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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Antigua, Guatemala


Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

Cost of Living in Antigua, Guatemala

The Adventurer's Guide to Guatemala

Don’t go to Guatemala without this book! Take advantage of what we know. Click here

The Adventurer's Guide to Pana Living

The most comprehensive guide to Panajachel ever!

Make the Most of Feasting Internationally 12 tips on eating well while traveling and still stay on a budget.

Senior Living in Antigua, Guatemala, Active Adult Residence, Skilled Nursing Care - Casa Muriel

Ganache, Cafe y Pasteleria Francesa

Comparing Various Latin American Cities and Towns for Retirement Living

Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua, Guatemala

House of Rum, Antigua, Guatemala

Shoes of Latina Women, Antigua, Guatemala

McDonald's in Antigua, Guatemala

Guate Java Roastery and Coffee House, Antigua, Guatemala

El Faro Restaurante y Taqueria, Antigua, Guatemala

Shoe Shine Boys of Antigua, Guatemala

Sobremesa Ice Cream, Antigua, Guatemala

Jazz Concerts in Antigua, Guatemala

cool lookin Church in Antigua, Guatemala

Randy's Grill, Antigua, Guatemala

Ta'Cool Taco Shop, Antigua, Guatemala

Tabacos y Vinos, Antigua

The Snug Bar, Antigua, Guatemala





Casa Escobar, Antigua

El Viejo Cafe, Antigua

Pappy's BBQ, Antigua

Sights of Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua - sights and history

House Sitting in Antigua, Guatemala

An Inside View, Akaisha's Finger Emergency

Accident, Response and Cure, Akaisha's Finger Injury

Pappies Bar-b-que dinner

Let Antigua into Your Heart

Friendship and Kindness while House Sitting in Guatemala

The Maid, the Thief and Forgiveness - What Would You Do?

The Fickle Finger of Fate

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More details below

Guatemala is an intriguing country to visit or in which to live. Whether you plan a vacation or a long term stay, our information below will be useful to you. Guatemala boasts beautiful weather, plenty of history and culture and friendly people. The food quality is good, affordable and accessible. Medical care is excellent in Guatemala City, with high quality available in other cities such as Xela and Antigua. Volunteer opportunities are everywhere and there is a growing and influential Expat influence.

We have listed here for you a variety of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, doctors, clinics, Spanish schools, volunteer opportunities, videos and useful links.

Lake Atitlan Travel and Info

Wine bar in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Hotels

Hotel Casa Rustica 6th Ave Norte #8 Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 7832-3709 / 7832-0694 1 block from Central Park, Email: Directly behind Parque Central, Private Bath, Cable TV, WiFi, Kitchen, Comfy Large Screen TV Lounge, Airport pickup, Laundry, Bag Storage, Billards, Coffee by the Front Desk, 2 Gardens and 3 Terraces with Views.

Hotel El Meson de Maria, 3a Calle Pte. #8, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 6068. Luxury in elegant setting. 

Antigua Rentals and Services, Office: 5 Avenida Sure Final #36. Office: #6A Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 4779. Houses and apartments for rent by the day, week, month. Fully equipped, wifi, Cable TV. Properties for different budgets, located in and around Antigua, House rentals in all of Guatemala.

A Place to Stay Hotel, 5a Calle Poniente #42, Callejon Landivar, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832. 5515, Email: raulcruzval@yahoo.comprivate rooms, shared rooms, kitchen, Cable TV, Wifi, DVD, laundry breakfast, purified water.

Casa Concepcion Bed & Breakfast, Callejon del Hermano Pedro #2, La Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 7832. 0360. 

Casa Quinta, 5 Avenida Sure #45, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832 6181 & 7832. 6083. Email:

El Marqes de Antigua, 4a Avenida Sur #30, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 2386. 1012, 7832. 8259 Fully equipped luxury suites at hotel room prices. Daily, monthly and yearly.

