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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Jesus Maria

Jalisco, Mexico

Whatever it is, tequila probably can't fix it, but it's worth a shot! - Jimmy Buffett

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

The town of Jesus Maria lies in the Golden Triangle of tequila production. About two hours east of Guadalajara, this town was on our list when we planned our own private premium tequila tasting tour.

We had already spent some time in Atotonilco El Alto, where we visited the boutique Siete Leguas distillery, and now we were on our way to visit El Pandillo, the number one-rated distillery out of 106.

The Golden Triangle of tequila production, Atotonilco, Jesus Maria and Arandas. Jalisco, Mexico

The Golden Triangle of tequila production

Founded in 1530 by the Spanish, Jesus Maria was part of the Spanish Empire before the Mexican Revolution.

Known locally as Los Altos or the Highlands, this part of the Mexican state of Jalisco is home to some of the finest tequilas in the world. Volcanic soil and microclimates affect the agave from which tequila is made. Boutique distilleries capitalize on this to promote their own special brand of tequila.

Tequila's story began in the 16th century. The Spanish conquistadors ran out of brandy and created a milky fermented spirit called pulque from the heart of the agave plant.

Today's tequila has come a long way from this "milky-beer-like beverage". Now it is double distilled and wins awards around the globe. 

Letters of Jesus Maria at the front of Parque Las Presitas, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Parque "Las Presitas"





This Parque is a sports and entertainment area just outside of Jesus Maria.

As you might know already, Mexico loves to paint the letters of their town brightly and colorfully. You will find full size, singular letters in Morelia, Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara airport, Comitan, El Fuerte, Tepatitlan and even the old, old town of Patzcuaro.

Statue of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Miguel Hidalgo was a Catholic priest and a revolutionary leader who is called the Father of Mexican Independence. He is revered all throughout Mexico, and I would guess that every city and town has a street named Hidalgo in his honor.

We stayed in Hotel Romsevil, in fact the only hotel in town. It is to the right of this statue outside the photo. A place where we ate local Mexican food several times is to the left, behind the chain linked fence.

Plaza and church in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Jesus Maria Plaza and church

Here is another manicured Plaza with a wrought iron gazebo in the center. The church is to the left.

This design was decided by an architect in Spain, and you will see the same layout all throughout Mexico.

Beautiful home in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Beautiful homes were all over town

We were very taken by the number of beautiful homes we saw in Jesus Maria.

This one has beveled glass on two stories, decorative wrought iron as a gate, and as a railing up on the second floor patio.

Places were freshly painted and the whole town was very clean.

New home in Jesus Maria on the edge of town, Jalisco, Mexico

Another brand new home on the edge of town

Here's another home backed up to the canyon and agave fields below.

There were many mansions on acres of land in the surrounding hills.





Corner house in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Corner house

As you can see, the streets are clean and fairly wide. Nice homes line both sides.

We had great weather in Jesus Maria. It's an eternal spring style of high desert climate, very similar to Chapala, Mexico, where we live.

Agave fields in the golden triangle of Mexico's highlands, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Agave fields

Here is a closer shot of the agave fields behind the house in the photo above.

The gray-blue agave makes a beautiful contrast with the various greens of the fields.

While agave grown for tequila is a big industry, most of the agriculture (90%) is corn. Corn is used as an alternating plant in the fields when agave is not being grown.

homes in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

More homes!

We were just gobsmacked with the number of well-kept homes in this town of about 20,000 inhabitants. We were told that a good deal of people who have  homes here work in the US and come back to Jesus Maria to holiday.

Several people to whom we spoke who live here, said they were very proud to have worked in the US. Some still have family living "up north,"  and all were well-pleased to have their immigration papers.

large home in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Not a small place!

I wonder how many bedrooms this beautiful home has?

Parroquia de Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Parroquia de Jesus Maria

Another view of the parish church of Jesus Maria

symbolic painting of Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Symbolic painting of Jesus Maria in a restaurant

This painting captures what Jesus Maria is all about.

Of course you have the church and the gazebo - the center of any Mexican town or city, then you have the corn, the blue agave fields and the tequila. The water falls, the big sombrero hats the men wear, and the woven shawl.

In the background there is an adobe brick home of the local peoples. I am unclear of the significance of the brown water jug in the center. I'm thinking the round object next to the devotional candle (for the Sacred Family) is a tahona which crushes the agave to release it's aguamiel.

At the bottom of the painting it states: "The roots of my town."

home with rows of hanging flower pots Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

An older home with flower pots





Here's a shot of an older home with rows of geranium-filled flower pots. This is so lively and adds color to the home and to the street.

wildflowers on the edge of town, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Wildflowers right outside of town

We were taking a walk right outside of town, and there were fields and fields of these wildflowers.

I could be wrong about this, but I have seen similar picked flowers wrapped in bunches and sold by locals around Mexico. They burn these dried flowers to purify the home.

Isn't that picture just so restful?

tequila menu in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Tequila menu

Well, we're in tequila country, guys. Almost every little restaurant and bar has a full selection of high quality tequilas from which to choose.

Sold by the "copa" or by the bottle, you have the blancos, the reposados, the anejos and the anjeos cristalinos.

Blancos are tequilas that are not aged  in an oak barrel, reposados are aged from 60 to 364 days (less than a year), and anejos are aged for at least  one year, but less than three years.

Cristalinos are the latest tequila trend. These are aged tequilas that have been filtered to remove any color added by the barrel during the aging process, leaving the tequila “crystal clear”, like a blanco.

Prices range from $2.50 to $7USD for a copa, and from $11 to $63USD per bottle.

Billy and Akaisha in Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Yours truly

Here we are, "up against the wall" and loving it.

Jesus Maria was a gorgeous, friendly little town with great weather.

It calls for another visit, to be sure.

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The bell tower in front of parroquia Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

The bell tower in front of parroquia Jesus Maria

This bell tower has arches and thick walls where the local town people walk through. An interesting twist to the Church's architecture.

See what I mean about the blue, blue skies? Temperatures were in the 70s and this was in October!

Rows and rows of tequila choices, Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Rows and rows of tequila choices

Tequilas lined up everywhere, every bottle store. So many choices!

The sleek bottle on the upper left is Sentinel Eternal Extra Anejo Cristaline Tequila -- currently the rage when we were there. Cristaline tequilas are anejos (aged tequilas) that are filtered to take out the golden color from the aging barrels.

This Eternal, in its sleek perfume-looking bottle runs $34USD.

Peaceful agave field Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Peaceful agave field

 A typical agave field with nopale cactus there in front.

Nopales are a mainstay of the Mexican diet, high in vitamin A, vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium.

You can see the rich volcanic soil here - in this case, filled with iron.

Spring and deep well water is an important factor in making tequila, and in this Golden Triangle, that water brings its natural flavor to the distilling of Mexico's National Beverage.

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