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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides - Exploring Marriage with Women from Vietnam

Charisse Chong

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Meet Vietnam Women for Marriage

Vietnamese mail order brides have been popular for quite some time, like those from several other Asian countries. These beautiful Vietnamese brides are appealing for more than a few reasons, with their beauty just being the tip of the iceberg.

They look for men from Western countries, and there are quite a few reasons for that. But, why would a man from these countries want a Vietnamese girlfriend or to marry a Vietnamese woman?

How can they even find a Vietnamese girl to marry in the first place? It’s worth diving into the why, how, and much more. Anyone looking for a Vietnamese wife would do well to read on further.

Vietnamese mail order brides could just be a few clicks away.

Best Sites to Meet Vietnamese Ladies



Key Features


Focuses on Japanese and Vietnamese connections, ideal for those interested in broad Asian cultures seeking meaningful relationships.


Features a diverse Asian user base, particularly Vietnamese women, suitable for serious relationships and finding brides.

Orchid Romance

Broad Asian focus, especially strong in connecting with Vietnamese women for long-term relationships.


User-friendly platform with a significant number of Vietnamese profiles, excellent for beginning a search for a Vietnamese bride.


Engaging and straightforward platform, great for connecting with Vietnamese brides in a fun and easy manner.

With that in mind, plenty of Western men might want to sign up for a dating site where they can find Vietnamese mail order brides. As great a step as that is, they’ll need to pick the right dating sites to sign up for. They mightn’t be able to find a Vietnamese mail order bride on just any site.

Instead, they’ll need to sign up for international dating platforms where they can talk to Vietnamese women looking for serious relationships. Thankfully, there are plenty of these to choose from, and many of them make dating Vietnamese women relatively easy.

They help people meet Vietnamese brides in Ho Chi Minh city and further afield. It’s worth diving into which sites have the most single Vietnamese women looking for Western men to marry.

1. SakuraDate

One of the more well-known platforms, this boasts an easy-to-use interface, and multiple ways to communicate with women online. Add in the fact there are plenty of verified profiles here, and it gets even better.

The only real negative is how expensive it can be to communicate, but it can be well worth the cost.


•     Easy to use interface

•     Multiple communication features

•     Plenty of women to talk to


•     Communication is expensive

2. EasternHoneys

This is one of the safer platforms to use, as it puts user safety at the forefront better than many alternatives. There are quite a few women from Vietnam to talk to, making it even more appealing, and users even get rewarded for signing up.

They’ll have to deal with more than a few pop-ups when actually using the site, however.


•     Safety is built-in better than other sites

•     Lots of women to talk to

•     Rewards for signing up


•     Quite a few pop-ups

3. Orchidromance

With advanced search features to use, there’s no reason why a user shouldn’t find someone they’re interested in. There’s also quite a few verified profiles to look through, making it even more recommended. The signup bonus can also be appealing.

The fact there are limited payment options can be a pain when signing up, though.


•     Advanced search features to use

•     Bonus for signing up

•     Most profiles are verified


•     Limited payment options

4. AsianMelodies

With multiple advanced features to use, there’s quite a lot to like here. Even signing up offers a great bonus here, letting users take full advantage of the site. Add in the fact there’s a lot of women to talk to, and it gets even better.

The communication features can be relatively expensive to use, however.


•           Quite a few advanced features

•           Great bonuses for new users

•           Lots of women from Vietnam to talk to


•           Communication is expensive

5. LoverWhirl

One of the more appealing sites to use, this offers a flexible pricing policy to keep it affordable for users. Add in the high response rates from women, and there’s little not to like. With the great customer support, users shouldn’t have much to complain about.

The limited payment methods here can be one of the only negatives here.


•           Flexible pricing policy

•           Great customer support

•           High response rates


•           Limited payment methods

Why Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Currently So Popular?


Plenty of people might wonder why Vietnamese brides are so popular among foreigners. There are quite a few reasons why that’s the case, with their beauty just being the tip of the iceberg. They’re also intelligent and can talk about quite a few things.

They’re also dedicated to their family, and will do everything they can to protect it. Add in a dedication to their partner and similar personality traits, and it’s easy to see why Vietnamese brides are so popular.

Essential Facts and Statistics about Vietnamese Women

Before looking for mail order brides, it’s always worth knowing a bit about them and the country they come from. When it comes to Vietnamese mail order brides, there are a few specific things to know before you start talking to them.

1.         75% of Vietnamese women looking for men online want to find someone from a Western country.

2.         The average Vietnamese family has three children.

3.         A groom is, on average, six years older than a Vietnamese wife.

4.         There are only slightly more men than women in Vietnam.

Why Do Mail Order Brides from Vietnam Seek Western Men?

So, why would a Vietnamese girl want to become a mail order bride, especially with Western men? There are multiple reasons for this. The cultural differences can be one of the more notable of these, as many Vietnamese women can see this as a benefit.

While most Vietnamese women mightn’t feel this way, more than a few Vietnamese ladies do. International dating is quite common among these women. They don’t just want to be Asian brides. They want to be Vietnamese wives for foreign men who can take them to another country.

That leads to another notable reason why some Vietnamese women - among women from other Asian countries - want to find a foreign husband. They want to leave their home country and move somewhere else. They’re willing to become a Vietnamese mail order bride to do this.