Hacia El Sur Hostal Quality Hostal near Cafe No Se. Private rooms and dorms, WiFi, laundry. Breakfast included. 1st Ave. Sur, #15 at end of 6th Calle, under Cafe Sky. Tele 7937. 2008. Antigua.

shoeshine boys weraing RetireEarlyLifestyle T-shirts

Hostal San Nicolas, Calle de Los Pasos #20 & 9a Calle. Tele: 7832. 2915 Email: 

Hotel Aurora, 4a Calle oriente #16, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 5155, 7832. 7965 & 7832. 7966 Breakfast service, Wifi, Cable TV, Private parking. Email: 

Hotel Casa Antigua, 34a Calle Poniente#5, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832.9090 Website: 7316.  24 Double rooms, convention room, parking. Near San Sebastian Park.





Hotel Casa de Las Fuentes, Avenida El Desengano #26, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 502. 7832. 2312. and 7832.

Hotel Casa Del Parque, 4ta Avenida Norte #5, La Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 832.0961.

Hotel Los Pasos, Tele: 502. 7832. 5252.

Hotel Camino Real - 7a. Calle Poniente No. 33B, La Antigua Guatemala Email: website Tele: 502. 2410. 5288 or 502. 7873. 7000 FAX 502. 7873. 7002 Taxi Service 24 hours 502. 7873. 7000

Hotel de Cortez y Larraz - 6a. Avenida Sur No. 3, Antigua Guatemala, Tele: 502. 7832. 0276. OR 502. 7832. 1702 Email:

Hotel Panchoy, 1a Avenida Norta 5-A La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 502. 5201. 7468/ 7832.1020 / 7832. 0937. Email: info@hotelpanchoy.com21 equipped rooms by the day, week, or month. Cable TV, Safety box, mini Bar.

Hotel San Jorge  4a Avenida Sur #13, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 502. 7832. 3132, & 502. 5398. 6252. Email: 

La Casa De Maco, 1a Avenida Norte #22-A in Antigua, Tele: 502. 7832. 2549. Email: Six blocks from Central Park, Wifi, shared kitchen. 

Sunday on the Plaza - Hear Andean music like you are right there! On the Main Plaza in Antigua, the old Colonial capitol of Guatemala. Families and tourists gather.

Church in Antigua, Guatemala

Palaciochico, two locations in Antigua 1850 - 3a Avenida Sur #6 Tele: 502. 7832.7137, & 1940 - 7a Avenida Norte #15, Tele: 502. 7832. 3895. Email:

Hotel de Cortez y Larraz 6a Avenida Sur, No. 3 Antigua. Tele: 502. 7832. 0276 or 7832.1702 Email: Hot water, private baths, laundry.

Hotel Palacio de Dona Beatriz, Las Gravileas, Calle de los Duelos, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 9573.  Suites, Junior Suites, and Villas. Spa

Panza Verde Hotel & Restaurant, Best hotel in town. 5ta Avenida Sur #19 La Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 7832. 2925. 

Posada El Antano, 6a Avida Nort #36, La Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 7832. 7351. & 7832. 0134, 11 comfortable rooms w/fireplace, volcano view. Restaurant, terrace, Internet, Parking, special rates.

Real Plaza Hotel, 9a Calle Poniente #40, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 2239 - 42.

Tabi House, Callejon del Hermano Pedro#12, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 4570. 8065. Email:  Great views, colonial style, garden, Wifi, 4 blocks from Central Park, very quiet, private.

Meson del Valle, 5a Avenida Sur #11-C, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7882. 4469. 

Palacio de Leonor 4ta Calle Oriente #8, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832. 2281, Email:

Horse and carrage in Antigua, Guatemala

Yellow House, 1a Calle Poniente #24, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 502. 7832. 6646, Email:  Clean rooms, fast WiFi, friendly staff, great breakfasts.  

Let Antigua into Your Heart - You have never seen Antigua like this! I heard from a native here, that the best way to see Antigua is to wander. "Take your time and go through the small streets. People are friendly. Say hello. Let Antigua into your heart."

Antigua Restaurants

To see FULL MENUS of many of these restaurants, go to DegustAntigua

Asados de Antigua Restaurant/Steak House 6th West Street, No. 15. Open from Noon to 9:30 p.m. Email: restaurante-steakhouse@outlook.esTele: 502. 7832. 1046.





