Think you have a Food Allergy? Here is how You Can Know For Sure

By Josh Moran. Josh has been suffering from different allergic reactions for a long time without relief. It’s only after he used ELISA testing that he knew exactly what was causing his allergic reaction. Visit his blog to learn more of what he knows about allergies.

Many people out there suffer from food allergies. You might start wheezing after eating some types of food or get teary and itchy eyes after dusting the house. Perhaps you are the type that knows the seasons have changed with sniffles and sneezes.

Allergy blood testing can be one of the best ways that can help determine what triggers your allergy symptoms and this way your doctor will know what type of treatment is best suited for you.

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How the Testing Works

Allergy blood test detects the amount of specific antibodies in your blood. When your body comes into contact with an allergy trigger, which is also referred to as allergen, the body automatically produces antibodies against it.

The antibodies cause the cells to produce certain chemicals. These chemicals are the ones that bring about allergy symptoms.

Allergy blood test in most cases screens for at least 10 of common allergy triggers. These allergy triggers include dust, weeds, grass, pet dander and molds. The test is also very helpful in detecting food allergies.

Types of Allergy Blood Tests

Allergy blood tests are commonly referred to as immunoassay tests and they include;

  1. ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)
  2. RAST ( Radio allargo sorbent test)

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is the most commonly used allergy blood test and has almost fazed RAST out. This test is used to measure the specific allergen in the blood.

The RAST test also looks for specific allergen-related antibodies in your blood to help identify the allergy triggers.

Why Allergy Blood Tests?

In most cases, skin allergy test is used to determine whether or not you are suffering from allergies. Below are some of the instances when allergy blood tests can be ordered instead of the skin allergy test:

  • If you have an unstable heart condition.
  • When you are on medication that might affect the test and cannot be stopped for some time. Some antidepressants, antihistamine and steroids are some of the drugs that can affect some tests.
  • If you are suffering from severe skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • If you are so scared of the numerous needle scratches that are required in skin testing then this is an option
  • If in the past you have had a severe case of reaction after skin testing or you suffer from anaphylaxis which is a life threatening skin reaction.
  • To determine how well the allergy treatment is working.
  • The test can also help determine whether you have outgrown the allergy.

Allergy blood test results

When an allergy blood test comes out positive, it shows that allergy specific antibodies were detected. In this case, it means that you are suffering from an allergy. The blood test will reveal exactly what you are allergic to.

It is also important to note that, the test can reveal that you are allergic to something when you are not allergic to it at that particular moment.

All allergy blood test should only be interpreted by an allergy specialist.

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Clearing Up Reverse Mortgages Once and For All

By Jane Brown

Reverse mortgages offer a lot of benefits, but they can sometimes get a bad rep. In fact, some people are so clueless about this financial strategy that they may be asking, “What is a reverse mortgage?”

A reverse mortgage offers senior homeowners the opportunity to generate a monthly income based on the equity of their home. With a reverse mortgage, a lender pays out the value of the home either in a lump sum or a monthly payment. The owner can stay in the home but has to keep up with taxes, insurance and maintenance. When the house is sold, the reverse mortgage is repaid.

Unfortunately, a lot of myths persist about reverse mortgages, which prevents many from taking advantage of the financial benefits they offer. Here’s the truth you need to know about reverse mortgages:

They are a Powerful Source of Extra Income

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Reverse mortgages are available to those who are 62 and older and own their home. At that age, the most valuable asset that most people have is their home, and a reverse mortgage allows them to tap that value.

By getting a reverse mortgage with a monthly payment, you are essentially being paid to live in your house each month, rather than paying a mortgage payment.

You can use that money to supplement your savings and Social Security income, or you can use it to repair or renovate your home. The more equity you have in your home and the older you are, the higher the monthly payment you will be able to get.

You Maintain Ownership of Your Home

You don’t give up ownership of your home with a reverse mortgage. You aren’t selling your home to the bank; you are taking out a loan backed by the equity in your home.

All you have to do is maintain your home and continue to pay the taxes and insurance.

When you are ready to move out of your home, you can sell it. If you want to leave your home to your heirs after you die, you can do so. You just have to pay back the loan before you can sell, or your heirs have to pay back the loan before they can claim inheritance of it.

