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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 3rd decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Hotel Casa Gonzalez

Mexico City, Mexico

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli

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After our delightful stay in Tapachula, Mexico, it was time to move on to the Nation's Capitol City, Mexico City.

We have always heard great things about this city, and even after all the years we have lived in Mexico, we have never made a trip to stay in the city itself.

Billy and I are "big town, little city" kind of people, and here is a good case of allowing one's preferences to get in the way of a new experience. Well, enough of that kind of thinking! Off we were to the Capitol.

The morning of our flight, we awoke and caught a taxi right outside our hotel. We paid 200P (about $10USD) for a taxi from Tapachula to the airport about 30 minutes away.

Our flight was non-eventful until the landing, which was one of the worst in our decades of world travel. For some reason, as we were about 400-500 feet elevation, below the high rise roof tops and approaching the runway, the pilot HITS THE GAS (or whatever pilots do) to lift the plane straight up to about 5,000 feet. The aborted landing had already been a bumpy one, but now, we are smashed against the backs of our seats and going through those same air currents again.

My face was drained of blood and white, as I had reached my limits of being able to adapt to the motion of travel. Billy was trying to remain calm as his mind was scrambling to figure out if we were being hijacked or just what.

No explanation was ever given, but thirty minutes later we did arrive safely and de-boarded the plane, collected our luggage and searched for a taxi to take us to our hotel.

We paid 375Pesos + 50Peso tip (about $22USD) for the taxi to go from airport to hotel Casa Gonzalez.

Map of the area where we stayed, and our hotel is clearly marked in the middle

I am directionally challenged, so you could show me this map upside down or backwards and it would speak to me in almost the same way. As a world traveler, I consider this "talent" (or lack of one) to be a particularly unhelpful personal failing.

Sometimes it is hysterical the way I can get lost in a paper bag, but other times, it is terrifying.

But I digress.

Here you see the area where we stayed in Mexico City and our hotel is centrally located in the Embassy District and to other various tourist attractions.

The hotel at street level

We had received glowing recommendations for this hotel, in Panajachel, Guatemala, so we were eager to unpack and settle in.

Looking into the back area and the check-in office is to the right

Check-in time was between 3pm and 4pm, and we had arrived to the hotel at about 2:30 pm. So, we had to make ourselves comfortable while we waited.


I checked in and paid cash for 3 nights and received a 10% discount. The price was 1080Pesos per night (about $56USD) and we paid 952Pesos (about $50USD). Some of the office personnel speak English.

Outdoor restaurant seating

Fortunately, there was a restaurant on site for us to have a beverage and something to eat.

But before we ordered any lunch, I did request a glass of wine to settle my nerves and my stomach both over our unusual plane landing and spending half an hour driving through 10 lanes of city traffic to arrive at our hotel.

Sometimes I think I'm just kind of a country girl.

Really cute hotel

Casa Gonzales is family owned and has been serving hotel customers for decades.

Waiting for our room to become available

We waited in the outside seating area for our room to become available. It was a bit overcast this day and for me, a little chilly.

Nothing seemed to be moving quickly, so we ordered some lunch, the daily special.

Black bean soup

For $5USD each we get bread and tortilla chips, the daily soup, breast of chicken, rice, salad, a pitcher of fruit juice and flan.

Our grilled chicken breast lunch special

Both of us were happy to find out that the food was very tasty. Also, for being in the Capitol city, the prices were reasonable. Of course the current Dollar to Peso exchange has been very helpful, about 20Pesos to $1USD.

Flan for dessert

The flan was delicious also, and fresh. It was included in the meal, or I might have skipped the dessert. Billy, however, was thrilled!

The entranceway into our building

Finally it's time to go to our room and for the $50USD a night we are paying, I'm hoping for something decent. Not too small, not too funky... You know, it's the city where prices are higher and we have a good rate. I don't know what to expect.

She takes us towards a driveway in the back and my heart sinks, thinking "Oh great. A dark room in the corner..."

But NO!!

We go into this large lounge with couches, chairs and furniture then up some stairs and into our room.

Our hotel room

 I'm surprised. Our room has to be at least 20 feet by 20 feet plus a walk-in closet and a huge bathroom. There is a desk in the room with a couch on the other side and comfy chair in the corner for a guest. There's a little balcony out to the street behind the desk curtains.

The other side of our room


The door to the right of the chair is the walk-in closet. A couple of complimentary bottles of drinking water are provided and internet is very good.

Our bathroom

Marble sink, thick bath towels, hot water with good pressure. Hair dryer and soaps/shampoo are included.

Community dining room

That evening and the next morning we ate in the community dining room. It was a convenient way to meet other travelers who were staying at the hotel. Jorge, the owner, came to visit with us a couple of times. We learned about what to do in the city, and a bit of history of the area.

Our room with balcony from the outside

Even though our room was on the street, we had quiet evenings of sleep. Road noise seemed to be at a minimum.

Our hotel room was close to other eateries, and we enjoyed walking the neighborhood and checking them out.

Our bill

Due to this and that, we decided to stay another evening at Casa Gonzalez. However, since our initial reservation was only for three nights, our room had already been booked for our additional night. We had to move across the hall which was easier than we had anticipated. The maid helped with our luggage.

In determining our bill, there was some confusion. I had paid for the first three nights in order to receive the 10% discount, but she made the bill out for the full four nights at the regular price. Also, I had to look over the tab for our meals (which were accumulating at the office instead of paying for them at the restaurant).

Be sure when you get ready to pay, that you know what you have eaten and how long you have stayed. I'm convinced this was an honest mistake, but have your "history" with you when you go to finalize payment. It makes it so much easier.

All in all, and in every way, we would recommend Casa Gonzalez as a place to stay if you were ever to visit Mexico City. See their information below.

Casa Gonzalez

Rio Sena #69 Colonio Cuauhtemoc Mexico, D.F. C.P. 06500 Tele: 52. 55. 5514. 3302 Fax 52. 55. 5511. 0702 Email: Website: 

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