I want to retire and travel, my wife and child do not. Suggestions?

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Hi Billy and Akaisha,

I’m looking for a bit of guidance for myself and my family of 3.

I’m 39 and pretty much retired. My goal from the age of 20 was financial freedom and I’ve achieved ‘budget’ financial independence.

My wife on the other hand has different goals. She wants to continue her work at a non profit and my daughter of 6 goes to school in our town.

Walking the malecon in Chapala, Mexico

I have two main issues that I’m tackling at the moment. The first is not having a large goal anymore (mid life crisis) and the second is my wife and child are extremely happy staying in our town and are not really interested in a more nomadic life.

My possible solution to this is to go on mini adventures for a month or two each year to see if that satisfies my craving for adventure. Would you have any other suggestions or ideas in this regard?

Ancient Mayan wash basins, Antigua, Guatemala

Also, I’m looking for a town or city with an excellent racquet club (tennis, squash) where I can meet like minded competitive friends. I have my eye on Antigua, Guatemala as a potential option. There is a club there. The ideal location for me is affordable, warm sunny weather, lots of cheap restaurants and bars, hiking and a racquet club. I’m completely willing to learn a fourth language if necessary. Could you recommend a few places?

Thank you so much for reading this. I really enjoy your work and reading about your lifestyle.


Santa Catarina Arch, Antigua, Guatemala

Hi David,

We’re so excited for you and your retirement! And let us just say that you have so many options available to you right now.

First, relax about the “mid-life crisis.” This just means that you are ready for the next great thing. You just achieved a huge life goal of retirement, so naturally, there is this “big space” wanting to be filled. Please, just relax about that, because…

When you begin to travel a bit, it will shake loose the cobwebs and old patterns in your mind and you will be able to put new information into your life experience. At some point, all that new information, the new perspectives and possibilities will begin to gel into something very exciting for you for your future. Just stay open and allow the information to come in.

Wine tasting in Antigua, Guatemala

When you visit other countries, you will see other ways of people and places and you’ll just automatically tuck those perspectives into your own new lifestyle and incorporate them. Your life will expand.

Opportunities will open for you. You may or may not want to pick up a side hustle, or volunteer or who knows what? Get involved in a new passion of expression. The world is now  open to you.

Allow your wife and child their own bliss and enjoyment in their own chosen lifestyle. If you are happy and they are happy, what more could you want? Share that happiness together. It’s only when we “need them” to do  something in order for us to be happy that things get tight and uncomfortable. Happiness is a good thing.

Guanajuato, Mexico

And, today, you have FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, email, What’sApp, etc. to keep in touch with phone calls, videos, photos and such. It’s so easy. Bring them into your life. Share. And enjoy their lives too.

Now… about traveling.

There are LOTS of cheap, affordable, sunny places with restaurants and bars. Hiking and tennis may narrow the search a bit, but don’t dismay. There might be other exercise alternatives like a gym, volleyball, biking and such.

I’m not sure what you consider affordable, as the US can be expensive compared to Mexico, Central and South America, Asia and even some below-cost-of-living locations in the States.

Antigua has lots of restaurants and bars, and things to do – but it is considered high priced as compared to Panajachel at Lake Atitlan.

Chapala, Mexico has great weather, LOTS of activities like hiking, biking, tennis, volleyball, restaurants, etc. (See our Chapala Guide.) Chapala is also a super place to travel FROM. It has an international airport, and you can also get great inter-country deals to the beach or Colonial towns, or college towns like Guanajuato.

Cathedral at night, Guanajuato, Mexico

Lots of people enjoy Panama and you can have mountains or beaches, cities or towns. However, to be honest, it was a bit too rainy for us.

All of these places above are easy to get to, are basically on the same time zone as the US (say, as compared to Europe or Asia) and have expat communities already in place.

Take a look at our Relocation Page for all sorts of ideas of places to visit, and for lots of Expat forums.  These forums are free to join, and you can ask many questions of members for specific locations there.

Remember, the world is now open to you to explore and to expand yourself and your ways of interacting within it. It’s a very exciting time for you. You can have the best of both worlds – your loving family and the world of travel.

Dock at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Feel free to write any time with your questions and  concerns. And thank you for your kind comments!


Akaisha and Billy

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