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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Origen Restaurant

Oaxaca, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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One of our favorite places in Mexico to visit, is Oaxaca, Mexico. Known for its cuisine, history and architectural beauty, Oaxaca is a must-see.

We had been hearing about Origen, a restaurant which had delectable food and a creative flair, so we wanted to check it out for ourselves.

Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

The outside of Origen Restaurant

Since it was not far from our hotel room, we decided to walk to Origen.

Here you will notice the wrought iron balconies, window coverings and gates that are common in Oaxaca. It is a decorative contribution left here from when the French had a presence in the area.

Upstairs at the Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

Upstairs at the Origin Restaurant





We walked upstairs to the restaurant. Notice the old Colonial style window shutters, and the original art on the walls.

Bottle of Malbec and appetizers at Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca

A bottle of Malbec with appetizers

Oaxaca's locally-made drink is mezcal, but it's too powerful to drink with appetizers and dinner. We decided to order a bottle of Malbec instead.

We were immediately served flat, roasted tortilla rounds with a yellow-orange hot sauce that was also sweet.

It was an interesting beginning!

Calabasas appetizer, Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

Calabasas appetizer

Very quickly after our first appetizer, a tiny, tasty square of squash adorned with fresh day cheese and a sprig of feather-like cilantro appeared.

Judging by appearance only, one would not guess that these were so flavor-packed.

I had already nibbled into mine, and was able to catch Billy before he gulped his down in one swallow.

"Honey!" I said quickly..." Take it in two bites. You'll be glad you did."

With a smile, he bit the piece in two, and savored it.

I ate mine in three... delicious... morsels. 

Who would have known?

Duck at Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

Incredible roasted duck

This was the winner meal of the evening.

Perfectly cooked, this duck was on a bed of apple, peach and white chocolate sauce. A tiny porcelain pot of demiglace was served on the side. It was accompanied with cooked red cabbage and bock choy.

Roasted duck, Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

A closer look

This is a closer look at Billy's meal to show you how perfectly the duck was cooked.

Billy and I tend to share our appetizers and meals, and in this case, though I was inclined to get the duck myself, I chose the Fresh Fish of the Day instead. While delicious and delicate, Billy’s duck was the sure flavor winner.

Seared whitefish and vegetables, Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

My seared whitefish

My Fish of the Day was seared and served in a squash vine/corn broth with vegetables.

Looking at the fish, one would expect a distinctive flavor on the outside, something akin to blackened Cajun seasoning.

Instead, it was simply a mild and delicate flavor - which was delicious, mind you - just not outstanding.

The most flavor-full item on my plate were those three little dime-sized potato puffs. They were SO good, that I was reluctant to share one with Billy... but he IS my husband, after all!

Meanwhile, I was eyeing his duck all night, wondering if he'd notice if I just grabbed a bite from his fork!

Poached pears at Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

Origen's poached pears





I have a history with poached pears, and my Austrian Grandmother had a pear tree in her back yard.

To me, it was magical... Pears that grow on a tree!

If we ever meet up in person, remind me to tell you our story of eating at Paul Bocuse's restaurant, L'Augerge in France. His was the Holy Grail of French cuisine and he offered... poached pears.

But I digress.

For dessert, we simply had to order the poached pears and share them. You know, for historical reasons.

Beautiful cubed cooked pears on a bed of sauced cream cheese was placed in front of us. The cinnamon crisps were wafer thin, and the most refreshing and interesting lemon verbena ice cream was on the side.

Definitely another winning dish here at Origen Restaurant.

Our bill at Origen Restaurant, Oaxaca, Mexico

Our bill

This is our bill for the evening we spent at Origen Restaurant.

It totals 1,500 Pesos which currently is about $73USD.

The bottle of wine was about $32USD.

It's all very reasonable, and service was friendly and prompt.

If you are in the City of Oaxaca, certainly make a visit to Origen Restaurant.

Would we return? Definitely!


Origen Restaurant

Hidalgo 820 Centro

Oaxaca, Oaxaca México C.P. 68000

Tel. +52 (951) 501 1764

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