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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Using Medication Effectively for Premature Ejaculation

Vic Tan

Sexual disorder is one area in human health, which involves both physical and mental well-being.

Both males and females might experience sexual disorders at any point in their lifetime. However, the nature of their disorder varies one from another. In regards to male sexual disfunction, Premature Ejaculation or PE is one of the most commonly occurring forms.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

When a man experiences orgasm quickly followed by the early release of semen within moments of engaging in any sexual activity is generally termed as Premature Ejaculation or PE. An individual would be deemed as suffering from PE only if the ejaculation happens within fifteen to sixty seconds from the onset of sexual intercourse and the condition exists only over a period of more than six months.

If we study the process of ejaculation clinically, then it can be found that it consists of two primary actions, viz. 

●         Emission: This phase consists of fluid deposits from various glands and vesicles to the urethra.

●         Expulsion: This phase consists of various actions like bladder neck closure, rhythmic contractions of the urethra by multiple muscles, and finally the sphincter muscles’ relaxation resulting in the release of the seminal fluid.

Needless to mention, these actions are controlled by neural activity. The neurons responsible are located in the lower spinal cord of the human body.

Treating PE in the Correct Manner

Before we embark to understand the right way to use PE medication, we should learn about the probable causes. Just like any other sexual disorder, PE is also caused by three major factors: 

●         Psychological factors like performance anxiety, stress, etc.

●         Physiological causes like neurological, cardiovascular, genetic, etc. issues

●         Side effects to various kinds of medication 

As we understand the probable causes of PE, it is easy to decipher the best method to treat the disorder. While psychological causes may be treated without any tablets for premature ejaculation, for the other areas, medication is required if other ways like psychoanalysis and therapies do not work properly. The underlying theory to treat PE via medicines is the use of substances that increase the signaling of the hormone serotonin in the central nervous system aka the brain.

The classes of drugs that work effectively to combat PE are scientifically known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs in short. They work by inhibiting the reabsorption of the hormone serotonin thereby increasing its amount in the brain and delaying ejaculation greatly. The patients suffering from PE have shown satisfactory results after taking the medication. Studies have shown an ejaculatory delay ranging from six to twenty times.

The class of SSRI medications does not show immediate response upon their consumption. The effect is manifested usually from a week after starting the medications. If one is interested in prompt response then numbing agents like lidocaine to be applied on the tip as well as the shaft of the penis can be applied. The effects start usually within 15 minutes of the application of the medicine.

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