Picking the Right Law Firm for Your Personal Injury Suit

Stephen Monroe works on a freelance basis for law magazine. He has been writing for the last 15 years. He is a great fan of football matches. To learn more about the best lawyers and their law firm, visit this blog here.

Having the right law firm behind you as you face a personal injury case makes the difference with the results that you get. It is not just about the results only, but you should feel confident that your case is in good hands at all stages of the process. For this reason, it pays to be careful in your selection of a law firm to handle your case. The best law firm will have some attributes that you should look out for.

Choosing a legal firm means considering its abilities as a whole and not just on the part of the lawyer taking your case. The lawyer cannot work if he lacks the support of a good law firm. The firm, even a small one, should have the resources necessary to handle your needs. This is the only way you can enjoy the services, as you will not be worried about the finances necessary to see your case through.

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These attributes will help you know that you are in the right place. Some of the things that you should look for include:

  • Experience

The experience that the law firm carries should be relevant to your situation. Most lawyers focus on one aspect of law, which makes them best placed to handle cases in that one branch. Looking for a law firm that specializes in your type of circumstances will see you getting the best outcome. The lawyer will have in depth knowledge of the law covering your case and most importantly, will know how to apply it to your situation best. This means that your case will not be a trial and error experiment for the firm handling it. You will be confident in how the process will take place as the firm has already applied it to many other similar cases prior to yours.

  • Commitment

You should go for a firm that shows commitment to your case. You will know how committed the firm is by how it will handle it from the onset. You should look for red flags, such as not getting the answers you seek. When you do not feel comfortable having the firm handle your case, then you should look for a different firm. The lawyer should make you feel that your case is important and that it is receiving the necessary attention. You can gauge the firm through its reputation. Find reviews from other clients and you will know what to expect from the services the firm will give you.

  • Personal service

Go for a firm that offers a personalized approach to its clients’ cases. This way, the firm will not treat you just as another case going through its doors. You will find lawyers that have grown their law firm into a client-oriented outfit. They will put the needs of the clients first and are therefore more responsive to them. You will feel more at home because you are not just another statistic to the firm and they truly have your interest at heart.

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Reasons why you should engage legal services after a motorcycle accident

The writer contributes articles for legal blogs. Motorcycle riders should have the contact of the best motorcycle accident lawyer to help them deal with any accidents they may encounter. Visit this blog for more information about the author.

Riding on a motorcycle places you at very great risk especially when involved in an accident. As most people equate motorcycles with speed and no observance of road laws, many deem the motorcycle riders to be in the wrong whenever a motorcycle accident occurs. When involved in an accident as a motorcycle rider, you need to make sure you get your just compensation.

To that end, it pays to get a legal representative to be by your side as you take on the other party. This is beneficial for you in so many ways. Understanding why will ensure you find the best motorcycle accident lawyer that you can find. Here are reasons why you should get the lawyer as soon as you are in an accident:

You get rightful compensation

After an accident, you may be too panicky or overwhelmed by your injuries to think straight. You may therefore rush into taking an offered amount because it takes care of your immediate problems. Considering you may not get any more compensation, you should not be in a hurry no matter how large the amount may seem. Having a lawyer dealing with your matter will make sure you get compensation that caters for not just the present but also future needs. Your legal representative will consider future medical needs as well as loss of income, thus get a fair deal.

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You will be on the same footing with the other parties

The other party especially if it is the insurance company may have lawyers dealing with the case. The legal jargon and their actions may feel intimidating for you. Having a lawyer ensures that you deal with the matter on the same level with the other party. Your lawyer will handle all negotiations better as he understands the legal jargon better. You will therefore not feel intimidated into taking any deal presented to you. Your lawyer should have the right skills to negotiate to your advantage.

The burden shifts to someone more capable to handle it

A lawyer understands the law better. He also understands all the procedures and how to make proper filing for a case. You will therefore not lose out because you missed one step. A lawyer has the training and experience of law and therefore is the one best placed to handle your case. You will therefore end up with a compensation agreement that fully caters to your needs and covers all aspects of damages that you sustained during the accident.

You can focus on healing

With the lawyer handling your compensation issues, you can focus on getting your life together again. A motorcycle accident can leave you nursing serious injuries. You will not heal well if you have the stress of seeking compensation. A well-versed lawyer in motorcycle accidents will take care of all issues and all you need to do is focus on getting better. Most lawyers only get paid on winning the case, so you do not need to worry about mounting legal fees as you heal.

