How Can Senior Citizens benefit from Smartphones?

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Elders are not always tech-savvy. They may not into the latest advancements and technological inventions, but they can benefit from these tech advancements a lot. In this regard, smartphones have much more to offer them than just having a video chat. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned some of the most amazing benefits that these smart devices have to offer to your elder parents. If you are interested in knowing how smart devices are associated with their health and entertainment, then keep on reading!

A larger Screen

Smaller and old flip phones have a tiny screen with a keypad that has several alphabets on it, which makes it easier for older people to use them easily. Moreover, for their weak eyesight, it becomes a hindrance for them to use phones which have smaller keys.

Conversely, smartphones tend to have a much larger screen as compared to old flip phones, which makes the usage of the phone much easier for them. Additionally, they have all the freedom to adjust the size of the text according to their preference and can also zoom in and out the screen if they want to.

Voice Capabilities

It can be very challenging for a person who has arthritis to type a text message. Even though typing a message on a smartphone is much easier than pressing hard keys like we used to with our old phones, many people still cannot type a text on them. Smartphone manufacturers have got them covered! The voice commands and talk-to-text features have made it easier for older citizens to send a text message without even typing it plus they can have their phone to read the response for them aloud as well. All they need to do is to command digital personalities like Siri to assist them.

They can even pose a request ‘Hey Siri, set my alarm for 5 am’ or ‘Hey Siri, remind me to have my meal at  1 pm.’ For elders who don’t want to use a smartphone or don’t have such issues of texting with fingers can buy also buy phones that are specifically made for them. If you are hunting for a phone for your mother, grandmother, or anyone, then you can check out the best cell phone for seniors that don’t even need to be maintained like smartphones.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness and wellness is probably the main concern of aged people. They try to eat healthily and do activities that can keep them active and fresh. In this regard, smartphones have proven to be extremely beneficial for older citizens. We all are aware of amazing and exciting features these phones come with, and fitness tracking applications are one of them. These applications allow them to keep a tab on their health. For example, these apps can tell them how many steps they’ve walked, how many stairs they climbed, and how many meters they’ve run.

With the advancement in technology, manufacturers are coming up with phones that can even sync up with a wearable fitness tracker allowing seniors to monitor their heart or pulse rate in depth. These features have allowed them to track their fitness regularly and how much they’ve improved.


After retirement, the senior’s life can be very boring especially when they have no source to keep them entertained and busy. Thanks to smartphones and the amazing features they have, the life of older citizens is not that dull and boring anymore. Smartphones are a perfect gadget for fighting boredom. Now they can play video games, listen to audiobooks, and can surf the internet whenever they want.

Audiobooks come very handily, especially for those senior citizens who have major eyesight problems, as they can listen to any book they want anytime. While talking about entertainment, how can we forget about social media? They can also use social media to stay connected with their old mates and can see photos and videos, their friends and family share on such platforms. Every possible entertainment is just a click away for them.

Peace of Mind

This one is more like a benefit for you. As our parents get older, we begin to worry about them more than ever. It becomes our responsibility to keep a check on them, and to make sure they are fine. You must be wondering what the smartphone has to do with my peace of mind?

Well, knowing that you can call your parents anytime is not just enough. You also need to be sure that they are not getting bored when you leave them on their own. You’ll be worry-free knowing that they are keeping tabs on their health. Lastly, you can always have a video chat with them if you live a bit far from them. It will not only keep you out of worry but will give them the peace of mind too.

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