Bistro 5 Home made pasta, bistro cuisine. Sunday brunch. Antigua. 4th Calle Oriente #7, Tele: 7832. 5510.

Cactus Taco-Shop Little hole-in-the-wall. Relax with a cold beer and some awesome tacos. The fish tacos are a house specialty. 6th Calle Oriente, #21. Antigua. Tele: 7832. 2163.

Cafe Condesa Inside Casa del Conde, West side of the central park, Antigua. Daily seasonal specials. Tele: 7832.0038

Cafe No Se Pizza, beer on tap, Live music, guaranteed fun. 1st Avenue between 5th and 6th Calles. Antigua

Cafe Sky The best rooftop terrace view in Antigua, Guatemala, International, Guatemala & Mexican Cuisine. 1a Avenida Sur #15, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832. 7300 Email:

TaCool Tacos in Antigua, Guatemala

Casa Escobar Steak House located at 6ta Avenida Norte, #3 La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 7832.5250 2nd location La Majadas, Tele: 2474.2508 

Caoba Organic Farms Located in the peaceful countryside outside of Antigua. The farm is a pleasant ten to fifteen minute walk from central Antigua but you could also take a tuk tuk or taxi to get there. Purchase fruits and vegetables from the market, or have lunch Tuesday through Sunday. Address: 5a. Ave. Final sur Sobre Puente Pensativo, Antigua 03001, Guatemala Phone Number: +502 7758 9510. Tours and more information.    

Choco - Chocolate workshops, cacao tours, cafeteria, free museum and factory. 4a Calle Oriente #14, La Antigua Guatemala, Tele 502. 7832. 4520 Email: Sun - Th 10:30 am - 6:30 pm, Fr - Sat  10:30 am  7:30 pm

Cheers Sports Bar offers the best buffalo wings in Guatemala, big screen TV, pool tables, darts. Open daily located in Guatemala City on13 Calle 0-40, Zone 10, Tele: 2368.2089

Circus Bar, 4a Calle Oriete #10, Casa Antigua El Jaulon, 2nd floor, Tele: 7832. 1033 & 7832. 0597.

Como Como Open air garden seating or bar with fireplace. Menu is creative French/Belgian, fish, poultry, beef. 6th Calle between 4th and 5th. Tele: 7832. 0478. Antigua.

El Cazador Italiano 3a Avenida Norte #1B, La Antigua, Guatemala. M-Sat 12:00 - 11:00pm, Sun, 12:00 - 10:00pm. Tele: 4092. 0156. OR 7832. 2955 Email:  Authentic Italian Cuisine. Try the Aarg Pizza.

El Sabor del Tiempo, Shrimp, rabbit, steaks, pasta, burgers. Calle del Arco y 3a Calle esquina. Tele: 502. 7832. 0516, Antigua, Guatemala.

Lunch with Lori Shea

El Viejo Cafe - French Bakery 6a Av. y 3a Calle Esquina No. 12, Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832. 1576 or 7832. 1588 Good coffee, great pastries.

Epicure Restaurante, Deli foods, take away, garden setting for meals. 3a Avenida Norte #11 "B" La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: Store: 7832. 5545, Restaurant reservations: 7832. 5522. Email:

Fridas, Cocina Mexicana & Bar, Home Delivery, Pool Lounge. Calle Del Arco #29, just south of the arch. Antigua, Guatemala,Tele: 7832. 1296.

Hops and Tales Craft beer by the bottle and on tap. Wings and Nachos. Beer O'Clock happy hour 4-7 p.m. 3a Calle Oriente #19D between 1st and 2nd Avenidas. Antigua.

Kafka One of the best music venues in town. Fantastic comfort food. 3rd Calle Poniente #4 between 4th and 5th Avenidas, Antigua. Tele: 7832. 7790.

La Canoa Restaurant & Sports Bar, 5th Calle Poniente #6, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832. 7583.

Cool drinks in Steak house in Antigua, Guatemala

La Taverna Like conversation? Beat the crowds. Inside La Fuente, 4a Calle Oriente, Tele: 7832. 9663 Antigua.

