The Benefits of Keeping Your Car in a Garage

Jeff Oxford

It appears that garages no longer serve their purpose as parking spaces for cars. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a garage filled with junk or seconds as a home workshop. Some households even convert their garages into entertainment centers.

But having a garage is beneficial for your car. Here are five reasons.

Safe from the Elements

The most obvious advantage of a garage is that it protects your car from the elements, no matter the weather conditions. Rain, snow, and wind are your car’s biggest enemies as they slowly chip away on the vehicle’s exterior. Dirt and acid that are left uncleaned can cause rust, diminish the car’s shine, or worse, leave permanent damage.

In extreme weather conditions, a car left outside is vulnerable to hail, falling tree branches, and other debris that can cause broken windows and deep dents. Also, in the summer, when the temperature is exceptionally hot, be wary of UV rays as they are known to cause damage to your car as well, both inside and out.

Fewer Chances of Theft and Vandalism

Garages are enclosed spaces that are typically locked. Keeping your car in one will dramatically decrease the chances of it getting stolen. Since cars are such huge investments—probably the most valuable asset in any household—it’s best that it’s kept away from public view.

Parking outside exposes your vehicle to scratches and vandalism. Nothing ruins a car’s beauty more than graffiti or a visible dent or scratch on the side does. Fender flares, side mirrors, and bumpers are the most at risk here, but vandals can happen anywhere on your car. Don’t make it easy for people to harm your vehicle.

Lower Insurance Costs

Companies often offer lower insurance premiums if you have a garage where you can routinely store your vehicle. Even if the space isn’t even yours—like a neighbor’s garage that you rent out or public parking that is part of a condominium complex—you are likely to still be eligible.

Cars that are kept in gated estates also get lower premiums. The reason for this substantial drop is that there is reduced risk of harm to your car when it is safely parked in a garage.

Better Internals

During the cold winter months, the garage is the ideal place to store your car warm. This heat keeps the vehicle’s essential fluids in stable condition. The engine oil, for example, will be thinner, allowing for better lubrication of the internal parts at start-up. The result is an engine that runs more efficiently, as compared to one in a car that has been sitting outside.

This efficiency affects every other internal component. This is most likely felt in the car’s heater and air-conditioning system. In cold weather, the interior will warm up faster than it would when the car is out in the open. The same is true for hot days.


Perhaps the best reason to keep your car inside a garage is for your own convenience. What if it’s raining and you have somewhere urgent to go? You obviously can’t wait out the rain. A garage lets you access your car without any problem, keeping you fresh and dry for the day ahead.


Winters can be as challenging. You’ll wake up to a thick coating of snow on your car’s windshield. Before going anywhere, you’ll have to clear everything off. By the time you’re able to do that, either you have frozen to death or wasted a lot of time. Having a garage means that your car is always good to go whenever you are.

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