The Holy Mushrooms of Huautla, Mexico

Q&A with a Reader

Dear Billy & Akaisha,

I loved reading your page on the life in Huautla. I am planning to visit there with family (all adults) for the Christmas break. Do you have any guidance for us on where we can stay, and how we can experience some of the authentic culture of the place? We are also interested in participating in any traditional rituals, if possible.

I look forward to your advice.



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Hi Delip,

Thank you for writing.

In our experience of Huautla, Mexico, it was easy to find a hotel room, and we stayed in Hotel Santa Julia. It was basic, and clean. I don’t know the current price of it, but with the current Peso exchange to the Dollar, it probably is still very affordable.

In terms of experiencing local culture and specifically Dona Julieta’s mushroom “tour,” you can ask at the front desk of the hotel room. (I am assuming that Dona Julieta is still alive). Everyone in town knows about Dona Julieta, and the mushrooms and so on… but let me simply say that this is considered to be a very respectful topic. No laughing, no taking advantage, it’s completely reverent. It is their pathway to God.

If you are going to do the mushroom trip, I would certainly make plans to protect your gear, your identity papers, your money and so on. I don’t know how long the “trip” lasts or what she does or where it is held and so on. Truly, do not be careless.


Other local culture things, I’m sure the hotel desk can direct you.

When we were there, we witnessed a wedding parade, and went to a local bar where the bar tenders were wearing Maria Sabina tee shirts. If you don’t know anything about her, be sure to look her up online. I am also sure that the bartenders know about how to experience the local culture too.

Again, I would be respectful and careful.

The best of luck and have a GREAT time. The town is an interesting stop. Reference to mushrooms is everywhere. The drive to Huautla is quite twisty, so bring Dramamine or whatever you use for motion sickness.

Best Regards,


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