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Home Repair Tips for Effective Maintenance

Frank Warner is a freelance editor and writer. He is passionate about technology and describes himself as a person who is always eager to learn. His hobbies include watching films and swimming. To learn more about plumbing repair, please visit the site.

Owning and running a home is a major responsibility. If anything break downs, malfunctions or is in bad condition, you need to handle the situation in a timely manner. Cleanliness and maintenance are top priorities that help to preserve your investment.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance saves you a lot of money in the long run. This is because when you take care of minor problems and repairs as soon as they occur, they will not worsen and turn into larger issues that are expensive to fix. The major problems that arise when you do not properly maintain your home are likely to cost more than timely repairs.

You have to maintain various aspects of the home in order for them to remain functional. Without maintenance, the efficiency of your home will be compromised and you will end up spending more extensive repairs and utility bills.

Reduce your cost of living. Pay less for medical care. Find better weather. Create a healthier way of life.

Property Value

Increase the value of your home by making sure that you take good care of it. If you decide to sell your home and various appliances or systems are damaged, potential buyers would expect you to carry your replacements and repairs before they consider investing in your property. You would not be able to get worthwhile offers if your home is not habitable or functional.

Maintaining your systems and undertaking home improvement can increase the value of your property significantly. It makes a difference between protecting the value of your home and reducing any gains that you have made. Enhancing the ability of your home to appreciate in value involves routine or regular tasks that are aimed at ensuring your home is operational and functions normally.


Being proactive and sparing some of your time to handle tasks around the home such as plumbing repair is an important step towards avoiding major malfunctions. Many accidents and losses can be prevented by being prepared, systematic and keeping your home in order.

Save Money

Homeowners are generally aware of how important it is to schedule maintenance and repairs for the main components in their homes. It saves money and several repairs can be carried out by the homeowner, which further helps to reduce costs.

Hiring professionals for major or complex repairs will also end up costing you less than neglecting your systems and requiring an expensive overhaul in the future. Replacing and installing new appliances is bound to be more costly than maintaining them and keeping them running for longer.

Keep Track of Repairs

Keep track of your home repairs and note down any installations or replacements that are made. This will make it easier for you to monitor the condition and wellbeing of your home. Knowing how long various items can last, tracking repairs and being aware of when to replace items are all essential aspects of home maintenance.

If you do not repair parts such as roofs and garage doors, the damage can rapidly worsen. If you ignore signs of wear and tear, you may end up with costly structural repairs and inconvenience that could easily have been prevented through routine maintenance. Home repairs can save you large amounts of money if you handle maintenance tasks on time.

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Hooked on Adventure

One of my very first adventure trips was when I was nineteen years old and I went cross country as a passenger on a motorcycle.

My parents were probably terrified for me, but my boyfriend was a good driver, gasoline was $0.29 a gallon and I had $400 and a plastic coat. What could go wrong?

Leaving from the Midwest state of Ohio, we headed west on a route that my guy charted out – across the plains, over the Rockies, towards the California coast and up through Canada and the Alaskan pipeline (before it was completed) and into the Aleutian Islands. We were meeting up with friends for the summer to help them build a log cabin, and this motorcycle trip was a bonus ride to get there.

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Since the Alaskan pipeline at that time was only a road with medium sized boulders and sharp rock, our motorcycle tires got torn to shreds. We hadn’t counted on that! It wasn’t like we had BikeBandit.com  and the internet to get all the Honda CBR Parts we needed.


We rode on those abused and sorry tires for miles until we arrived at our friend’s location where we had to go into town to find a telephone. In the woods where he was living, he wasn’t set up with the convenience of a telephone! That would come a few years later. It would have been so much handier to have been able to order all of our motorcycle accessories online and get free shipping to our location.

But back then in the 1970’s there was no such thing as internet and online shopping.

We placed our order through a long distance call and gave a post office box number as an address and then we waited. And waited. We were still preoccupied with building the log cabin, but after a few weeks, we called again to verify that our order had been placed. We emphasized that the summer was nearing its end, and since we were on a motorcycle, we had to get our vehicle fixed and get going on the road soon before the snow came and kept us locked in for the whole winter.


It was stressful at the time, but eventually, our equipment arrived and we bandaged our bike and took off to complete our trip. This time we drove through the Canadian Rockies, then back down into the States and visited National Parks. Sometimes we camped at rest stops, other times we utilized campgrounds and there were a very few occasions when we stopped at a hotel and luxuriated in a hot shower and a firm bed.

