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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Philippine Fun

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli


Jeepneys are a common mode of transport in Metro Manila, home to 10 million people.


Roxas Boulevard in the Ermita area, Manila. The ocean is to the left. In such a crowded, bustling city, a bit of nature is much appreciated.


Another common mode of transport is the 'tricycle'. For P7 per person you can go for a decent distance in the city.

This one is man powered and he looks ready and willing!






Rizal Memorial in Rizal Park, a real oasis in crowded, noisy Manila. The changing of the guard happens every couple of hours. The park has flowers, fountains, Japanese and Chinese gardens, wide lawns, a chess playing area and music! On Sundays this park is a favorite with the locals for picnics and family time.

Another style of tricycle, powered by a motorcycle. Convenient, available, affordable. When it's raining, the side flaps are rolled down.


The chess area in Rizal Park. Notice the towel that the player in the center is wearing on his head. All throughout The Philippines, vendors came up to us to sell us these 'head towels'. Certainly a high fashion way to keep the sun or rain off one's head!


Boats are lined up in the city of Dumaguete on the island of Negros. The island of Cebu is in the background. As you can imagine, island life is very connected to the sea.


Beef caldreta, the lunch special at Annabelle-Jean's in Dumaguete. Price is P95, just a little over $2USD. We enjoyed our meal with a full sea view from our table.


While eating dinner at Lab-as seafood restaurant in Dumaguete, we met a family at the next table. The Filipinos are so warm and  friendly, that we were immediately invited to their home on the other side of the island for the Maskaras festival! Here, their children pose for a photo.


While on tropical islands, we take advantage of the marvelous seafood available. Fresh, vibrant, and everywhere!


As you know, many fish lose their coloring when taken from the sea. Here, you see the exotic brilliant turquoise of local fare. These fish sell for about $1.70USD per kilo.


Friendly Dumaguete locals free-dive for tasty sea urchins. They remove the outer shells then take them to town for sale.


Companionship and music are Filipino riches cultivated in youth. The sea is right behind this church.


The early morning streets of Dumaguete. The spine of these mountainous islands are seen in the background.


The South Sea Resort Hotel, about 2.5 kilometers from our hotel. P10 per person on a tricycle will get you there!


We had shrimp cakes, beverages, and this delectable seaweed salad for a light lunch at the resort.





Fresh fruit and friendly smiles are everywhere! It's hard not to fall under Filipino charm...


This sea view walkway is a relaxing place for families to have picnics and share music. Many restaurants line up on the other side of the road offering this restful view. The yellow and blue building in the center is Bethel Guest House.


Ferries are another essential mode of transport island-to-island. We took this Oceanjet ferry to Cebu City from Dumaguete for P800 each.

The largest tourist attraction in Cebu City is Magellan's Cross. Pieces of the original cross brought across the ocean by Magellan are housed inside this hollow cross. This Spanish world explorer is credited for bringing Christianity to the Philippine islands in 1521.


Transport in the Philippines is often done in small stages. We took a ferry from Negros Island to Cebu City, a plane ride to Kalibo, this bus from Kalibo to Caticlan and finally, a ferry to the island of Boracay.

Sailing away in the quiet sunset hours on Boracay. Certainly a little piece of paradise and worth the effort to arrive here!


So many tricycles, so little time! We took these daily to our favorite beach of Diniwid on the island of Boracay.


Take our word for it. The Filipinos welcome you to their country! Family and fun is the order of the day.

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