There is Little Risk of Default

Despite an uptick in recent years, the risk of defaulting on a reverse mortgage is very small.

The only real way to default is to fail to pay your taxes or insurance. If you find that you are having a hard time coming up with the money for these things, you can use the money you get from the reverse mortgage to pay for them.

If you want to move, you can use the sale of the home to honor the loan.

They are a Reputable Loan Option

Some people believe that reverse mortgages are a scam. That’s because there are unethical lenders out there preying on seniors with high interest rates and other questionable terms.

Although the fees on a reverse mortgage are typically higher than traditional loans, a reputable lender will still offer fair and favorable terms. So long as you work with a reputable lender, you should not have any problems with your loan. Instead, you should only enjoy the benefits.

You Can Get a Reverse Mortgage if You Already Have a Mortgage

Typically, you have to own your home outright to qualify for a reverse mortgage. However, if you use the reverse mortgage to pay off your existing mortgage, you can still qualify.

You may need to take the lump sum to pay off your existing mortgage. You will need to talk with your lender about the possibilities based on what you still owe and the value for which your home is currently appraising.

Don’t let myths about reverse mortgages cause you to turn your back on this valuable financial tool. With the right reverse mortgage, you could get the income you need to really enjoy your retirement and stop living on a modest government income.

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Redefining Female Fashion: Best Female Watches

By David Kuttner – photographer, writer, and a father. When he’s not busy writing, he’s most likely spending time with his wife and their two mischievous dogs: Lily and Bart.

Most people don’t go buying watches. A lot of them want one classy, top of the range watch that fits their fashion sense without a glitch. This is especially so for ladies. If you are a lady out there and have been looking for top female watches, your search ends now as Essential watches has what you’ve been looking for—luxury watches

Essential watches are different. A lot of luxury brands are known because of their men’s watches but we have released into the market interesting, fashionable watch collections for ladies that have not been seen before. These are timepieces that will speak to your feminine side; watches that a lady will enjoy showing off every day and are easy to accessorize.

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No other watch company pays as much attention to detail when it comes to Female fashion as we do and when it comes to watches for women, a lot of watch makers don’t give it the seriousness it deserves—we do. Watches for women are neglected especially now that almost everyone owns a cell phone and/or a computer that they use to check the time. It’s however not lost to Essential watches that a good watch is not just a timepiece. It’s

  • An ornament for all occasions,
  • An investment,
  • A status symbol and,
  • It can be passed down as a legacy.

We make quality watches for women such that when you put it on, it doesn’t feel like a toy but a real watch that matches international standards. We ensure that our watches have reliable movement so that you are always on time. There’s not a single watch from us that won’t give you that stunning look that you desire. We can guarantee that you will be spoilt for choice.

The cases are tested for durability to match the beauty. We strive to make water resistant watches so that you can show off anywhere. It can be:

  • At work place
  • In parties
  • Formal events,
  • At the beach—everywhere.

Our watches are popular as they are affordable and stylish. We offer beauty and performance something that other watch makers have not been able to match in the present day. We care about how great the watch works as a timepiece and how it looks as a fashion piece. The dazzling appeal is accurately weighed with the amount of sparkle to go with the modern day corporate culture.

All our female watches have adjustable (double/ triple locking) clasps making them very comfortable on the wrist. We make them with just the right weight so that you can wear them all day without feeling like you want to remove it the next minute because it’s weighing on your wrist.

We have watches made for low light viewing. It doesn’t mean that you lose track of time when night falls or when you are in a dark room. These are a bit formal for work situations but we also have the classic types.

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Visas, Ai yai yai! The Schengen Visa

By Randy and Lori Grant. See their blog at Freetirement

Schengen photo

By far, the hardest part of traveling abroad is the visa process. This determines how long you can stay in country, when you have to leave and when you can return. It is a major headache that most people, especially Americans, take for granted.

As a U.S. citizen, getting into most countries does not require a visa. More than likely you will get a visa on arrival when you go through passport control. We have only traveled to a few countries that we had to have a visa prior to entering the country (i.e., China).

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Most countries will grant us a tourist visa when we enter the country. This can be for 30 days (Thailand) or 90 days (Japan, Croatia, Malaysia). India even grants a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa for only $100!

