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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


Andre Agassi Foundation for Education wants to transform public education in the United States through its school in Las Vegas. Preparing each student for college, Agassi Prep has a strong belief that measurement is required to make financial resources meaningful. Find out how you can give, donate, volunteer or sponsor.

Angeles de Amor Provides people with disabilities over 18 years of age with schooling, emotional support, training and career guidance in order that they become self-sufficient women and men. We aspire to be a center of education, comprehensive training and shelter where people with disabilities in vulnerable situations can live safe and respected. Tele: 967. 116. 0930 Email:  

BaNgaAfayo! Translated? It means, “Show you care” Sponsor a child in poverty, provide clean water, build a new community center. BaNgaAfayo offers education, health, nutrition, and community development programs that currently benefit approximately 300 children in Kayunga District in Uganda.  

Be a Mentor at Score There are 10,500 volunteer counselors who have more than 600 business skills. Volunteers are working or retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders who share their wisdom and lessons learned in business. 

Bill Poulos Presents The Profits Run Starfish Award Honoring those who do extraordinary things to help others do better in Life. Do you ever feel like you are drowning in negativity? That the news never gives you anything to hope for, or be excited about? CHECK OUT this page. BE INSPIRED. Nominate someone who is changing the world in a better way, one person at a time. 

The Black Sheep Inn  This eco lodge, located in Chugchilan, Ecuador, focuses on low impact tourism stays, famous for their composting toilets and organic coffee.  Private or dorm rooms available, but all showers and toilets are outside and shared.  Cheap prices by European or American city standards, but over priced for the area.  However, the owners do very much for the local townspeople including having started a Library complete with donated computers, and they provide presents for the children at Christmas time. Your money helps them to do these things and promotes their dream of eco tourism, vegetarian food, and improving the lives of indigenous people living there.  The owners have a good thing going on, and seem generous and open.  Recommended at least for a look see!

Charity: Water pledges 100% of public donations to directly fund clean water projects in developing countries. Be sure to watch this moving video of their work.

Colorado Haiti Project was founded in 1989 to extend aid to the poorest of the poor in a rural area called Petit Trou de Nippes, about 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince. They work in collaboration with the Priest-in-Charge, and a committee of community advisors, to help provide education, vocational training, health care, nutrition and clean water within the mission setting.

Cross-Cultural Solutions promises to “change the way you see other cultures.” Volunteers work in areas such as childhood education, infant and child care, improving the quality of life for seniors, the disabled and those affected with HIV/AIDS.

Doing Good... Says Who?: Stories from Volunteers, Nonprofits, Donors, and Those They Want to Help. This book explores the impact of good intentions from the inside. The authors conducted over 400 interviews and synthesized the lessons learned. The end result is that you are on the ground with volunteers, nonprofits, donors, and - most uniquely - the intended beneficiaries of good will.

Dining for Women Changing the world one woman, one girl, one dinner at a time. Their collective-giving model is proving that small contributions, aggregated together, can make a huge difference. This is especially true in the most impoverished areas of the world, where some subsist on less than $1 a week.

Dresses for Orphans Free dresses and shirts are made from Tee Shirts and sent to mission organizations in the United States who in turn take or send them to orphanages all over the world. You can partner with or volunteer to make these Tee shirts and dresses and make a young child feel special. It costs $5 to make a dress and $2.50 to make a special Tee Shirt for a young boy. For photos of the orphans, click here

Eco Tours & Travel Uganda help local farmers with environmental conservation.

Give A Day Global Empowering travelers to make a difference, supporting communities creating change, and connecting people as global citizens, one day at a time. For some personal stories, photos and videos, click on our story, Could You Volunteer for One Day? a guest post by Debbie Yeh.

Giving Back in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Observations from a resident living in SMA who is very active in that community.  

Global Volunteers Be the change in the world. Be a Global Volunteer. Short term volunteering, choose your program.   

Guide for Addicted Veterans and their Families Resource sections: Substance abuse, PTSD, Prescriptions drugs, Brain trauma, Sexual assault, Suicide risk, Recognize symptoms, Intervention, Treatment help.   

