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In 1991 Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. Now, into their 4th decade of this financially independent lifestyle, they invite you to take advantage of their wisdom and experience.

Care Facilities in Mexico

Costs of Popular Medicines in Chapala, Mexico

This is by no means an exhaustive list on care facilities in Mexico, but it will give you an idea of what is available. If you are interested in hospitals, clinics, dentists and emergency services, see below.

Independent Living, Convalescent Care, Assisted Living 

Look below for a variety of care options, from active adults to those with Alzheimers and dementia problems. You might need wound care, companionship or assistance after surgery. Or, perhaps you would like to invest in a community which would allow you to move into continuous care if you should ever need it.

In-Home Care Options - In addition to assisted living, there are a variety of in-home care services Lakeside, including registered nurses and trained caretakers. Some expats make informal private arrangements with a trusted caregiver. For example, one couple who both have chronic conditions, but are able to be alone in their home at night. They have a full-time caregiver who for ~$800 USD per month does all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, errands and personal care. (This is not a baseline price, merely an example of one such arrangement.)

Alicia's Convalescent Complex, Ajijic, Mexico

Alicia's Convalescent Complex

Alicia's Convalescent Complex - Currently there are 3 convalescent homes designed for ambulatory Guests. Fully equipped with a kitchen, laundry and other facilities for group living. A staff of nurses and maids are on hand to attend to clients. Daily meals, laundry, cleaning service, 24 hour care. Tele: from the US or Canada: 011-52-376-766-3152. For an inside look and more information click on our article here: Alicia's Convalescent Complex  Email:

The Blue Home Assisted Living, Jocotepec, Mexico - opened in July of 2019, The Blue Home Assisted Living facility is privately owned and operated by Nurse Maria Fernanda Blas who holds a specialty degree in Geriatrics. Her co-owner/partner is a nutritionist, Abraham Chávez who has a specialty degree in Food Science and Client Services. English-speaking, pet friendly, affiliated with local clinics and doctors can come on-site for care. Cell Phone: 33. 1228. 6776.  OR Cell Phone: 33. 1039. 1321 E-mail: 

The Blue House Address: Paseo de La Colina 64, Ajijic, Mexico, La Floresta, Ajijic, Jalisco, México Email: The facilty is run by Dr. Martinez, who speacializes in geriatric and dementia care. The doctor caters to primarily patients who suffer from dementia related issues. Monthly Cost: $1300 USD for ambulatory and $1500 for non-ambulatory. English Speaking Personnel.

Casa Anastasia Care Home 73B Hidalgo, Riberas del Pilar (next to Clinica Mascaras), Chapala, Jal. 45900 765-5680 - cell 333 452 5864. There are 8 lower units, 3 upper units and 2 "suites" with kitchen for a couple. Very nicely done. Brand new with elevator, pets allowed. Elevators, whether they have a pneumatic elevator or hydraulic elevator design, are a great convenience for individuals in wheelchairs or other disabilities. There's a hot tub, therapy tub, and pool. 24/7 nursing care, daily exercise programs.

La Casa Azul - The Blue House Assisted Living and Nursing Home owned by Dr. Martinez who is a gerontologist. Medical and nursing services 24 hours, no extra charge. Check vital signs twice a day 24/7 Tele: 376. 766. 3558 or 376.766.1256 or 376.766.1695. Email:

Casa Cieneguita, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Casa Cieneguita

Casa Cieneguita - assisted living facility specializing in memory care. High level of 24-hour geriatric care with a wide variety of innovative therapies for those who are suffering from dementia diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other degenerative illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, among others. Holistic, integrative and gerontological medical approach provided by our medical director, with more than 38 years of experience in geriatric medicine in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Our service philosophy is based on humanism, dedication and love which assure that all of our residents receive a constant quality of care, dignity of life and compassion. Medical team of nurses and caregivers are under constant supervision and training in the latest techniques of geriatric care given by our medical director.