Arriving home that autumn, it felt like my life had changed forever; all the scenery I saw, the people I met, and the experiences I had. Now I needed to save my money up for the next trip.

My parents were relieved that I returned all in one piece, even though I hadn’t considered any other option!

I was hooked on adventure.

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Looking for the best care to give to your elderly loved one?

Nancy Gina is a 34 year old young lady who practices social works. She says that assistedlivingnearme.org will answer all the questions that you may have concerning elderly care. During her free time, she knits scarves for her loved ones.

For most people, if you ask them what their weakness is, the answer will always be ‘my mother’ or ‘my father’. You would do anything and everything to ensure that your elderly loved one gets the care that he/she may require. Most often, you may not be able to provide them with that love and care as it should be.

It could be that you have many other commitments that you must attend to and find yourself having little or no time at all for your family. This should not sound like a problem because you need to look for money to pay your bills anyway. If ever you find yourself in such a situation, you should not be worried. All you need to do is get the right person to look after your elderly loved one.

Open up to new possibilities abroad.

Delicate as they are, they require maximum attention and love. In the event that you are not in a position to offer good care to them, you can simply source for a nursing home and have them taken care of. Most often, this will not be an easy task to get done.

It could be because your elderly mother or father would not want to leave the home or you may not feel comfortable with the idea of having your elderly loved one being taken care of on your behalf. This is why you need to ensure that you get the right person to do the job for you. Get someone that you can trust with the life of your elderly loved one.

When it comes to finding the right nursing home for your loved one, you need to practice patience in order to find the best. You do not want to end up regretting the life that your paren might have lived once they are gone. Here are a few things that you need to consider when looking for the best nursing home:

  • How hospitable is the caring facility?

When it comes to dealing with the elderly, you need to find someone who is very patient and loving. This is because, as people age they tend to be slow in understanding and want to be shown the kind of love that you would show a toddler. Getting a service provider who can do all that would be the best way to treat your aging parent.

Why don’t you visit assistedlivingnearme.org website and get some more insight on elderly care and just how to go about it.

  • How much experience do they have?

This is one area that you cannot afford to overlook. You need to ensure that you get a service provider that is well experienced and knows all that there is about elderly care.

  • Can you afford them?

It is important also that you look for a service provider whose services you can afford.

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

For those nearing retirement age, their golden years should be a time for travel, relaxation and fun. Retirees are free from work obligations and capable of doing things they’ve set off for years or even decades, especially if they’re in good health. But for some people, any plans for a long and happy retirement can quickly become derailed with two words: lung cancer. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and with that comes a slew of information aimed at keeping people safe and healthy. It’s important to know just how much smoking costs and to recognize that tobacco use isn’t the only risk factor.

Lung cancer, for the most part, is commonly diagnosed in people over the age of 65, with the average age hovering around 70 years old. For lifelong smokers, there is always a risk of developing cancer, but there’s also several risk factors impacting those who stopped smoking years ago or have never picked up a cigarette at all. It is estimated that up to 20 percent of lung cancer deaths annually in the United States are people who don’t use tobacco.

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As one of the most preventable diseases, the risks of developing lung cancer far outweigh the benefits. Not to mention, the cost of smoking has grown exponentially and is hovering north of $6 per pack of cigarettes nationally. Stretched out over the course of a year, it costs nearly $2,300 to smoke a pack a day. That’s money that could be used for a vacation, small home renovations or even portfolio investments.


For the average smoker, the average amount of money lost is estimated to be somewhere between $1-2 million dollars, and that money could easily be spent elsewhere. Smokers on average are also paid less than non-smokers and the money that could have been wisely invested to help people retire earlier is instead spent on cigarettes. For anyone hoping to retire before 65, their plans might just go up in smoke.

Although smoking is the largest contributing factor, the environment both outside and within our own homes can potentially put us into dangerous situations. The air inside your home can be, on average, two to five times for toxic than the air outside. Sure, there might be pet dander, dust and other little things floating around inside your house, but older homes and those with cracked or damaged foundations run the risk of introducing asbestos and radon into the home.

Radon seeps into basements through foundation cracks and has been known to cost lung cancer, but can easily be mitigated by sealing up the foundation and using a mitigation fan. The total cost of a mitigation system tops out at about $2,500. Asbestos is just as dangerous in the home, mainly because it’s easy to find in older houses. Heating duct insulation, older floor tiles and even sheetrock can contain the material which is known to cause a rare lung cancer called mesothelioma. Luckily, asbestos, which is the only direct link to a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis, can be removed by a trained and certified professional.