Countries are pretty easy to figure out; however, it gets complicated when you involve the EU (European Union). This is the most convoluted system we have ever seen. If you don’t believe me, just watch this clip explaining it:

Are you scratching your head in confusion now? Me too. But, we think we finally figured out this system and how it will affect us during our future travels in Europe.

The two things you need to understand when visiting Europe for more than 90 days is the difference between the EU and Schengen Zone. Many countries belong to the EU, but not the Schengen Zone. A person can travel in the EU for up to 90 days in a 180 day time frame. After that 90 days you have to leave. Let’s use Germany and Croatia as examples.

Germany is part of the EU and Schengen Zone. We can stay there for up to 90 days as a tourist. Once we leave, we are not allowed back in for another 90 days. So, we have to leave the Schengen Zone. Croatia is part of the EU, but not part of the Schengen Zone. Croatia will allow me to stay 90 days, but once we leave, we are not allowed back there for another 90 days. So essentially we could go back and forth for the rest of our lives as long as we hit those precise timelines.

Some countries like Malaysia are not so strict. You get 90 days upon entry and you can leave for one day at the end of that period and return the following day and get another 90 days. Thailand is the same, but they have a 30 day policy. In Thailand, they do have a visa extension that you can pay for in country and get an additional 30 days, but that is it. You will have to leave after the 60 days.

Since most of us travel as temporary tourists, this problem will not arise often, but it is always wise to check out the visa requirements of every country you visit. The last thing you want to happen is to be turned away at immigration before you even get started on your dream vacation.

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61 Years Young: A Brief History of Active Adult Communities in America

By Brooklyn Doran

Age shouldn’t limit how you live your life. Being a part of an active adult community is a newer choice for a generation of people who believe in living life to the fullest, and experiencing everything the world has to offer, no matter the age.

Here are some statistics. 3.5 million Americans turn 55 each year! By 2050, over 80 million Americans will be over the age of 65! Many of these individuals have become a part of the growing trend of living in an active adult community.

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The first active adult community was founded in Youngtown, Arizona by a man named “Big Ben” Schleifer in 1954. Today, there are many communities all across the United States, the most popular destinations including; Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas and California.

Old Age doesn’t mean restricted living

From bingo to biking, there is something for everyone. Active adult communities like AV Homes Inc provide a large array of activities and amenities within their 55+ communities for every type of adventurer:

  • Hiking
  • Tai Chi
  • Stickball
  • Golf
  • Chess
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bingo
  • Ballroom Dancing

Over the past 61 years, active adult communities have continued to change and adapt to suit the needs of the communities of people living within them. Home design is a major contributor, and over time active adult communities have incorporated luxury upgrades into each of their homes, bigger open plans, larger and more open kitchens and extra storage room. Dual owner suites and flex rooms and workshop areas have also made their way into the modern home in the active adult community.

Active adult communities work to make life easier for their occupants and community members. Gated entrances ensure the community stays safe and secure at all times. Maintenance teams ensure that occupants won’t need to worry about strenuous physical chores like lawn care. Many communities have their own on-site amenities like gyms, clubhouses and restaurants which are very convenient to have close by. Most of all, active adult communities offer a solution for those who want to maintain an independent lifestyle.

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Significance of Weight Loss after Retirement

Phillip Wright is a journalist and has written for various publications. He spends his free time swimming and riding his bike. Read the Venus factor review here.

Maintaining a healthy weight as you get older is always important. Being overweight along with the aging process can make you vulnerable to ailments and reduce your quality of life. If you do not make necessary lifestyle changes, such as getting rid of bad eating habits, it will become harder for you to lose weight after you retire.

Weight Loss for Older People

For younger people, weight is usually easier to lose with a few simple changes to diet and physical activity. Older people may need to put in more effort because of various factors, such as shrinking muscles, hormones and less physical fitness.

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Weight loss after retirement is essential because during the aging process more muscle transforms into fat, weight gain is rapid and there is increased risk of weight-related conditions. Health conditions such as heart disease can persist if you are overweight at an older age.