Once they become a Vietnamese wife, they can do that. It also offers more than a few other benefits, like finding love with a man where the family dynamics are right. It’s something that many Asian brides look for.

Why Are Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

That still begs the question as to why these people want to become a Vietnamese wife for someone from abroad. Vietnamese culture usually says they should marry someone from their own country, after all. Thankfully, this is becoming less and less of a problem.

Vietnamese society isn’t as strict on this as it might’ve been before, and traditional values no longer dictate romance as much as it did. It doesn’t frown on international dating as much as it used to. It’s led to becoming a Vietnamese mail order wife being an option for most Vietnamese ladies.

As such, they’ve taken to online dating quite a bit, though offline dating is still the most popular method of seeing this. But, why foreigners? Many local girls now have an internet connection, and these local females aren’t just limited to Vietnamese people when dating.

This can also be seen in South Korea and other Asian areas. Once westerners have a deeper understanding of this, they’ll see why. Plenty of Vietnamese women have been the victims of domestic violence and other crimes from local men.

The country’s rich culture used to condone this, and young girls take to online dating to avoid this. They’re taking to looking for love online to find men who have a genuine interest in them, their cultural heritage, traditional values, and much more.

Despite the cultural differences, they’ll have serious intentions of finding a foreigner they can go through the dating experience with, and who can become their life partner.

How to Find Vietnamese Brides


With how popular Vietnamese women can be, plenty of people might wonder how they can meet Vietnamese brides. Naturally, this is far from impossible, even if it’s complicated. The most obvious way is to go to Vietnam and start looking. There’ll be plenty of Vietnamese girls to meet and talk to.

After a while, and if everything goes well, at least one of these will want to become a Vietnamese bride for a foreigner. That still takes quite a bit of work, even if it means meeting plenty of Vietnamese women.

These local women, who come from Ho Chi Minh city, Nha Trang, and other cities, want meaningful relationships. Many of them will even be interested in Western men and could be looking for international marriages.

Thankfully, it’s far from the only option, however. Dating sites can also be a great option. With the right dating site, nobody should have a problem finding Vietnamese ladies to talk to. If everything goes right, a man could meet his Vietnamese bride relatively quickly.

At a minimum, they’ll meet a Vietnamese lady they’re interested in, and that’s interested in foreign men.

Tips On Dating Vietnamese Brides

Before they’ll become Vietnamese mail order brides, a woman will naturally want to date for a while first. That means going through more than a few steps before the marriage actually happens. A lot of this is similar to dating a woman from any country.

Treating her with respect is a large part of this. While there could be language barriers in the way, there’s still no reason not to do this. Keeping her culture and similar factors in mind is a large part of this.

What Is the Typical Cost of Marriage to a Vietnamese Woman?

Finding Vietnamese wives isn’t exactly a quick and cheap process. Quite the opposite. It can cost more than most people think. There’ll be the cost of online dating, travelling to and from the country, and much more. Even the engagement ceremony costs quite a bit.

Westerners might even need to send money to their Vietnamese wife before they even marry. Even with successful dating in the lead up to this, marrying Vietnamese singles can be a costly process. Sometimes, it can feel as though it costs the same as human trafficking, but this is a completely legal route.

Even the visa formalities could cost quite a bit. Expect it to cost several thousand dollars. A future wife is more than worth it, though.

Can I Really Meet Vietnamese Mail-Order Brides Online?

One notable question many people have is whether they can actually meet a Vietnamese mail order bride online. As unbelievable as it might seem, finding a Vietnamese wife online is actually quite possible. It could even be easier than many people think.

Plenty of websites specialize in helping Westerners find a Vietnamese bride. They’ll have quite a few people on these websites, all of which want to find Vietnamese brides. With technology being the way it is, finding a mail order bride has never been easier, no matter where they’re from.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Vietnamese Mail-Order Bride?

So, how much do Vietnamese brides actually cost? The dating process itself can be an expensive one, especially with dating platforms being involved, too. A lot of this starts with the dating experience itself.

There’ll be the cost of using the dating platforms, and eventually going to Vietnam to meet the Vietnamese woman being talked to, and even her family members. The flights and accommodation will cost several hundred dollars, plus the daily cost of food and drinks.

Then there’s actually marrying a Vietnamese girl. The ceremony itself costs anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. This includes the ceremony, traditional attire for it, and everything else. Vietnamese culture expects a lot of this to be done.

Expect marrying Vietnamese brides to cost over $20,000, once everything is included.

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Wrapping Up

Vietnamese brides can be some of the most appealing on the planet for more than a few reasons. Vietnamese girls are beautiful, smart, and so much more. It’s easy to see why so many people would want to marry them.

Actually, finding a woman and turning her into a Vietnamese wife can seem complicated, however. Thankfully, it isn’t.

Outside of going to Vietnam and looking for people who want to become Vietnamese brides, there are plenty of sites out there that can be used. These can often be the best way to find a Vietnamese woman who wants to become a Vietnamese bride for a foreigner.

With these, and a bit of time and effort, a Vietnamese bride could just be a few clicks away. At a minimum, there’ll be plenty of potential Vietnamese girls to talk to and get to know. They want to become Vietnamese brides, and there’s plenty of reasons to give it a go.

A Vietnamese mail order bride is waiting to be talked to. 

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