Getting Into Shape after Age 40


A big aspect of life after 40 is the relationship you have with your body. Those who haven’t been physically active so far should know it’s not too late to go to the gym. Those who have been more active their entire life should know they also need to continue with their exercises – Just not at the same pace as before. It is never too late to have a positive attitude towards your own body. Strength and muscular development are what will keep you in good shape. Exercise will make you able to stay active for the years ahead.

Enjoy being active

It’s easier to stick to the program if you enjoy the exercises, and to do so, consider what types of movements and activities are best for you. If you spend a lot of time indoors, then you will enjoy walking and jogging or breathing fresh air. If you go alone, make this activity more fun by listening to some podcasts or audiobooks on specially designed headphones for running. Choose your equipment wisely. You need sneakers that will give you balance, clothes that will keep you dry and warm, and gadgets that will stay in place while you are exercising.

If you are in contact with your family and colleagues all day, then you will enjoy exercising alone. If you do most of your daily activities alone, for example, if you are an artist, then group training is the best for you and will allow you to socialize. Either way, start by going for a walk or a light jog.

Always warm-up

Your body is no longer as vital as it used to be and needs proper warming- up to get the most out of the exercise. Warming-up refers to intense pre-workout for 5-10 minutes, during which you will sweat, and this will be a real indicator that you are ready. You can run, jump a rope, or do anything else that makes you happy, but it’s important to sweat.

An integral part of the whole story is cardio training. Is your cardio long and uniform? Do you practice long-distance running? This type of cardio can expose your body to long-term stress on your joints and increase the risk of fatigue and injury. Try to introduce more explosive and shorter cardio routines, which will more effectively bring your body to a state of elevated pulse.


Start doing moderate-intensity exercises. Those who exercise at a moderate intensity are happier and can easier fulfill their fitness goals. This is especially true for those who are overweight and who have been quite inactive till now. Moderate exercises include dance, hiking, volleyball, brisk walking, and water aerobics. Once you’ve developed the foundation of “your” aerobics, you can decide whether you want to exercise more vigorously or continue to exercise at a moderate intensity. To be healthier and get the most out of fitness, you must exercise regularly.


Middle-aged people also experience a loss of muscle mass. But exercising with weights can reduce, even halt, this process. In addition to strength training, exercise can increase bone density, which protects you from osteoporosis. Choose a weight that you can lift 12-15 times without taking a break. Each series of exercises should consist of 8 to 12 repetitions. Choose those exercises that affect major muscle groups such as legs, arms, back, chest, and stomach.

Insisting on the quality of workout performance is something that will not only allow you to progress properly but will also allow you to extend your workout life almost infinitely. Don’t insist on exercises that are not suitable for you, control your movements, and focus on the signals your body is sending you.


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