Making Room for Your Overnight Guests

Jane Brown

Having guests over leads many to enjoyable moments, unforgettable events, and not enough room. Yes, you heard it right, this is when people find out just how tight things are at their home. You have found the best place to live for seniors, but now you must deal with making sure you have enough room for the holidays as well as family sleepovers.

Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one to run into this dilemma. There are ways to deal with the headache and find an answer. You’ve spent years working hard, and probably still are, but today the turn is ours. Sit back and enjoy the results of our work.

The obvious solution, sleeping arrangements in your living room

Now don’t go thinking this is a bad decision right out the gate, there are partitions to solve that. Yep, just get some simple room dividers like Martha Stewart and you’ll be set to go. Put it up when you need it, store it easily when you don’t. This provides a better experience when it’s time to sleep over at your place. Plus, it’s a great solution when you need access to your TV and recliner when they’re asleep.

Air mattresses have been enhanced and the possibilities are amazing

You could even go as far as getting an inflatable couch, which comes in handy if you just need somewhere to chill and relax. For a single person or even a kid, it’s awesome too. Some inflatable couches even come with cup holders built in. Yup, it was made to party. No alcohol required, unless you want to. Don’t forget we have the classic air mattress approach as well.

Air mattresses are a popular option, but make sure you opt for the electric pump to make things easy right out of the gate. Depending on how much space you have, as well as the guests you’ll have, there are various sizes to choose from. They’re easy to put out and even easier to store tightly when not in use.

Your home office into a suitable sleeping arrangement could be a fix

If someone is coming into town and you usually work out of a home office, consider hitting the local coffee shop to get the work done. Or even take some time off, if you can afford to take a little bit of time off, to focus on the company that you have. Either way, letting them use your home office to sleep in is welcoming and helps expand the possibilities on the size of the family gathering that’s possible.

Grab a sleeper chair and just call it a day. Yup, they have those, believe it or not. Everyone gets surprised when this is brought up, and it’s no joke when it comes to opening the possibilities. These chairs are great because of their size, making them extremely comfortable during the day and serving an added purpose for your overnight guest at night.

Maybe you just need a hotel for times like these

This is a popular option among retirees as it doesn’t invade their personal space and it provides the best level of comfort possible for guests. It could be like a motel or a hotel room that is close to where you live. Sometimes this is nice for the guest, also. They can have their privacy and comfort at night, while visiting with you during the day and evening.

Finally, streamline everything and enjoy the time together

This is what it’s all about. Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the company of those around you. Being able to spend the holidays together and not have to worry about the upcoming year at work. Get prepared for the extra usage of your home, arrange things to be convenient for your guests, and put a plan of action to use. You’ll be the success of the party and everybody will be wondering how you were able to pull it off.

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