A Retirement Plan and Medicare Disability: What You Should Know

Jane Brown

Retirement is something quite easy to forget and brush off, especially when you are young and still enjoying a good salary. You don’t want to imagine that a day will come when you will be of age and leave your beloved career. Well, it’s a sad reality, and the earlier you start planning for your retirement, the better for you. Let’s have a look at some benefits you might reap from planning your retirement as early as now.

Factor in the unexpected

Aging comes with a bunch of problems, especially health issues. When planning for retirement, you can consider such unforeseen events. You think about the best medical options to use should you develop a chronic disease. Along with this, you start sourcing for a suitable home for the elderly when the time will come for you to be admitted in one.

One such eventuality that would never cross your mind is a disability. Sometimes life gets into the way of our most carefully organized plans. An unfortunate accident or a severe illness can quickly shatter your retirement dreams. There are so many questions you could ask when disability comes knocking at your door just before your retirement. For instance, will the disability affect your social security benefits? Will it eat up all your life savings? Does Medicare cover disabilities that occur during retirement? As long as you are already receiving your Social Security Disability benefits, you are eligible for the Medicare disability coverage.

Some of the disabilities that qualify for Medicare coverage include:

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Mental illness
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Mostly, anyone who qualifies for the cover should receive it. But this is not always the case. People with certain conditions as those mentioned above are at risk of being denied the coverage. If the care recommended by a doctor for these long term conditions meet the Medicare criteria, then the person is entitled to coverage.

If coverage is unfairly denied, you can seek help from your medical doctor. Better yet, you can find legal assistance from an experienced disability lawyer. The lawyer will help you sail through the stormy process of claiming the coverage. There are plenty of law firms practicing Social Security disability law today. You want to make the best choice of such a lawyer to ensure adequate and successful representation. So, what qualities should you look out for in a disability lawyer?

  • Experience – When it comes to matters of Social Security disability benefits, you need to be represented by someone with a wealth of experience below their belt.
  • Specialization – Avoid dabblers and instead look for someone who handles explicitly Social Security disability claims the majority of their time if not all.
  • Local or regional presence – It is essential to be represented by a lawyer who understands the Social Security laws, local courts and judges.

More time, more savings

The common thing about all kinds of investment is that time is needed for them to grow. By planning early, you will save up enough money to actualize your aspirations during your retirement. If you want to own and run a farm during your retirement, start saving now. Is it a dream adventure you want to have? Yes, it can be made possible by early planning.

Peace of mind

This is one of the most significant benefits of planning early for retirement. Planning eases the transitions from employment to retirement. Stress can arise when there is a cloud of uncertainty about your next stage in life glaring at you. You can avoid this by planning ahead.

You can make sound decisions

Early planning gives you ample time to decide on the retirement plan that will suit you best. It not only enables you to make wise career-related decisions but also general financial choices. For instance, will an extra degree be of any help during your retirement? Is it better to start your own company or remain in your current organization? Planning for retirement early in your career will enable you to put into place necessary structures to make your retirement as smooth as possible.


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