La Casa Nostra Nursing Home/Assisted Living  24 hour nursing staff, weekly doctor visits, free local transportation, meals, medication management, massage. Santa Monica #22 Riberas Del Pilar. Telefono 376. 765. 4187 Fax: 376. 765. 5142, Email:

La Casa Nostra, Riberas, Mexico

La Casa Nostra

Casa de Descanso For rooms to rent in a secure and serene location for older adults. Tele: 3161.6339 and 1290.7964. Vereda de los Jazmines #32. On the Carretera in Chapala.

Casa Zoe  Chapala jaisco Cielo vista 45920 Chapala, JAL México, Tele: 33 1574 2583 Open 24 hours. Physical activity according to the capabilities of each person, e.g., swimming, hydro-massage, exercise. Occupational and recreational therapy with entertaining games in and outside the house, e.g., visits to the movies, theatre, walks on the boardwalk, and volunteering opportunities among others. Balanced nutrition, cleaning and laundry services.  

Cielito Lindo Assisted Living - a retirement community with independent living services, tennis, thermal water pools, gym. Can provide some level of assistance in the comfort of your own home. For 24/7 care, memory center serves people with medical or cognitive conditions and dementias such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsons, MS, vascular dementia, aphasia and others. Located in San Miguel de Allende.





El Chante Assisted Living - Each of the bedrooms has its own spacious bathroom with all necessary safety features recently installed. The monthly cost is $1,700 which includes three meals a day and two snacks, 5x per week room cleaning, laundry service and dispensing of medications. Each resident has a walkie talkie in their room so that they can call for help at any time. Calle Ribera del lago #160, El Chante, Tel: 387 763 2555, Cell 332 163 2309 E-mail:

Happiness Care Residence Santa Clara #504 Riberas del Pilar, Ajijic, Chapala. One and a half Blocks Mountain Side Across from Pemex-OXXO M.D. Rebeca Arroyo V.Email: Tele: +52 (33) 3137 9604  

Lakeside Care - provides medical monitoring, wound care, diabetes care, rehabilitative therapies, feeding tube support, respiratory care, bathing, transportation, housekeeping, respite care. Owned by nurse Sara Vega. Email:

Mi Casita González Gallo #70 San Antonio Tlayacapan, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico Tele: 376-106-2081 Email: For a list of services and pricing, click here.    

Pariso Retirement Home - recommended for compassionate care. Paseo de la Loma #80, La Floresta, Ajijic, Email: Tele: 376. 766. 2365.

La Pueblita

La Pueblita

La Pueblita - offers active adult living amenities, on-site medical facility, both apartments and cottages, pets welcome.

Mi Casita - Nursing Home and Assisted Living Center González Gallo #70, San Antonio Tlayacapan, 45915 Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico Tele: 376-106-2081. List of detailed services here. Depending on the level of care required, our fees range from $1,500 to $2,000 US dollars per month. Fees include walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen equipment and transportation to off-site medical appointments, as needed.  

Namaste Community

Namaste Community  Namaste Lake Chapala in Ajijic, Mexico is a vibrant spiritual community founded by NY Times bestselling author James Twyman. Namaste Lake Chapala is divided into three section: The Village, The Garden, and The Forest.  Email:  

Nursing Home Lake Chapala

Nursing Home Lake Chapala  -  Surgery recovery and day care available. Friendly bilingual staff and nursing care 24/7. Doctor on call 24/7. View of Lake Chapala. Individual rooms with bathroom. Healthy meals, WiFi, Elevator. Tele:  (376) 766 0404 Address: Paseo Del Lago #282 Colonia Riberas Del Pilar Email:

