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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


Best Walking Cities Finder has reviewed the 10 biggest cities in each state to see how they rate for walking. Based on dozens of criteria including walking commuters, green space, safe streets, mass transit availability and number of cars per household.

Want to live on a boat?  find out everything you ever wanted to know about the process of moving aboard a boat.

Car Sharing can change your life, save you money and help you make new friends. If you are tired of the responsibilities of owning your own vehicle, or find that you can no longer afford 3 and 4 cars for your family's needs, check out your options on these sites.

Could You Become Car-Free? It wasn't a decision we took lightly. In fact, Billy and I discussed the idea of becoming car-free for several years. There were good reasons to do it. But there were also some obvious downsides.

GetAround Rent a car from someone nearby. Convenient hourly rentals. Full insurance included. Whether you're going away for a while or want to make the most of your idle car, now you can share full-time while Getaround manages the entire process.


How to Live Well Without Owning a Car Award-winning journalist Chris Balish, who lives in Los Angeles, exposes the true costs of car ownership and shows how car-free living can put anyone on the path to financial freedom.

Kiwi Experience  New Zealand's trusted transportation for backpackers and independent travellers. You choose where you start, where you stay, how long you take and what you do.

Living Car Free Carfree cities, details, forums, books, links and more.

Lyft The on-demand ride-sharing service operates in 19 U.S. cities. Users request rides from vetted drivers via a mobile phone application.

Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map and compass. The object is to run, walk, ski, or mountain bike to a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes — both on and off trail — that will help you find all the points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time. Great exercise and lots of fun!

Race Walk for race walking information, and workout information that anyone can learn. Or check out the map-and-compass navigational sport of orienteering. Get outdoors, get in shape, feel better and save a little cash on entertainment costs!

Turo Rent cars from people in your community. Nationwide. No membership fees. Insurance included. Rent out your car and earn money. Rent a car and save money.


TransferCar Australia, TransferCar New Zealand, TransferCar USA.  Free One-Way car rentals  

Travel Sickness? Try Motioneaze  For a world traveler, my particularly prickly nuisance is getting motion sick.

Uber Get a taxi, private car, or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use their app in cities around the world.  

Walkscore Find a walkable neighborhood or find the rating of your own neighborhood. You lose weight each time you walk to the grocery store. You spend less money on your car—or you don't own a car. When you shop, you support your local economy. You talk to your neighbors. Check out a real estate Walk Score Tile

Wikipedia List of Car Free Places to Live around the world.

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About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

Retire Early Lifestyle appeals to a different kind of person – the person who prizes their independence, values their time, and who doesn’t want to mindlessly follow the crowd.


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