How to Lose Weight

  • In order for you to lose weight effectively, you should be aware of your weight and general fitness. Losing weight requires you to follow a well-structured nutrition program and get involved in regular physical activity.
  • Find out the type of workouts that are safe and suitable for your health and age. Set a realistic weight loss target that you can aspire to. You can lose weight at any age as long as you have access to the right nutrition and become more active.
  • If you have any existing health condition, it is advisable to consult your physician before you start making major changes. Click here for Venus factor review.
  • When people retire they may become less active and even if you eat fewer calories, you still need to consume food that provides your body with the nutrition it needs. The best options are foods that are nutritious to not only keep you lean, but strengthen your immune system as well. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet as well as grains.

Benefits of Being Active

Physical activity is important for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. Getting older may expose you to challenges such as joint pains and reduced levels of endurance. Becoming more physically active will help you to address such challenges.

If your goal is to lose weight, moderate workouts are an important inclusion in your life. During the initial stages of improving your fitness levels and losing weight, you can begin with activities according to the abilities that you have. Activities that you enjoy, such as cycling and swimming are a good starting point.

Strength and Endurance

Muscles loss is a natural aspect of growing older. You can limit the loss of muscular strength with resistance training that will also improve your balance and speed up weight loss. Professional exercise and nutrition programs will give you the guidance that you need towards your weight loss goals.

Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are effective ways to increase your strength, tone muscles and boost your metabolism. The older you are the easier it may be for you to get injured. This is why it is important to take the necessary safety measures when you are active.

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In The Market for Luxury Real Estate? Here’s What You Should Be Obsessing Over

Author bio: Jeff Stryker is a real estate consultant with a substantial track record of transactions in luxury apartments. Jeff’s love for the mountains has helped him earn the trust of many of his clients who share the same interest.

Often people tend to assume that buying a luxury home is easy. After all when you have millions to spare, all you need to do is just to look around and buy whatever strikes your fancy – however, nothing could be further from the truth. Since, it can be safely assumed that you did not earn your millions by being imprudent, there’s no good reason to behave irrationally, when buying a high-end home. Here are a few important issues that you should really obsess over before writing out the check:

Why Are You in the Market?

Even before you start searching for a suitable house, you need to examine why at all you are in the market. Luxury homes are more about making a lifestyle statement rather than bedrooms, patios and kitchens. Among the issues you need to focus on is how long you expect to spend in the new house and why at all do you need to buy if the duration is not too long. A little bit of soul searching will separate the essentials from stuff that would be simply nice to have. Make sure that you really want to make the move, especially if you are acquiring a smaller house. It is good to be confident that you can cater to the needs of your family and lifestyle.

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

Keeping a Clear Head

Often the real reason behind the decision to look for a new house lies rooted in emotion rather than rationale. It is very important to be clear-headed about the long term implications of the purchase and how it would impact your family, especially if the home is not your primary residence. Getting counseling from your financial advisers can often be beneficial as they can help to raise the red flags that you may have been subconsciously overlooking. Make out an intellectual checklist for the purchase. While you can definitely take into account the emotional reasons for buying a fancy home, you should be in a position to step back and review your intellectual checklist for items that require analytical decision-making.

Educate Yourself

If you have decided on Chicago, for example, as the location of your new home, the first thing you should attempt is to get to know what sort of opportunities that might exist for luxury apartments Chicago. The easiest way of doing this is to get online and trawl the net, especially the websites of the real estate companies with a significant local presence. Apart from getting to know the availability, you would also be able to acquaint yourself with the style and standard that prevails locally. You should also check the state’s real estate laws and regulations, as well as the taxation so that you can make more educated decisions when working out the details with your agent.

Get Yourself a Great Agent

It is very important when you are going to invest a substantial amount of money that you have the benefit of the assistance of an experienced, reputed, and ethical real estate broker. When choosing someone to represent your interests, be sure to interrogate them about their training, education, and experience; because there really aren’t too many people in the real estate broking industry who are comfortable working out big-ticket transactions. Be sure that not only is your agent experienced and familiar with the local market but is motivated and enthusiastic about getting you the best deal. It can also be crucial to understand that the agent’s idea of a good deal also matches yours. If the property that you are in the market has special attributes such as being a ranch, a waterfront property, etc., then you should make sure that your agent has specific experience of these type of transactions as otherwise you could land up in trouble regarding the legal formalities.