Lava Terrace Bar & Gourmet Burgers 4ta. Avenida Norte #3 La Antigua, Guatemala

Mono Loco THE place to watch sports in Antigua. Tuesday is ladies night. 5th Avenue between 5th and 6th. Tele: 7832. 4235.

Ni-fu Ni-fa Steak House Parrilla Argentina, 3a Calle Oriente #21,La Antigua Tele: 7832. 6579. Live Music every Sunday, Delivery available.





Ocelot Blues and Jazz Joint, menu de tapas, prime local haunt. 4ta Avenida Norte #3, between 3rd and 4th. La Antigua. Amazing Terrace.

Organica Foodstore open 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 5a Calle Poniente #6, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832.6533. In Guatemala City diagonal 6 16-23, Zona 10, Comercial La Villa Locales 2Y3, Tele: 2263. 1819 & 2263. 1827 Also Carretera Al Salvador, km 15.5, Condado Concepcio Fase I, local #21 Tele: 6634. 7077 Open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Panza Verde Stunningly beautiful ambiance. Bar, lounge, reflecting pool. Perfect for anniversaries and birthdays. Excellent service. Tapas on the Terrace on weekends. Saturday concert series in La Cuerva. Antigua. 5th Avenue South #19. Tele: 7832. 2925

Wine Baar in Antigua, Guatemala

Pappy's BBQ The best Texas BBQ in town. Daily specials, Tele: 502. 5979. 6771, Website: Facebook: Open daily. On the corner of 6th St and 6th Calle, Antigua.

Sopas, Weekends: Hickory smoked BBQ, traditional Guatemalan, 7a Avenida Norte #5, La Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 4214. 4994

The Snug The best day drinking joint in town. Antigua. The place is brilliant. 6th Calle Poniente #14. Tele 4215. 9601.

Ubi's Sushi, 6a Avenida Sur #12B-2, La Antigua, Email: 

Sunday on the Plaza, Too - Daydream, drift away, colorful musicians, rhythmic beats. On the Main Plaza in Antigua, the old Colonial capitol of Guatemala.

Medical - Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics

When traveling outside your home country, it can be very disconcerting to have a serious medical issue. We offer you links to two stories of our personal experience with excellent medical care in Guatemala. We also offer other relevant information on this topic. Take advantage of what we know!

Billy Personally Tests Medical Tourism in Guatemala - The story of Billy's emergency situation in Panajachel, Guatemala with a list of prices paid for the doctor and hospital services received in Guatemala City.

Q&A from our Readers  - We answer our Readers' questions on this topic.

Centro Medico is the hospital we used in Guatemala City

Pricing of a Medical Emergency in Guatemala - The story of Akaisha's finger de-gloving and the prices for all medical services received.

EyeScan Imagenes Diagnosticas Oculares, S.A. 10 Calle 3-01, Zona 14 Tele: 502. 2337. 2338 Tele: 502. 2337. 0274 Email:  Guatemala City, Guatemala. Henry Ramirez speaks English Open M-F Saturday, 7-10 am Everything for the eyes, including glaucoma testing.

Fountain on the Plaza in Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua Acupuncturist Delia Orellana Tele: 5029.4970

Casa de los Angeles A memory care residence, comprehensive care. Address: Aldea Choacorral, San Lucas Sacatepequez Km 25.5 Guatemala, Centro América, Phone: (305) 320-3790 (502) 4227-2911.

Centro Visual G & G operating room, clinics and optical infirmary. Dr. Jose R. Golcher and Dra. Dalia de Golcher. Located 4a Avenida Sur Final #1, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832.6554 and 4431.4822

Clinicas de la Cruz 3a Avenida Norte #11A Tele: 502. 7832.0125 and Blvd. Los Proceres 18 Calle, 24-69 Zona 10, Torre 1 Of 10-07 Empresarial Zona Pradera, Antigua, Guatemala,Tele: 502. 2261. 6875. Implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, laser bleaching, custom dentures, crowns and bridges. Jore E. De La Cruz, DDS, P.C.

