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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Single Traveler  

17 Safety Tips for Solo Travelers Traveling alone? Be sure to read these tips and be prepared!

50plus Expeditions is an adventure travel company specializing in active trips to exotic destinations for travelers 50 and over.

Adventure Life is a company of travelers with a passion for sharing the world with others. Offers a roommate matching service.  

AdventureWomen Unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30. For women traveling solo, or with their sisters, mothers, daughters, partners and friends. Personal journeys of the heart.    

Boldly Go Solo How to set out solo, but not travel alone: Trips, tips and ideas for the active traveler.    

Bright Future Global Tours provides authentic and affordable travel to groups of 4 to 12 individuals. Sign up for Women's Writing and Cultural tours, Language Learning tours and cultural immersion.

Connecting... Solo Travel Network is a not-for-profit, international organization of individuals interested in sharing going-solo-tips, news about single-friendly trips, and in promoting hospitality and good will among solo travelers everywhere. If you are divorced, widowed, married to spouses who don't care to travel, or we're just plain single, take a look at this site.

Digital Nomad List has interesting data on cost of living and quality of life by a variety of measures for cities around the world. You can search just on cost of living, best cities if you’re a single guy (or girl), cheapest, safest (for women), and where you can make the most on Airbnb. They have a list of best cities to work from home which they call their digital nomad list based on “internet speed, cost of living, weather and fun.”

Elderhostel/Road Scholar Discover more than 8,000 learning adventures in all 50 states and more than 90 countries abroad. Road Scholar has been a leader in educational travel since 1975 and offers in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning experiences for almost every interest and ability. History, culture, nature, music, outdoor activities such as walking and biking, individual skills, crafts, study cruises - enjoy these and many more travel opportunities with Road Scholar.

Finding Love After 50 Author and syndicated columnist Tom Blake is the authority on finding love after 50, providing information and advice for widowers, widows, divorced men, divorced women, middle-aged singles, boomer singles and senior singles. Lonely? Want to find a mate? Find answers on this website and from Tom's weekly newsletter. See also: Finding Love After 60     

Fodor's Travel Talk  Are you a solo traveler? Want to find about a country where you have never been? Try the travel forums at Fodor's Travel Talk to get useful information from those who have been there.

Girl About the Globe A guide to solo female travel for the conscious traveler with everything you need to travel smarter, independently and ethically. Use for pre-planning your trip, for tips and inspiration when you’re abroad or for something that little bit different.  

Global Finance  World's Safest Countries - Some nations experience earthquakes and hurricanes frequently, others have high crime or protracted wars—which countries are safest? Global Finance has answers.

GoAheadTours Travel is the best way to learn about the world. Go Ahead Tours is the world’s largest private education company, drawing on over 50 years of experience and a rich network of local Tour Directors, historians, and experts to create one-of-a-kind journeys for curious travelers. Each trip offers the perfect balance of carefully planned activities and free time to explore your interests, so you’ll return home with memories that last a lifetime.  

Grasshopper Adventures offers Bicycle, Trekking and Photography tours and unique journeys in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam. Every tour is specially crafted with the goal of getting you out into a country to truly experience everything that makes it tick - the good the bad and the smelly. They also focus on having a positive impact on the country that you are visiting.

Hana Can Handle It! As a couple, we are fortunate to share our love of travel together. But what if you are single, or your spouse prefers the comforts of home to the challenge of adventure? Hana Marley has been journeying around the world on her own for decades, both before and after she was married. An experienced traveler, she shares her insight, tips and humor in our interview with her at the above link.




Health Information for Independent Travelers Vivian Harvey - I’m never sick, and, completely discounting the fact that I’m now 75, it never occurred to me that I would need to have this information on hand.

How Travel Prepares You for the Unexpected  Travel is often dealing with the unknown, and things can change quickly. There really isn’t any “normal,” only adjusting to what is, and having a plan in, out, or around.  

Journey Woman is the premier travel resource for women. Safety tips, travel secrets, guide services, what to pack, spas, cruises. Women friendly cities,  traveling with children, going it alone.  Free newsletter.

Lonely Planet Travel Forum Pick a country, find traveling companions, learn from others who have gone before you.  

Loners on Wheels In the RV world, where singles mingle. An international RV Club of single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, RV caravanning and the camaraderie and lifestyle of singles; not a matchmaking or dating service - offers companionship and support, forums, events.

Mailbox - Need a Mailing Address in the U.S.? Try This! - The best prices in the industry, threee plans from which to choose. View your mail online from anywhere in the world or have them send you the physical mail to any address you choose.