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Guide to Buying a Luxury Home to Enjoy Your Retirement

Author bio: James Marshall is the principal correspondent of a premium lifestyle magazine. James has authored a number of articles on the real estate trends in upscale communities.

The demand for properties, especially in the high-end luxury segment is going through the roof. Among the main reasons ascribed to this is the fact that the baby boomers that comprise about a quarter of the American population has just about begun to retire. In sharp contrast to the slump in usual middle-class housing, the demand for luxury retirement homes, especially in upscale gated communities, threatens to outstrip the supply. Developers sometimes need to resort to lotteries to select the lucky few that get the chance to beat millions for a fancy home to spend their post-retirement lives. If you are of those who are eyeing this frenzy, you could do well to invest some reading time into how to get it right.

Acclimatize Before Relocating

When you are thinking about settling down to spend your retirement days, a prime consideration should be the weather. It can very easy to get fooled by the balmy conditions that you may have encountered during annual vacations in southern California or Arizona for example. If you are actively considering locations whose prime draw is the weather, you should probably come and stay for a few days in the off-season and find out whether the place is still as attractive. Unless you completely get put off by the weather, these typical tourist destinations see some very attractive discounts on recreational facilities that may make the place more bearable.

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Get To Know the Restrictions

Many gated communities have approval processes that can be quite stringent and you should get to know the profile that you should ideally have before you put your money down. Your local real estate agent can prove to be of great assistance in this matter. Also make sure that you like the activity calendar of your community, so that you assure yourself of having a great time in your retirement years. Most importantly, go through the restrictions and limitations that your community may impose on the residents. This may extend from keeping pets, to smoking or even walking on the terrace after dark.

Get Familiar with the Neighbors

When you are retired, you will almost always be interacting far more with your neighbors. You will definitely enjoy your retired life far more if you can get along well with the other folks in the community. Indeed your new friends will definitely have a larger impact on your retired lifestyle than the hardwood floors or the fancy kitchen and bath fixtures of your new luxury home.

What about the Medical Facilities?

As you grow older, health and fitness will account for some of the most important preoccupations in your life. While you will surely be interested in having your home in communities that promote an active lifestyle, you should also take care to ensure that there are adequate medical care facilities available in the neighborhood. It will be a big plus if the community itself has in-house health services or if there is an arrangement for local physicians to make house calls. If the community is remote then you should check out to see how fast patients can be transported to the nearest medical facility. A helipad could prove to be invaluable in emergencies.

Take Into Account the Local Taxation

When you are exploring the options be sure to ask about the tax rates of the state because there can be quite a wide variation that can make a large difference in the total cost of ownership. Some states like Texas, Wyoming, and Florida offer very attractive income tax breaks but there is a large incidence of property tax. What will work best for you should be decided with care with the help of your financial adviser.

Get the Purchase Timing Right

For spots that see a large influx of tourists every season, it is a good policy to wait out the high season and conclude your deal when there is a slowdown in the tourist influx due to the weather changing for the worse. Generally this tends to happen in the months of May and June. Sellers who have been in the market but have not been able to conclude a deal grow increasingly nervous and this puts the buyers in a position of strength to drive down the prices.

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Planning to Get Divorced? Get A Loan!

Author bio: Mark Freeman is a consultant to some of the best lawsuit funding companies in the country regarding divorce funding. He has assisted in some of the most high-profile cases in the recent past.

On many levels, divorce is perhaps among the most difficult of things to get through. Not only does it signify the termination of a relationship that was once founded on love but is accompanied by a tremendous amount of emotional and physical upheaval. Unfortunately, compounding the issue is the staggering costs that can often be involved due to the immensely complex nature of contemporary divorces. Attorneys not only need hefty retainers to be paid upfront but usually charge hundreds of dollars per hour. You can expect to spend a lot too on fees payable to various professionals such as financial advisors, valuation and vocational experts, forensic accountants, and others that might be called upon in your pursuit of a settlement that is fair.