By avoiding smoking and taking care to prevent toxins from accumulating in your home, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your family will be happy and healthy for years to come. Plus, with all that money saved you might be able to take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on or perhaps retire a little bit earlier than you thought!

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3 Key Developments for the Future of Aged Care

Renan Orola

The future of aged care has long been a crucial topic in many countries.  On the one hand, people are living longer and staying active for longer.  On the other hand, many older people find it helpful or even necessary to have help with everyday tasks, including personal care.  Advances in technology have made it possible for seniors to enjoy life in their own home for longer, especially with the raise of home care services. Here are 3 key developments, which are setting exciting new standards for the future of aged care.

Reduce your spending footprint. Increase your lifestyle and financial longevity.

The Internet of Things

In today’s modern world, even adults in their prime may struggle to stay on top of everything they need to do each and every day and taking work out of the picture may not make it a great deal easier.  That’s why much of the excitement around the Internet of Things relates to its potential to make home life easier for everyone.  For example, smart fridges could keep track of their contents and either prompt the householder when stocks were running low or just order replacements, according to their instructions.  The same principles could be applied to activities which are particularly challenging for older people.  For example, smart light-fixtures could keep track of when light bulbs are due to be replaced.  They could then alert a care assistant to come out at a convenient time to change the bulb for the older person before it actually runs out.


Robots have already transformed many areas of our lives and have become essential to providing high-quality, in-home care for the elderly in a cost-effective manner.  People of all ages appreciate standard domestic robots, such as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners and these are becoming smaller, smarter and more sophisticated all the time.  The aged population particularly benefits from robots which assist with movement.  Mainstream retailers already stock devices such as beds and chairs which are powered by electricity and can be operated by simple controls to assist users from a lying or sitting position into a sitting or standing position.  Likewise, stair lifts are now a standard way of making homes more accessible to their occupants as they age.  Going forward, the future of aged care may involve robots which are both smart and strong and therefore able to assist with the sort of heavy-lifting duties which human carers find difficult (for example, replacing the need for humans to use cumbersome and bulky hoists).  This would free up carers to use their time in a more meaningful way.

Augmented and/or virtual reality

As people age, it becomes increasingly important to keep both mind and body stimulated.  One of the challenges in the future of aged care is to manage this in a suitable way, since older people may be mentally and physically more delicate than their younger counterparts.  Augmented and/or virtual reality could be one way to expand the boundaries within which the aged population live their lives and thus help to keep both mind and body active.  Virtual reality goggles have already been shown to be helpful to dementia sufferers.  The next step is to identify ways in which preventative care, ideally non-invasive care, can be used to stop the onset of such conditions.

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7 Trendy Wedding Band Designs and Patterns for Men

Claire Reid is a fashion consultant and recommends a natural shift towards these classy but masculine metal and wood men’s wedding bands. Read more of her fashion and jewelry advice on her blog.

Done are the days when men would be expected to wear wedding bands that are all plain and boring. Today, you will find that every man looking for a band considers style and the edginess of the band.

There are even more choices for wedding bands for men compared to the lady’s because there are many indicators of what a lady wants. For men, they are mostly clueless and a look through the Internet shows that there are numerous bold but masculine designs. This makes the search tougher and longer.

However, if you feel confused on which wedding band to choose and to wear to your big day, you should consider picking any one or combine two of the following designs and patterns:

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  1. Metal variation

One feature that gets rid of the plainness seen in most wedding bands is the incorporation of not one but two types of metals that blend. A metal band with platinum and some white or rose gold enhances the appearance and in most cases, the price of the men’s wedding band goes up because of the additional strip of metal added to the main metal.

Rather than using one type of gold for example, a man’s wedding band can have yellow and white gold incorporated together. This adds character.

  1. Textures and trendy finishes

Men are usually particular about how a piece of jewelry looks. The need for a wedding band with a masculine touch means that you will have to watch out for the texture of the band before buying. Some of the common textures in the market include:

Hammered finish: this has an eye-catching factor with the wedding band hammered by hand to create a rather rough-looking textured look. Distinctive dimples and bumps will be seen as a result of the micro hammered finish.

Wired finish: this is a suitable design or finish for persons who like contemporary rings. The ring has a finish that looks like it was beaten using a wire repeatedly. It therefore has a whole masculine feel to it.

Beveling: a wedding band with a beveled edge has a masculine touch and rather than leaving it plain and boring, the beveled edges add character. The beveled edges also give off a shiny feel.