Clinica y Optica Santa Lucia, Rodolfo Laparra, M.D., 5a Calle Poniente #28, La Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7832.7945 English spoken. Monday - Saturday

Clinicas Ovalle group of professionals specializing in all dental areas located 2a Avenida Norte #3, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 7832. 0275 

Compounding Pharmacist in Antigua - Ira Friedberg. Pharmacist at Your Fingertips Facebook Page or Compounding Apothecary of Latin America Facebook Page  

Children playing in the fountain in Antigua, Guatemala

Dermatologist Dr. Manel Antonio Samayoa 3a, Calle P. #13, half a block from the market near Ban Rural, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 5306.5610 or 7832. 4854 Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-2pm, 3pm-5pm 185Quetzales for consultation.

Hospital Nacional Pedro de Bethancourt, San Felipe de Jesus, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 7831. 1319 to 7831. 1325

Clinicas Medicas San Sebastian, 5 Avenida Calle Poniente #44, La Antigua, Guatemala. Internal Medicine and Electrocardiograph clinic. Doctora Rosa Julia Chiroy Munoz, Tele: 7832. 7019, Cell: 5723. 0780 Email:

Farmacias Galeno Open 24 hours every day of the year. Free home delivery 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.. Avenida El Desengano, Casa 6-A, Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 7832. 4747 or 4805. 7228 or 4805. 8914

Maxillofacial Centre, Dr. Luis Ramirez, DDS, OMFS, located at 4th Avenue North No 41B, Antigua, Guatemala Tele: 7832. 9440 and 7832.6002.

Optyma Vision y Moda, Dra. Paulina Castejon, Avenida El Desenganoem #33, La Antigua, Guatemala,Tele: 7882. 4281 and 7823.3000 Email: Prescription glasses, optical services, contact lenses, eye disease treatment, eye surgery, certified botox.

Hospital Privado Hermano Pedro located Avenida de La Recoleccion #4, La Antigua, Guatemala (in front of the bus station) Tele: 7832. 0420, 7832. 1197, 7832. 1190.

Cobblestone streets with Vulcan Agua in the background in Antigua, Guatemala

Plastic Surgery Dr. Milton Solis, located on Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19, Multimedica Of. #1101, Zona 15, Antigua, Guatemala, Tele: 5511.4163 

Santa Lucia Emergency Medical Clinics and Diagnostics, Calzada Santa Lucia Sur #7, Antigua. Tele: 7832. 3122, 7832. 5789

Medical Tourism, Concierge Services, International Insurance

Guatemala Medical Travel brings the most highly skilled surgeons, doctors and dentists of Guatemala together with patients from America, and other countries, who are seeking a more cost-effective solution to their medical needs. A treatment referral and travel agency, Guatemala Medical Travel will help you maintain your bills at 60-80% less than normal US prices and help you will all details including accommodation, translation, transfer of funds, tour guides and all personal services.

HTH Worldwide gives you quotes for international health insurance covering inside and outside the U.S. Plans include the Global citizen for crew ship members or missionaries, or Global Citizen Expat. View benefits, get a quote.

International Triage is a pioneer in care management for patients outside their country of residence, specializes in offering world-class treatment destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. There is a 24/7 help desk and a second opinion option.

International Health Insurance  IHI was one of the first insurance companies in the world to offer international insurance plans. Over the last 30 years IHI has introduced more new products than any of the competitors including preventative services, health consulting services and online solutions for the convenience of their customers. Both healthcare insurance and travel insurance.

For more information on Medical Tourism, please see our Medical Tourism Page

Lanudrymat in Antigua, Guatemala

World Nomads Travel insurance, recommended by Lonely Planet. Available to people from over 150 countries, designed for adventurous travelers, cover for medical, evacuation, baggage and activities.

Useful Links & Contact Numbers

Computer Repair DNI Productos - 3a. Calle Oriente No. 7 Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 502. 7832.7707. Email: or  Luis Gil, Tecnico - phone number: 502. 4278.3444

Revue Magazine, Guatemala's English-Language Magazine has a Business Directory, Datebook Calendar of Events, maps, and current happenings

Lax Travel Antigua Travel Agency, 3a Calle Poniente #12 Esquina, La Antigua, Guatemala. Tele: 7832. 1621 & 7832. 2674. You won't find better airfares than ours! Wholesale prices.

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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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