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While women are always urged to be financially independent and set money aside for occasions where they might not have the support of their more financially-affluent husbands, it is usually seen that they are completely unprepared to handle a divorce. Even women who might possess a large number of valuable assets usually find themselves in a bind for cash when required to engage a professional team to handle the divorce. However, thankfully a new mode of financing has emerged that can provide women who are planning a divorce adequate funds to complete the legal struggle. Availability of cash can significantly level the playing field against husbands who strategically drag out the process so that their wives can no longer fight due to lack of cash. Now with divorce funding becoming available from the best lawsuit funding companies, women can pursue settlements that they would not have been able to otherwise.

The Way It Works

The mechanism of divorce funding works in the same way, like the pre-settlement financing. Wives may approach a specialist finance company that funds divorces with the details of the case that they have instituted or are planning to institute against their husbands. Upon consultation with the attorney handling the case, if the finance company is satisfied that the consequence of the litigation is likely to be favorable, it will extend an advance that can be used to cover expenses associated with the proceedings. The recipient can use the advance to pay legal fees, the fees of the various experts as well as her personal expenses. Repayment is only required after the case has been favorably settled. Some firms charge interest and fees and require the repayment at one go while others may agree to a specified repayment schedule worked out in advance when the agreement is being signed.

A Level Playing Field

Wives, who have filed for divorce or are planning to, need to have adequate cash at their disposal because as of now most states do not permit divorce lawyers to work on a contingency basis. This means that they will have to keep on paying the legal fees as the lawsuit progresses. In this situation, the advantage usually rests with the party who has control over more money; typically the husbands. While some courts do award the disadvantaged party temporary maintenance, usually the amount is not adequate to preserve the lifestyle let alone pay for the legal proceedings.

Divorce funding, in these sorts of cases, serves to level the playing field, and the hitherto monetarily disadvantaged wives can wait and let the divorce proceedings culminate logically. They are no longer forced into a situation whereby they have to accept an amount of settlement that they know is not fair. In contrast to the usual low personal injury pre-settlement funding, divorce funding firms look out for investment opportunities in excess of $100,000 where the combined assets of the couple are at least $2 million. The deciding factors of the amount that the loan company is willing to advance are the amount, quality, and liquidity of the marital assets because not unsurprisingly the financier would want to get the advance back as soon as possible after the divorce settlement.

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Pack your bags and enjoy your retirement vacation at Princess Royale

By Charlie Brown

Most of your life is spent in the work place, chasing your career and dreams, and also planning for retirement. The general perspective is that once you hit 50, you are ready to transition into retirement. However, there are those individuals who do not want to be tied down to employment and choose to retire early. More often than not, they have a great plan to ensure that they are financially secure for the rest of their lifetime.

Retirement can be an unnerving experience especially if not well thought out and planned. However, there are some exciting activities you can consider like a hotel vacation just to unwind, see the world and say goodbye to the donkey life. If you are adventurous and looking for a way to see the world and marvel in its wonders, a vacation should be at the top of your list. But you have to be careful, ensure that you extensively research on the best spots for you to kick back and relax.

You need to consider your health, favorite activities, security, seasons and the best packages that money can buy. A good way to relax is to consider a vacation spot where you get the chance to enjoy sandy beaches and cool waters especially if you are into the tropical weather. One such exciting spot is the Princess Royale Hotel situated in Ocean City, Maryland. If you check their website, you may just stumble upon mind blowing deals and offers that will have you booking your airplane ticket without a second thought.

The Royal experience:

What makes Princess Royale the ideal vacation spot?

  1. Easy check-in. The check in process in some hotels can be such a drag! It can become too long and rigorous especially if you have traveled a long distance. You do not need to keep shuffling between documents before you start enjoying your stay in the hotel. At Princess Royale, they have a very easy four-step check-in process that you can access online and make payments for your reservations. This ensures that once you arrive at the hotel, you will not have those leaning-on-the-counter-waiting moments; check-in is just a split-second experience.
  2. There is a wealth of packages that you can pick from which are pocket friendly and still give you that once-in-a-lifetime royal experience. They have a fine selection of room categories such as: Ocean View, Pool View, Ocean Front, Condo, Cabana and Best Value. Those titles already have you excited and ready to go.
  3. The customer experience at Princess Royale is simply excellent. When you are a guest at the Princess Royale you are treated like a king or queen. The staff is consistently helpful, courteous and patient.
  4. You definitely do not want to miss out on the fantastic view of the white sandy beach and blue Atlantic Ocean. Breathtaking!
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