OHANA Assisted Living

OHANA - Assisted Living at Lake Chapala address: 6 La Paz Street in San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco Tele:  (01387) 761 0403 * VOIP (510) 229 3682 Long or Short Term Care For as low as $1500 usd a month Includes the care, a room and your food, and even sometimes entertainment, parties and activities. The Owners Alonzo and Ana are very caring people and take care of their residents like they are their own family. Email:  Ana Cristina Palacios Campos R.N. Geriatric Care Specialist cel. 331-549-1978 Alonzo Garcia Romero R.N. Geriatric Care Specialist 331-495-6167 Calle la Paz #6 San Juan Cosala 387-761-0403

Penthouse Living-in-Community Address: #54 Avenida del Pilar, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, México, Email: Not an assisted living facility, but rather independent living in community. US Tel: 505 990 5523 Mexico Tel: 376 765 4521 Mexico Cel: 331 363 5580; 331-330-1050

Rancho La Salud CoHousing Carretera Chapala Jocotepec 1259, Ajijic, Jalisco. CP: 45820. México Mobile: + ( 52 ) 333-505-9994 Phone: + ( 52 ) 376-766-0608 Email: A Green Sustainable CoHousing community. Not a Care Facility.

Ron's Lakeside Care Assisted Living, Nursing Care, Dementia Care, Hospice. See their detailed services here. Pricing is $1,,400 - $2,000USD per month. Mailing Address Lakeside Care Lista de Correos Jocotepec, Jalisco Mexico 45800 Tele: Mexico: 011 52 331 406 5253.

Shangri-La-Retirement Living Facility - English-speaking owned and operated. Conveniently located, home-cooked meals, family-oriented, short and long term stays. Ramon Corona #169, San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico. Tele: 376. 766. 1359, Cell: 331. 218. 2375

La Valentina Senior Residence Community

La Valentina

La Valentina Senior Residence Community  - Carr.#905, North La Cristina, Tele: 376. 766. 5179, Cell 045. 333.157. 5242, Email: Meals, massage, medical supervision, spa tub for exercise, activities, housekeeping, laundry services, transportation, apartments with mini-fridge and microwave, community dining room, kitchen.


Medical & Fitness

There are pharmacies everywhere. If you have an issue do not be afraid to use them first, BEFORE seeing a Doctor. Chances are they have seen these symptoms before and know the remedy, and the speak English.

Doctors, Dentists, Clinics, Emergency

ChapalaMed is located in Chapala at Hidalgo #239, 45900 Chapala, Jalisco. This clinic offers a wide range of services from Women and Men's health care, to pulmonary, gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular problems, behavioral disorders, ear, nose and throat disorders and more. Telephone: (376. 765. 7777, Cell: 331. 605. 9645 From the U.S. 312. 912. 9087 Email: English speaking.

Chapala Red Cross (Cruz Roja) - 065 - National Emergency, Chapala Office Phone: (376) 765-2553. 24 Hour Support (376) 765- 2308. The Chapala Red Cross operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and serves more than 140,000 people living and visiting in numerous small villages on the north and south shores of Lake Chapala.

Clinica y Farmacia Maskaras --- Located at Hildalgo #79-G in Riberas del Pilar, Dr. Carlos Garcia has a 24 hour emergency and ambulance service, 22 specialists, radiology services, a laboratory, a dentist service, a full farmacia and a bilingual staff. This Clinica serves as Chapala's town hospital. Telefono: 765-4805, Fax 765-4838, and the Farmacia 765-5827. Discount Health Program

Dr. Victor Manuel Garcia Diaz Morelos  #154 in Chapala, 013. 765. 2320/ 765. 2424 Trained in both Western and Eastern styles of medicines. General practitioner, acupuncturist. His wife is a podiatrist in the same building.

Dental Express Ajijic Carretera Poniente #368, Rancho del Oro, Ajijic Tele: 045. 331. 121. 6518 Email: Patient centered care, excellent prices. Teeth cleaning for 150Pesos. English spoken, ask for Dra. Elena Chavez.

Dentista - Maria de Lourdes Barajas Chavez, #467 Ave. Madero near the bus station. Monday - Friday. 765.2800, Popular dentist in town, reasonably priced. Does good work. Speaks English. Recommended.