Heifer International This organization focuses on the simple idea of helping families in native cultures obtain a sustainable source of food and income rather than short-term relief. Their strategy is to “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

Humankind Water attacks the biggest physical problem in the world today: providing safe drinking water. The solution will involve digging wells, installing filtration and chlorinization systems, and, where appropriate and possible, harvesting the rain. 99% of the one billion people without clean water could be helped by one of those three applications. If everybody in America bought 10 bottles of HumanKind water, or simply donated $10, the problem could be eradicated.





International Volunteer Headquarters provides safe, quality and extremely affordable volunteering programs abroad in developing countries all over the world. Each year they place over 4000 people into their programs abroad and they have a wide range of volunteer travel opportunities. Volunteers can choose to work on projects for various periods of time ranging anywhere from one day to six months.

Kiva - Loans that change lives. Kiva lets you loan to specific entrepreneurs empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. Loans begin at $25.

Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic Are you a doctor? Dentist? Chiropractor? Medical School? Want to donate time in beautiful Panajachel, Guatemala helping the local population? Find out more.

Lemonade International Volunteer in Guatemala. Education, health access and job creation are imperative to providing sustainable solutions for the children and families who live in this country. this organization impacts the lives of more than 350 children every year, along with a thriving church community, a construction workshop, a microfinance program, and a safe home, providing a refuge for abandoned, abused and neglected children. 

Learning for Life Want to stay active after retirement? Share your expertise, wisdom and experience? Learning for Life offers seven programs designed to support schools and community-based organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully handle the complexities of contemporary society. Programs help youth develop social and life skills, assist in character and career development, and help youth formulate positive personal values. It prepares youth to make ethical decisions that will help them achieve their full potential.

Let's Be Ready  Preparing Guatemala's rural children to succeed in school. This program is small and very simple. They find graduated but unemployed teachers and offer to put them to work in their communities as preschool teachers. Their sponsors’ donation gives them a stipend each month and provides the classroom materials. The teachers have to find the space to hold the classes and manage all the relationships with parents and leaders in their community. These teachers are social entrepreneurs.  Read about Magic Classrooms here and here.  

Life Changing, Changing Lives by Lynn McClenahan. These beautiful women and children were living in various conditions, often with lots of family members in one room, many times without a flushing toilet, predictably with chickens, and a cow out back, and usually their small villages were far from grocery stores or medical help.  

Liter of Light wants to give the gift of light to those in need by turning waste plastic bottles into solar light bulbs. Learn how to make them, how to install them, and how to donate to the program. Instruction manual, videos.





Magic Classroom Bringing Education to Rural Villages   In Guatemala 40% of children do not make it through 1st grade. Retired American, Fred Zambroski saw this problem and took action by forming the non-profit charity Let’s Be Ready. Find out more.

Mayan Eco Homestead Eco-friendly learning center for malnourished Guatemalan families. 

Med Gift is a unique gift registry that also combines the benefits of social media and provides a community of support for patients. With an online listing of a patient’s specific Needs, Wants and Wishes during treatment and recovery, Med Gift is similar to any other gift registry. Find a patient and make a gift!

Meetup Do something, learn something, share something, change something. Book clubs, skiing, Italian classes, motorcycling groups. Search out your interests, find a group near you.

Miracles in Action Helping poor families to help themselves through education, vocation, and sustainable projects in rural Guatemala.   

Musicians on Call Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. Since 1999, they have performed for over 275,000 individuals and counting! Learn more about their programs and history. Volunteer and share your musical talent to help and heal.

Network for Living Abroad is community for sharing experience and advice for studying, working, volunteering or retiring abroad. Resources include links to other sites pertaining to expatriate life, in-country contacts, employment abroad, volunteer opportunities and more. Articles on specific countries, message board, classified ads and free e-zine.

OASIS is a national education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of adults age 50 and older through lifelong learning and service. Offering stimulating programs in the arts, humanities, health, technology and volunteer service, OASIS brings people together to learn, lead and contribute in their communities. You can also become a volunteer and teach others from your wellspring of experience.

