Germ-free kitchen: 4 ways to help you get there

John Liverstone

It would be fair to say that cleanliness is even more relevant in the current times we are living in. The recent outbreak of coronavirus means that we are all more conscious than ever of staying hygienic and ultimately, reducing the chance of bugs, viruses and harmful bacteria making their way into our system.

There’s no doubt that the kitchen plays a huge part in this. It’s the place where all sorts of harmful germs can accumulate and if you don’t tackle them appropriately, you are left with some major health and safety issues.

Unfortunately, the sheer scale of this room means that we can’t dissect each and every threat, but by the end of today’s guide you will hopefully be armed with enough information to make your kitchen a much healthier place to live in.

Start with your lighting

We’re talking about germs, so there might be a few raised eyebrows with this first suggestion. After all, unless we are talking about a super hi-tech piece of lighting equipment, this isn’t going to directly help in our battle to clear our kitchen of harmful bacteria.

However, it can at least point you in the right direction. A lot of kitchens are dimly lit, meaning that we just don’t see where all the stains and general bacteria are. It means that things get left for weeks and weeks and in short, the damage has probably already been done by then.

Clear the clutter

This next point follows a similar path to the previous one. Clutter isn’t directly going to result in germs coming to your kitchen, but it can prevent you from clearing them up.

If your counters are full of clutter, the chances of you being able to give them a proper clean are exceptionally slim. As such, clear the clutter, and work with completely empty surfaces. You’ll spot all sorts of dirt that would have previously gone unnoticed.

How your oven can be the silent contributor to germs

So far, a lot of today’s article has spoken about the dirt and residue that is found on countertops. This next point goes a little more granular and just focusses on your oven.

This is one area of the kitchen where many of us forget about. We think that due to the high temperatures in there, we don’t really have to give it a proper clean.

As it turns out, there are all sorts of health threats that can emerge in the oven. Many of these can be easily prevented, so we would really urge that you don’t forget to clean your oven on a regular basis.

Be wary of your dishtowels

Another area that few of us think about are the dishtowels. These are one of the easiest ways for harmful bacteria to be passed around from location to location around the kitchen, and again have a really simple course of action associated with them. Put simply, they need to be changed regularly – sometimes every day. Have separate towels for separate duties; the best approach is to have one towel for dishes and another for hands.

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