What if all US health care costs were transparent?

Jeanne Pinder

This is a woman after my own heart.

I wrote a post a while back asking how your life would change if you utilized the words “What If…?” In a positive manner?

The answers to our conundrums are often in the questions we ask, so Jeanne Pinder asked “What if all US Health Care Costs were transparent?

At first, doctors, billing offices and insurance companies balked at their audacity to ask such questions, and Jeanne mentions how she felt like she was breaking the law with wanting to know the prices of procedures and medicines. Some people hung up on her, others told her that their lawyers wouldn’t let them reveal their true pricing.

But Pinder’s company persevered. And the experience became liberating.

She found answers and data.


This is where she went with her answer. It’s a must-see video. Click on the photo to watch.


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