Matte:  a matte finish gives wedding bands that unique, less reflective look that is roughened. It diffuses light because the texture on its surface makes it look like it was brushed using rough brush bristles. This gives off a less fussy masculine feel.

Satin: this is another simple and contemporary pattern or design. Compared to matte that has a rather rough finish, a wedding band with a satin finish is just smooth and less shiny.

High polish: you can also choose this style of finish if you have a bold personality and you do not mind a wedding band with reflective effects.

  1. Incorporation of wood inlays

Wood men’s wedding bands are renowned because of the predominant wood inlays. To meet the unique preferences of people around the United States, wedding band jewelers have taken it upon themselves to create unique designs where instead of using two types of metals, or leaving a wedding band plain, a piece of exotic wood in their natural color and state is included.

The most common wood inlays used include the elder wood, iron wood, mango wood, Buckeye, KOA wood, whiskey barrels, mahogany, oak, etc. These wood inlays make the rings unique and even more valuable.

  1. Exotic inlays

People seek jewelry pieces that haven’t been worn before or the most unique pieces with few people wearing them. This need has been filled with jewelers who have designed wedding bands with titanium, platinum, ceramic, or cobalt bases and with exotic inlays.

Some of these inlays include dinosaur bones, deer antlers, M3 stealth, black ceramic, meteorites, and wood. These inlays are hard to come by and when a designer has placed them on the wedding band, you can be sure that it will be a bit more expensive.

The number of men looking for rings with such inlays has increased because of the classy look and the sophistication of these band designs.

  1. Metal inlays

Other than wood and the exotic inlays, there are also other kinds of inlays. Some of the most common wedding band inlays include use of exotic titanium inlays, white diamond inlays, carbon finer inlays, or exotic tungsten inlays.

There also are blue bands working as inlays from materials, such as blue metallic inlays, Lapis channeled inlays, Peacock Lab Opal inlays, blue box elder wood inlay, and banded turquoise inlays.

  1. More dark colors

Men are naturally associated with dark colors. The fascination cannot be explained but has been associated with black being a representation of strength and power that is perceived to relate to masculinity.

To meet this inherent need for more black, there are black tungsten wedding bands, black zirconium, black titanium, and black ceramic wedding bands. These are complemented with different textures such as wood, metal, and exotic inlays.


Though this isn’t an entirely new trend, it has been on the increase. Couples wish to add special words expressing their love for each other on the wedding bands, hence the inscriptions are engraved on the interior.

The engraving can be done by hand or using laser engraving techniques. You will however pay more to have an ordinary or custom wedding band engraved.

In conclusion, there is a big shift from the traditional setting where wedding bands for men were simple and they didn’t cause any fuss. Currently, men have to consider these unique trends that show sophistication and a shift with the times. There has also been a shift from the traditional metals like stainless steel gold and silver to titanium, tungsten, platinum, and even ceramic.

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The Designer Swimsuit Guide for Your 2017 Vacation

By Carol Trehearn

It’s always exciting to book a vacation to that dream destination, giving you something to look ahead to and plan for. If you happen to be heading somewhere sunny and warm for your holidays, then you’ll need a great bathing suit to act as the staple of your wardrobe. Before heading off to the stores to hunt for that perfect bathing suit, we’ve put together a designer swimsuit guide that will help you spot the latest trends and fashionable colors so you look stunning on your vacation.

The Return of the One-Piece

Where it used to be that one-piece bathing suits were reserved for the older generation, this is no longer the case. In fact, once you start your shopping you’ll quickly see that designer one piece swimsuits are popping up all over the place. Now these aren’t your typical one-piece suits, not at all.

Life is an adventure. Follow your dreams.

Today’s one-piece has got a whole new level of sexiness, classiness, and mystery like you’ve never seen before. And as an added bonus they can offer benefits such as panels and support that helps to shape you and give you that perfect figure. As well, they tend to be a bit more realistic to perform water activities in over a string bikini. If your vacation plans include snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports – then a one-piece is an absolute must in your suitcase.

You don’t have to take it from us that these swimsuits are the “in” choice for the beach all you have to do is take a look at the many celebrities who are now wearing them. Popular stars such as Iggy Azalea, Sofia Vergara, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Ciara, Selena Gomez, and many more have embraced this hot bathing suit trend.

Trending Colors for 2017

As far as the trending colors go for 2017, there are a few to choose from. We have to mention black first because frankly it is always trendy. If you’re going to purchase just one new bathing suit for 2017 and want one that won’t be out of style by the following year, you’re best to go with black. It’s also a fairly complimentary color for most skin tones and hair colors.

