhaps Chapala, Mexico would attract you more.

Personally, we enjoy them both for what each offers, and have not yet chosen to settle down in either one just yet.

Hope this answers your question!

All the best,


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Single Black Female

Q&A with a Reader

Where are the best places for single black females to retire overseas?


All of our books lead to adventure. Don’t miss out on yours!

Hi Yevette,

Thank you for taking the time to write. We appreciate it.

My first response to you would be to say, “Choose a place you love.”

I can recommend places to live because of weather, cost of living, the access to cultural or volunteer opportunities, the size of city or town, or ease of travel to the States in order to visit family or ease of retirement visas.

But what really matters most is what you want in a retirement location. If I recommend an island or beach town and you dislike the heat, then that recommendation doesn’t work for you. If I suggest a city because of the art, museums, international restaurants, concerts and Expat communities available, and you hate traffic and would really rather hike, bike, kayak and hang out in the mountains or nature, then that suggestion wouldn’t hit the spot.


I would say, get clear on what matters to you in terms of city size, the need for medical facilities, the cost of living you can afford, activities that you are attracted to, and whether or not learning a foreign language is an issue for you. Take a look at our piece, How to Choose a Retirement Location. Also, take a look at our book, The Adventurer’s Guide to Destination Choices.

Choose a place that makes your heart sing. Go for what’s important to you and which place(s) provide those things for you.

I would start there. And with that in mind, I would recommend also taking a look at our Relocation Page where you will find all sorts of forums to join for free, cost of living sites, ways to meet up with new people and even websites which can help you choose a location for living by putting in your list of “requirements.”

The fact that you mentioned living overseas as a possible relocation spot tells me you are adventurous. If you, as a single female, have your own means of financial support, that is a huge asset and you have lots more freedom, and more options.


Certainly I could recommend Chapala, Mexico as a place which offers an active Expat community, has decent weather all year round, is well situated for ease of travel to other locations within Mexico, and has a reasonable cost of living.

Chiang Mai, Thailand is farther away and has hotter, more humid weather, but they, too, offer an active Expat Community, good cost of living and ease of travel to the whole Pacific Rim.

Antigua, Guatemala or Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala are also good places for culture and natural beauty, cost of living is good, and an active Expat Community.

Dominican Republic has a good cost of living, hot weather, fresh foods, beautiful beaches and affordable property. Getting a second passport there is fairly easy.


Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica are all possibilities. Some people really like Belize, mostly because English is spoken there, but in our opinion there are better, easier and more affordable options.

Seriously, pick a place that makes your heart sing, a place you can afford financially without strain and that offers you enough of what you want in your life that you feel supported. If you are happy, that is what people will see and you will make friends easily.

Please feel free to write any time. I hope the information that I have provided here is useful to you.

Wishing you all the best,


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Make Your Dreams Come True Even After You Retire

Guest post by Joel Cordle. Joel is a blogger who loves writing about home and travel. He has a great ocean of knowledge when it comes to tips for travelling and accommodation. He also provides facilities for house sitting and pet care. To get more information about his best facilities you can visit his website.

The baby boomer generation is entirely unique and has been redefining every aspect of life since the beginning. Now, they are also redefining what it means to be retired.

Retirement is deeply personal and could end up meaning a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some people, retiring could mean relaxing on sunny beaches in a foreign country or shooting golf all day long in golden sunlight. But for others heading to retirement, boredom is all they have after they leave work.

Work seems to be essential for those who were extremely successful and self-reliant before retirement. For the go-getters, retirement is just monotonous.

If you think you are the sort of person who simply can’t live without work, now might be the best opportunity to realize your dreams and go start something new.

The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, 3rd Edition
A Common Sense Approach

Here’s what you can do:

Stay Healthy

This cannot be emphasized enough, but taking care of yourself should be top priority for you throughout your life. It becomes even more important to take care of yourself once you hit retirement, since the natural process of ageing may be taking a toll on your well being. Old age doesn’t have to be filled with bed rests and prescription drugs if you start taking care and exercising regularly now.

Of course, don’t overdo this. All you need to stay healthy is a couple hours of moderate exercise daily.


Start a home based business

A home based business is one of the best options for you to not only stay active and alert, but also to make some money while you’re at it. You can use the professional skills you’ve developed over the decades you’ve spent in your career and then utilize it from home. Working as a consultant or a freelancer will help you gain exposure to the outside world and also beat boredom.

One great way to work and travel is to sign up for house sitting. House sitting could be one of the easiest and fulfilling ways to work while you are retired. Basically, house sitting is a straight swap between the owner of a home (usually large and expensive) who will let you stay for free as long as you take care of it and maintain the property. Sometimes you get paid for it, but mostly it’s about travelling the world and staying at exquisite places for free.


Turn your hobby into income

Maybe you are a gifted writer or a painter with talent. Use the passion you have for something to spread some knowledge and, perhaps, generate some income as well. There are a ton of avenues for you to showcase your work, get recognition and also get paid.

Travel to your dream destinations

There’s a fairly good chance you never got to go to your dream destination all your life. You may have wanted to go to Europe or Australia or some exotic destination none of your friends have been to. This is your golden chance to get on the plane and head out to wherever you want to go. Travelling is perhaps the single best thing you could do with your retirement savings, and it is consistently on the top of everyone’s list for life goals.

Life after retirement is all yours

After retiring, you have the money and the time that you always felt you lacked. Now is the time to live by your rules and do exactly as you please. Turn up for work if you want or simply spend days and nights relaxing by a beach. The lack of pressure and urgency should be great for your mind and soul at this stage of your life. Just make sure you have enough of company, you spend time with family, get the right nutrition and enough of exercise. Keep alert by challenging yourself daily and make sure you have fun.

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