Maple Leaf Adventures offers small ship cruises that feature the natural and cultural history of Alaska and Canada's west coast. Roommate matching service. 

Must-See Places in Mexico Mexico is a huge country and it's hard to know where to go if you only have a limited time to visit this nation. Some people prefer the beaches, some might want to take advantage of the culture, history and international restaurants, and others could consider emigrating to spend their retirement years there. Below are must-see towns and cities along with useful notes to help you get an idea of what Mexico offers.   

OAT Travel  Overseas Adventure Travel - you can discover the world in a small group on either land or sea.  Small groups allow for more intimate, and authentic, encounters with local life and provide a level of spontaneity and camaraderie that simply isn’t possible in larger groups.

Otts World Off the beaten path travel destinations, and life experiences of a single female world wanderer.

Pink Pajama Traveling Club is a luxury travel club, exclusively for women.  Our members are looking for special travel experiences, including great itineraries, beautiful accommodations, terrific cuisine, fun fellowship, and safe and attentive customer service.

SafeAround Designed and thought for travellers, SafeAround has gathered data from numerous sources in order to give each country and city a safety rating.   

Servas is an an international network of hosts and travelers. Members may host other members who are travelers and travelers may stay in other members' homes.   

Shoestring Backpacking offers great travel tips, money saving ideas, and personal insights written in a captivating, engaging, fun style. Whether you are young, single and with a small travel budget or simply looking for some solid travel advice that will help you save money, check with Hana!

Sixty and Me  Women over 60 are known for having a spirit of adventure. If you’ve wanted to travel and explore new countries, take an adventure tour, go on a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise, relax with a yoga retreat, or even just see more of the attractions in the region where you live, now is a great opportunity to make your travel dreams a reality.

Single Women's Travel offers unique itineraries with 3-Star quality hotels and personal guides. If you are over 50 with a passion for travel, click on this site.

Smarter Travel for Seniors If you are on the go and prefer a mainstream travel theme with tempting deals on heavily discounted transportation, sign up for the free Senior Travel E-Newsletter.

Solo Traveler Tips for the solo traveler, destinations, stories, newsletter, handbook.    

Solo Travel Girl Culinary travel, Nature travel, Solo travel.     

The Transition Network is a site for women who are embracing change after 50. If you are looking for a new perspective, a new opportunity, or to connect with diverse and interesting women, check out this site.  

Travel Girls Find a travel mate today! This is not an escort service but is geared to good natured people who like to travel.





Travel Language Guides by World Nomads Learn basic travel phrases in 25 different languages including Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Swahili & Nepali. FREE downloads for iPhones and MP3s. MSNBC recently rated the language guide series the #1 freebie language App for iPhones.  

Traveling by Knight An extraordinary benefit of being world travelers, is getting to know other world travelers. A few years ago, we met Dale Knight in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and as usual, he was just passing through on his way to someplace else. This time to Pai, a small village five mountainous hours from Chiang Mai. There, he adopted a Lisu Hill Tribe family whom he regularly visits to bring small gifts or offer other monetary support. Read our Interview with Dale at above link.

Traveling Mailbox View your postal mail online anywhere in the world with an online postal mailbox. Receive your mail and parcels anywhere in the world with our mail forwarding options. Open and scan, forward, or shred. - Securely view your mail online anywhere! 

Travel Sickness? Try Motiioneaze For a world traveler, my particularly prickly nuisance is getting motion sick.

Travel Sites Travel guides, tips, photos, packing lists, travel insurance, travel search engines, travel accessories. 

Wanderlust and Lipstick focuses on women travelers. There are travel stories and tips. You can join a tour, or learn about the best travel gear. Take a look.

Wave Journey Women's adventures, vacations and experiences. 

Women Travel the World Around the world women are offering accommodation in B&Bs, Lodges, Hotels, and Pensions. Get involved in a local community by doing work in exchange for lodging.

Women on the Road  If you are a single woman who loves to travel, you must take a look at this site. Sign up for their free monthly newsletter for tips, information and travel suggestions. Learn from other women travelers, find jobs while overseas, or volunteer.  

Women Welcome Women World Wide If you are a woman who likes to travel, this site may be for you. Make friends in foreign lands or around the corner. Travel to far away places or have a woman stay in your home. Imagine having a network of friends wherever you go - having another woman to meet you at the airport when you arrive in a new country, for example, is reassuring in a land far from home. Membership required.

About the Authors

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, medical tourism and world travel. With the wealth of information they share on their award winning website, they have been helping people achieve their own retirement dreams since 1991. They wrote the popular books, The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible available on their website bookstore or on

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