When preparing for retirement and what you will do with your time after you leave the working world, it’s helpful to have tools handy. Below you will find our Preferred Links Pages with links to everything from financial tools to volunteer organizations.

Preferred Links Pages

Calculators, Worksheets – Tools and calculators to analyze your monetary situation in all areas of living.

Financial Education – Forums, newsletters, sites to learn about investing, articles about money, market quotes.

Housing – Alternatives, retirement communities, walk-able cities, living car-free, aging in place, women in community, trading homes, real estate pricing, renting, RVing.

Lifestyle Choices – Simplify your life, save money, learn something new, choose a walk-able city, be car-free.

Medical Insurance and Health Insurance Options – Health insurance options, private, national, international and Medicare. Learn how to save on medical bills. Health and wellness resources.

Medical Self-Education – Telemedicine, Health library, nutrition, prevention and wellness, communications network between doctors and patients, learn how to save on medical bills, more…

Medical Tourism – Expatriate medicine guide, benefits of medical tourism, international dentists, hospitals, clinics, insurance, high standards of accreditation, Johns Hopkins affiliates.

Medical Alternative Care – Bio-nutrition, Naturopathic Doctors, sports medicine, preventative care, leading edge medical approaches.

Newsletters, Online Courses, Blogs, Radio Shows – Educate yourself, stretch your dollars, travel, find your perfect retirement spot, have fun!

Recommended Reading – Financial books, travel books and guides…

Relocation – How to find great retirement spots, retirement overseas, aging in place, women in community.

Retirement Jobs – Part time, seasonal, dream jobs, adventure jobs, working from home, mentoring in retirement, freelance.

Transport – Boat liveaboards, walk-able towns, living car-free.

Travel and Hotel Information – Our first hand hotel and travel information, travel stories and photos.

Travel Housing Options – Housing on the road, RVing, long-term stays, global house exchange, vacation rentals, apart-hotels, hostels.

Travel Sites – Travel guides, tips, photos, packing lists, travel insurance, travel search engines, travel accessories, traveling with children.

Traveling Singles – Travel clubs, Elderhostel/Road Scholar, Loners on Wheels, international travel, women travelers, yoga retreats and classes.

Volunteer – Foundations, mentoring sites, helping children, local, international, teach, learn, give.


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