Hector Haro, DDS, graduate of Maryland, Paty Ascencio, DDS #83 San Luis Street, Riberas Del Pilar, Chapala - Ajijic Area Telefono: 376-765-3193, 765-6974, 765-6410. Cosmetic dentistry, bleaching, porcelain crowns, crown & bridge, dental implants.





Lakeside Emergency Response System For a forum discussion on the Emergency Response System and how it functions in the Lake Chapala area. For a printable PDF file for basic emergency phrases, click here. For the more comprehensive information, buy the book, Emergency Medical Spanish

Hospitals - Guadalajara

Americas Hospital Av. Americas 932, Guadalajara,Jalisco, Telefono 01-33-3817-3141 & 3817-3004 email: all major insurance companies in the US, staff US  trained, private rooms with telephone, bathroom, and cable TV.

Hospital Bernardette Hildago #930 Zona Centro, C.P. 4200 Guadalajara, Jalisco Telefono: 01-33-3825-4365. More than 40 years of experience, hospital certified by Mexican Health Department, part of the prestigious Cardiovascular Institute of Guadalajara. Accepts International Insurances.

Hospitals of interest for the non-insured are:

Hospital Civil "Fray Antonio Alcalde" (Viejo)
Calle Hospital #278 (urgencias adultos)
Calle Hospital #310
Calle Coronel Calderón #777 (urgencias pediatría)
Colonia Centro, Guadalajara

Tele: 33 3614 5501
Urgencias Adultos: ext. 174
Urgencias Pediatría: ext. 201

Medicina Interna Adultos: ext 212
Terapia Intensiva Adultos: ext. 201
Consulta Externa: ext. 226
Cardiolgía: ext. 212
Trabajo Social: 33 3614 5801 ext. 177

Hospital Civil "Dr. Juan I. Menchaca" (Nuevo)
Salador de Quevedo y Zubieta #750, S.L.

Tele: 33 3618 9362

For trauma, you can also go to one of two Cruz Verdes that offer orthopedic and trauma service.

Cruz Verde - Francisco Ruíz Sánchez
Antonio Tello Nº 215 (entre calle 52 y Medrano)
Col Medrano
Zona Olímpica

Tele: 33 1201 8401

Cruz Verde - Jesús Delgadillo Araujo
Mariano Barcenas Nº 997 Esq. Privada Veracruz
Col. Alcalde Barranquitas
Zona Centro

Tele: 33 1201 7200

For Poisoning and overdoses, there is a special Cruz Verde. While the Cruz Roja does handle overdoes, scorpion stings etc., this Cruz Verde does only intoxication (drugs, scorpion, spider, snakes, etc). At this moment, the Cruz Roja (and Clinica municipal) do not have any spider anti-venom, thus you would go to this place:

Centro Regional de Información y Atención Toxicológica (C.R.I.A.T.)
Av. Los Angeles, esq. Analco
Unidad Administrativa Reforma, Col. Las Conchas
C.P. 44460, Guadalajara, Jalisco



Contacto Institucional
Dr. Alberto Iram Villa Manzano
Tel. Directo (333) 669.1338
Tel. Conmutador (333) 669.1320 al 25, Ext. 1338

Alternative Health Options

Massage Therapist, highly recommended by forum members at Chapala Web Board Forum. Lupe on Lopez Cotilla #202, (tele: 765.5672) Charges 120 Pesos an hour.

Chapala Health Barbara Rotthaler offers alternative health treatments, holistic practice, homeopathy, health lectures and more. Located in San Antonio, she can be reached at the following telephone number in Mexico: 01-376 766-1987

Club Oxigen Hotel Danza del Sol, Ocampo 151 Ajijic Telefono 766-5005, Tai Chi, yoga, pilates, aerobics, step, physical training, weights, water aerobics zumba, boot camp, ballroom & salsa, kid's programs, tennis, sauna, hi-speed internet

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