Life Insurance for Elderly with Major Health Issues

Generally, people think that their life shall be perfect before getting a life insurance. But is it necessary? Yes, there may be some conditions which disqualify you for life insurance but not all.

Also, many insurance policies providing aid with health issues don’t need you to have a medical examination and questionnaire about your health. So, don’t lay down your hopes; there are plenty of options available in the market.

What to Do During Serious Health Concerns?

In many cases of life insurance with health issues, it is possible. Some medical conditions require you to have a simple disclosure.

At the same time, some medical conditions require you to undergo special screening like an ECG or EKG, testing for tumors and, blood tests, and records of your prescription drugs.

You might also need to pay a higher premium for some special medical conditions and avoiding any medical exam is another option named as guaranteed acceptance life insurance, find more  at Seniors Life Insurance Finder.

Can Health Affect the Price Premium of Insurance?

Health is not the only factor used to determine your life insurance premium. Other factors are like the length of time you want coverage, the amount of coverage you need, your current lifestyle, and your age and sex are also important.

Different types of life insurance policies need different types of medical examinations and related questions.

They might check your current health status and history, family health history, all to assess the risk of your passing away prematurely. The rule is the lower the risk, the lower your premium.

What Kind of Health Conditions Can Affect My Ability to Take a Life Insurance?

Here is a partial risk of the health conditions that might affect your ability to take life insurance and increase your price premium size.

High Blood Pressure

1 in 3 adults has high blood pressure in America, calculating the size concerning population that’s more than 80 million, it’s one of the leading health issues presented by applicants.

High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, etc. So, your blood pressure may affect the number of your premiums.

But if you are efficiently managing your blood pressure, it could positively affect your risk assessment.

High Cholesterol

A prevalent health condition in the states, affects 1 in 3, diseases like coronary heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and a plethora of others can be caused by it. If it is getting managed by a physician and an active, healthy lifestyle, life insurance companies often look favorably.

But the problem is high cholesterol generally has no symptoms. So it’s generally not found until tested, but if you know about it, discuss a treatment regime with a medical professional before applying for insurance.


Generally, people think that being obese makes you ineligible for life insurance. At the same time, it’s a fact that being obese puts person at large risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, and certain types of tumors and cancers.

It’s not impossible to get a life insurance policy if you are overweight. So, it is important to discuss with an agent and your clinician about the options. You might even get some low premiums!


Health is just not physical but also your mental health and it can lead to many other conditions like depression, insomnia, drug abuse. Also, this is treatable.

So, if you are managing your symptoms with a clinician and a therapist, you shall be considered fairly while seeking out the premium.

Diseases of The Heart

Worldwide, this is one of the prominent causes of death equally in both the sexes. As it’s chronic and sometimes hereditary, hence your company might need you to take an ECG and EKG series of tests to have a complete picture of your heart and its health. Your Risk Will be accessed using these tests.


Cancer serves to be a complicated genetic disease caused due to specific changes to the given set of genes in a single cell or a cell group. The given changes tend to disrupt the functioning of the normal cells– especially with respect to how the cell grows & divides.

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells are not known to stop growing & dividing. The given uncontrolled cell growth leads to the formation of the tumor. Cancerous cells have more genetic modifications compared to normal cells; however, not all changes cause cancer; they may be a result of it.

The genetic modifications that lead to cancer mostly affect three particular types: proto-ontogenesis, genes related to tumor suppressor, & DNA repair genes.

Cancer can be hereditary and carried in your genes from you to your offspring, so your insurance company will access its risk beforehand.

Acid Reflux Disease

It affects large amounts of people in developed countries. Untreated cases might also lead to breathing issues, Ulceritis, and Even cancer. Often it is easily treatable, too, so it is better to get it treated before getting life insurance.

Are There Any Other Types of Policies?

One thing to note is that even if you are denied one type of insurance, you can be eligible for many others such as the following:

Guaranteed Life Insurance

It is to ensure that after you and your children won’t have to pay your bills and credit and debit card and funeral costs, as long as your age is between 45 and 85, you can’t be turned down.

It’s permanent coverage so that it can last up to a lifetime, rates too are fixed for the lifetime. Payment is subject to verification by law.

Death and Dismemberment Insurance (Accidental)

This kind of policy is important to protect yourself and your family from getting injured seriously or killed in a case of accidental death. It’s for everybody, from flyers to drivers, and you will always be eligible until your age meets the criteria.

It’s not a life insurance policy, but it’s still better than none and has faster approval and pay times compared to others.


It is recommended for you to remember whatever life insurance you take, always be transparent and truthful to your agent and company.

It will help you a lot in getting the perfect insurance and payout in times of dire need and emergencies.

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