Ways to Make the World a Better Place for Your Grandkids

Anne Davis

The thought of making the world a better place can be daunting. However, if everyone simply did a single thing to make a difference, generosity, social responsibility, and untold acts of kindness would be happening – and that could be just what it takes to alter the world. 

What if making the world a better place could be done simply by making one small change? To that end, here’s a quick look at a few ways to leave the world better than when we found it for our children and grandchildren.

Sustainable Flossing

We all floss, right? At least, we’re supposed to. Why not do it more sustainably by using silk floss? Not only is the floss made from a material that’s 100% compostable, but the tube it comes in is also made from glass that’s recyclable. Using a product without the plastic floss and container means that even something as simple as flossing can be making the earth a better place. You can find sustainable floss and other products at any online Zero Waste store.

The Gift of Advice

We could all get some good things from the memories and advice of our forefathers. Give this gift to your children and grandchildren in the form of a legacy journal. Not only will you be passing down family stories and memories, but you’ll also be giving them life advice at the same time. Just think, if everyone did that, how much better could the world be?


Volunteering at a local school can also make a vast difference. Whether or not you have a child or grandchild in school, they’re the future of this world, as we all know. Spending a bit of time assisting them with reaching their total potential by taking part in one of their after-school programs, mentoring, or tutoring can go a long way towards improving the world of tomorrow.

Teaching Respect

Teach your kids to respect each other and our fellow man. Allow them the opportunity to consciously realize that each homeless person they see is, in fact, a human being. Through circumstances beyond their own control or even through the choices they themselves made, they wound up in the condition they’re in. However, they’re still part of the human race. Greet them warmly, say hello. This might bring a bit of healing to their heart and heal the world a single person at a time. Regardless of their social standing, treat everyone as an equal.

Go Easy on the Paper

If you still read a newspaper, read it online as opposed to having one delivered. Our forests are disappearing at a rate that’s alarming. Save them by using less paper. Send emails as opposed to letters. Use a map on your phone instead of printing one out to follow. Use reusable shopping bags as opposed to paper ones.

Finally, be generous and teach your children and grandchildren to be generous as well. It can be simple to be a bit selfish when it comes to our resources, money, and time. We tend to get a bit caught up when it comes to those societal expectations that are material-driven. Be a bit more generous and notice how things change. Just stop and listen as a friend tells you what’s going on in their lives, read to the kids at your library, buy a cup of coffee for someone. The chances are excellent that being generous will actually energize you and make you feel like you are making a positive change in the world around you.

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