Why You Want to Do the HeartMath Breathing Method

Have you heard of HeartMath.org?

HeartMath scientifically researches the chemical and electromagnetic link between our hearts and our brains.

In their extensive analysis, the scientists who work at the the Institute have found that the heart sends more information TO the brain than it receives FROM the brain. 

The research can be complicated, but simplified, when we are in a “coherent state” with our hearts, it is easier for our brain to function at optimal performance.

That means when you learn how to self-regulate your emotions with their very easy coherence exercise, you are less inclined to feel anxiety, fear, and anger. Your brain is much calmer and clearer to facilitate making decisions, to remember, or to take a test. This is a great technique to practice before attending an event that is stressful or before you want to have “that talk” with someone and it has you nervous.

Teaching our children this simple technique can also help them with athletic performance and to remain calm when needing to take an exam.

Here is a link to many of the HeartMath videos if you’d like to find out more intriguing information. HeartMath.org also offers courses, training and memberships.


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