While black certainly is a popular and trendy color, many prefer something a bit more lively especially while on a hot and sunny beach. If that sounds like you then you’ll want to play around with some of the hot colors for the season. Emerald green is one that has been popping up on the runways showcasing the hot trends for 2017. This color is universally flattering and is sure to grab attention. Also popular were bright yellow, turquoise, and various shades of red.

Nude is among one of the hottest trends out there for 2017 but it is also one of the hardest colors to wear. The idea of a nude bathing suit is that you look sexy and as though you aren’t even wearing anything. This color seems to work best with bronzed skin.

Another option is to go with a fun and bright print; tropical and florals are going to be trendy for 2017.

Trending Features for 2017

As far as features go, there are a few standout features to look for if you want to be showing off the latest in designer swimsuit fashion.

Side cut outs are an absolute must on pretty much all the one-piece swimsuits. They are what give the suit a sexy youthful vibe and totally transport it to new territory. You can play it safe and just go with one cut out on the side, or you can play up the trend and opt for a suit with multiple cut outs.

Another feature that has been showing up on the runways is straps that are interesting and different. Think multiple straps that are placed in unusual locations. Just remember that with this trend you may not get the best tan lines.

Part of what makes the one-piece so hot is a high cut leg. This gives the illusion that your legs are very long, and helps to break up all the fabric in the bathing suit.

Lastly you’ll find that tassels are proving to be a fun feature. Whether they are hanging from the straps or other spots on the suit, it’s a fun way to embrace this trending fashion that’s showing up on all kinds of clothes and accessories, not just swimwear.

Pick and Choose

The idea isn’t that you have to include all the trending features, instead pick one or two that you like and flatter your own personal style. You’ll definitely be standing out on your 2017 vacation!

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The Two Types Of Bankruptcy Plans and Cases

Margaret Luther is a bankruptcy attorney. When not writing or consulting clients or representing clients, she loves to travel, read, and sometimes dance. Read more about her and bankruptcy in her LinkedIn profile.

Bankruptcy cases aren’t easy and you know that even agreeing to file for bankruptcy is an overly scary thing to do. However, it has to be done because of your inability to repay your debts and bills. After making the decision to file for bankruptcy, your attorney will advise you to file one of these two bankruptcy cases; the Chapter 7 or the Chapter 13 case.

Here is information about these two types of bankruptcy cases.

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  1. Chapter 7 case

Despite the misinformation about this case, it is basically a ‘no assets case’. This means that, as a debtor taking this case, you will be able to discharge most if not all your debts while keeping all your property.

This case gives you the fresh start after a financial crisis since most of your unsecured debts will be discharged. These unsecured debts include personal loans, medical bills, major credit cards, department store credit cards, utility bills and medical bills.


The first step will always be consulting with the best Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys to determine if this really is your best case. After confirmation, necessary documents and information will be gathered including your credit report.

Before filing, have your bankruptcy attorney assure you that your property will remain safe. You will have to fill a petition with details of where you live, your businesses, and where your assets are located.

Alongside the petition, you will also file your:

  • Current income and expenditures,
  • Schedule of assets and liabilities,
  • Executory contracts and unexpired leases
  • Schedule of exempt assets

All these documents will be verified by your lawyers before they are presented to the court room. The verdict and the bankruptcy discharge are given soon after.

  1. Chapter 13 Case

This is also termed a reorganization bankruptcy. As a debtor, you will propose a bankruptcy plan that will reorganize your debt into a manageable amount based on your current financial status and current income.


It is sometimes termed a repayment plan because the reorganization makes it possible for you to pay back your debt in between 3 to 5 years. A consultation with your attorneys will help in determining if this is your best approach and also if the repayment rates are agreeable.

For your petition, you will also have to fill forms with details on your schedules of assets and liabilities, executory contracts, current income and expenditures, schedules if exempt, and unexpired leases. All these details will have to be verified by your attorney to ensure that everything makes sense and for you to get a bankruptcy discharge.

Legal action against you by your creditors is stayed after filing the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan petition. Garnishment wages or frequent phone calls from creditors will stop immediately after filing, giving you peace of mind.


There are two hearings for this case. One is the 341 meeting of your creditors with Chapter 13 Trustees and second is the confirmation hearing with your judge. Afterwards, you will only have to make the agreed payments through your trustees.

In conclusion, these two processes give you the fresh financial start you very much need. They are effective safety nets for your financial woes.

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