Need a Mailing Address in the States? Try This!

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Billy and I have been traveling the world for almost 3 decades.

We visit family in the States, but much of our travels are overseas. So what do we do about our mail?

We first learned of mail forwarding services through RVers we met on the road. What a great idea! So we signed up for one to handle our mail.

For many years we utilized a mail forwarding service whose prices increased annually for P.O. box rental, we were charged for the envelope they used each week to forward our mail, and we were charged postage. That definitely added up.

Now we use Traveling Mailbox. Maybe you have heard of them. They have the lowest prices in the industry, and they give free scans of our mail every month. They will send us a notice via email when we receive mail, and we can view the envelope online from anywhere in the world we might be.

3 Plans to choose from

At that point we can choose to have them scan it (so we can view the contents of the mail ourselves), forward it to any address we choose including a coffee shop, a hotel or vacation spot or we can tell them to shred it.

Our basic plan allows three recipients to use the address, a certain number of free scans and shreddings, but there are a total of 3 different plans from which to choose depending on your needs.

We decided to have a “Premium address” and paid for our service upfront for the entire year, so we could receive 2 months for free.

We pay $199 a year for Traveling Mailbox, but with our other mail forwarding company, we were over $300 for the box rental alone, plus postage and the weekly envelope.

This gives us an address in the States which is very convenient for things like our brokerage accounts and Social Security checks. Of course our SS checks are direct deposit, but we don’t have to worry about being in a foreign country or on the road and proving an address.

If you plan to do serious travel in your retirement, or if you want to house sit or be footloose for a while, Traveling Mailbox might be a service you would consider.

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