Operation300 Protecting, defending, teaching and mentoring children of Fallen Soldiers. A registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization which hosts adventure camps for children who have lost their fathers as a result of military service and seeks to honor the families of the fallen. The camps provide an opportunity to participate in activities that embody the spirit of adventure that characterized the lives of their absent fathers while fostering a culture of courage, strength, freedom, endurance, and honor.  

Over 50 and Overseas Paid and volunteer work abroad? Peace Corps jobs in foreign countries? Short term international volunteer and work opportunities for baby boomers and seniors? Combine retirement with a new international career? Click on this site for more information. 


The Oaxaca Project  Helping kids with cancer in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in Southwest Mexico.

There are many volunteers over the age of 50 serving in the Peace Corps. In an article in USA Today, Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet noted that older volunteers bring different skills and experience. For more information, the Peace Corps set up a special site to specifically recruit 50-plus volunteers.

Paramedics for Children Changing lives through medical care, education and disaster relief. Serving Central America and the world since 1997. 

Peace Corps after 50 Reprinted with permission from David Jarmul. Before Champa and I joined the Peace Corps at the age of 63, people asked us how we’d feel to be surrounded by volunteers younger than our two sons. 

Planet Startup helps young adults in economically disadvantaged communities in remote areas of the planet, and within inner cities, to become leaders in their nations by starting and growing their own on-line companies. They offer Courses and On-Line Training at no charge, How to develop a business plan, and Leadership Development.    

Project Light Rwanda gives birth to a much-needed model of humanitarian aid that addresses basic survival needs, emotional healing, and economic self-sustainability. By developing heart-centered healing and leadership programs for traumatized youth, students, and humanitarians, we seek to shine LIGHT on one of the greatest human gifts that can unite us all—the power and resilience of the human spirit. - Dr. Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing and Project LIGHT

Projects Abroad sends 10,000 volunteers abroad each year providing service opportunities on five continents.

Saturday Academy Inc. non-traditional creative techniques are used to generate interest in middle and high school students to increase the number of young women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine disciplines in the future.

Somos Children's Village The Village has family homes and an organic farm within the small Kaqchikel community of Chivarabal in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. As an orphan prevention program, the Village supports widowed and single mothers who are at-risk of losing their children due to poverty and difficult living situations. Volunteer, donate. Email: Alicia Knox Tele: 502. 5524. 3584 Email: Gregorio Kemp Tele: 502. 4577. 4942 Skype: compassionfruit

Starfish empowers young women through education and mentorship to become leaders in their community. They invest in the education of rural Mayan adolescent girls who otherwise would have no education beyond 6th grade. Studies show that the educated girl transforms herself, her family, her community, and her world.

Stress Project Veterans can receive help for PTSD. Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel are returning from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat zones. An estimated 300,000 of them suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Thousands of lives are ruined by alcohol and drug addiction, mental illness, suicide, and spousal abuse. Please help. 

The Peace Corps provides a wonderful way to give back, no matter what your age. and to gain valuable benefits yourself. Many older volunteers find their age to be an asset while serving overseas. There is no upper age limit to serve, and if you are worried about Social Security or medical benefits, check out their site for more information.

Tiger Woods Foundation offers a character development program for youth 8-17. Tiger's Action Plan addresses three priorities: character education, volunteer service and career exploration. Teachers and group leaders can obtain a ready-to-go curriculum, and individuals can participate in the program by visiting his site or calling 1-866-916-GOAL. Make a difference, add meaning to your retirement years.

Volunteer Forever Volunteer abroad, teach abroad, intern abroad.  

Volunteer World Compare 1,076 volunteer abroad programs. They connect you with the world's best volunteer projects abroad.  

WeGuatemala The network of non profits and international aid in Guatemala. We can make the change. Together.   

World Vision World Vision is a Christian humanitarian charity organization dedicated to working with children, families, - close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world - World Vision serves all people, regarddlesss of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Have questions? See their FAQ's

Young Life doesn't start with a program. It starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don't happen overnight - they take tie, patience, trust and consistency. Find out more.

Unlocking the "Girl Effect" in Guatemala

Starfish One by One Empowers Young Women

Turning Trash into Beauty

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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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