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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

How Can You Lower Your Utility Bills?

Milos Radakovic


How much is your utility bill? It may unfortunately be too much. Thankfully there are enough ways you can reduce it. We talked about them below.

Check for Leaky Faucets

You donít have to look hard to find a leaky faucet Ė almost all homes have them. There are several reasons to fix them. For one, the sound of the dripping can be annoying. But another reason would be that water is being wasted.

Over the period of a year, your water bill would be much more than it should be because of the leaking.

You can thankfully fix the issue yourself. All you need is a tool box and a tutorial online.

How Often Do You Use Hot Water?

Hot water can be expensive. If you want to reduce your utility bills, youíd get rid of your water heater. If this is something you canít do, why not limit how much time you use hot water for?

You could give your family a quota for using it, or make it something that should be used only when necessary.

Even if you donít use the heater much, it could still be running you a bill. It might be old - itís not energy efficient. Purchasing a new one could be pricey. But youíll be saving thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Rely on Natural Light

If you have a big home, youíre lucky; it could have a lot of windows. But are you using them to their fullest? Donít have dark curtains over them. There could be a lot of natural light coming in, eliminating the need for lamps and bulbs. This would cut your electricity bill by a lot.

If youíre in BC window companies are easy to find. You could swap the ones you have for larger options. More natural light would be able to flow in.

To save the most, work with larger shops. They offer the most competitive rates. If youíre thinking of working with Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, Edmonton office is especially known for the best prices.

How Much Heat Does Your Kitchen Produce?

When itís hot outside, donít use your oven much. The heat it would produce would circulate around your home, making it unbearable without an air conditioner. The thing is, running AC units are expensive. Think about making lighter foods like salads instead.  

Get Thick Curtains

With thick curtains, youíd be insulating the space; heat wouldnít easily be able to escape from your home. You wouldnít have to blast your heater when the weather is colder, as a result.

When itís summer, the insulation would not allow heat to enter either.

The windows that you own influence insulation as well. Get something made from vinyl or that has thick glass.

Running a home is not cheap. There are many ways you are spending more than you should. Thankfully, several things can be done to lower your utility bill, as you saw in our review. From the assortment, something that would lower the costs the most would be getting a new heater and insulating your home well.

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