Is Singapore a Good Place to Retire?

Christine Tan

Retirement is a stage where your contract with your employer is terminated. During the employment period, a person usually plans on how he or she wants to spend his retirement stage, whether in a beach house, countryside or traveling around the world. You choose what you want to do with your savings and the pension that one receives from his or her previous employers. Many retirees often choose to relocate to a new country to be able to compare how life is in a foreign country as compared to their country. Well, Singapore is the best place to choose to retire because of the following reasons;


The safety and overall wellness of a person is a crucial factor that most people look into when they want to settle to a new location. It is satisfying to live in a safe place, where you feel comfortable to bring your family too. Singapore is rated third among all Asian countries, which is secure for retirees. It is safe and has a conducive living environment, even for families with children.

Variety of Housing Options

Renting or owning an apartment in some countries might be expensive and can, at times, go beyond an individual’s budget. In Singapore, you are not restricted to one location. Instead, there are a variety of choices to choose from, whether an individual wants to rent or to own a private condo. Retirees find owning a private condo more advantageous in that they can access amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and playrooms, among others. This is convenient for both single families and families with children.

Great Transportation Systems

Singapore is a small country, but this does not hinder it from having extensive public transportation systems. It does not matter whether an individual is using private cars, a bus, or even a train to get to his destination. Whichever means of transport that one uses, reaching the island is easy. In addition to that, boarding a bus or taking a cab is cheap and affordable compared to other countries. This makes staying in Singapore an advantage because a retiree will spend less on the transportation system, to view the surrounding beautiful scenery.

Accessible Healthcare Facilities

Singapore offers a great deal when it comes to healthcare facilities. There are many specialized doctors in all the hospitals, and one does not need to fly to another country to access medical aid. Consequently, there are several private hospitals, with specialized doctors, to choose from. This is beneficial to the retiree in that he or she can access the best healthcare services at a good hospital, or get his or her insurance provider to get in touch with the best clinics and doctors. Nothing sounds better than having access to the best healthcare services and if your budget is lacking you can visit .

Exemplary Schools

Relocating is a massive change to a family. Not only does it affect the social life of the family members, but it also forces an individual to adapt to his environment. Children might have a difficult time making a friend and getting to know their classmates. In addition to that, they may also find it difficult adjusting to the weather in their new country of residence. Retirees who live in Singapore do not need to worry about the education system. There are many public and private schools, which offer the best education to the students. Parents who can only afford public schools do not need to worry about their children getting inadequate education because the education system in Singapore is equal for both public and private schools. Furthermore, rich retirees have an advantage of enrolling their children in private schools in Singapore, so that they can continue with the curriculum from their country of origin.

Perfect Climate

Who would not want to relax and enjoy the warm temperatures after decades of employment? No one, I guess. Singapore offers the best climate for swimming during the day. The environment is perfect for a relaxing afternoon, by the poolside, and it becomes cooler in the evenings. The country is warm throughout the year, and there is no need for carrying coats and jackets when moving to this country.

Low Crime Rates

It can be impractical for an individual to leave a crime-free country and live in a country with increased crime rates. Everyone wants to have a night life, knowing that they are  safe in their surroundings. This makes Singapore the best place to achieve that. There are low crime rates, making the country safe for exploration, whether day or night.

Political Stability

Moreover, Singapore is a politically stable country. The governing system is authoritarian, and this pays back hugely to the country in that both citizens and non-citizens are assured of security, prosperity, and the citizens are law-abiding. The governance in this area might be disturbing for the first time. Still, as one continues to live in the country, he or she becomes more appreciative of the country’s rationalism. This management system gives the government an easy time in taking care of the needs of the society and makes wise decisions which are in the public’s best interest.


Singapore is a clean place to live in spite of the high levels of urbanization. This could not have been possible without the help of the government. The continuous growth in urban centers has not hindered the construction of skyscrapers and parks, which provide fresh air to the environment. In addition to that, some of the highly populated areas in Singapore are among the cleanest because the residents have adopted the rule of reusing and recycling waste products. Infrastructures such as roads have been built in an efficient way and are cost-effective for the users. The public transport system is clean, affordable, and safe for use, making many car owners rethink about putting their cars on the road.

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