A Typical Day in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico

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What was a typical day like in Oaxaca City?


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Hi V and H,

A typical day in Oaxaca…


In the city of Oaxaca, we would get up, have some coffee in our room and a bit of breakfast. We would do some internet work, then walk the few blocks from our hotel to the Santo Domingo Church Plaza to a cafe where we would meet up with a friend we have known for several years.


After that, we might take a walking tour of the town, go shopping for miscellaneous items, take photos, check out restaurants for a meal for sometime in the future, see a botanical garden or art museum, watch a parade, food display or a native dance routine or go visit the Maya ruins of Monte Alban.


Then back to our room for a quick refresh and then go out to lunch. Back to the room for a nap, and then back out once again to sit in the many plazas and parks around the city. We might have happy hour somewhere at one of the various wine bars or mescalerias, sitting at a rooftop location and watch the people below. Depending on how big our lunch was (our largest meal of the day) we would either have something small in our room or go out for something like a salad or share a sandwich or have a giant quesadilla and share it.


We were able to arrange for a 30 minute private flight to the beach, Puerto Escondido, so we stayed there about a week. That, of course, was a different routine. The morning was the same as far as the coffee and breakfast, and then we would walk the few blocks to the beach and stay there for several hours, having fresh seafood for lunch.


Back to the room to shower, have a siesta or read, and then back out for happy hour and/or a meal on the beach at another restaurant to watch the sun set.

Pretty laid back, generally, but then again, we maintain our website and continuously write articles and answer correspondence, read the news and such, so we tend to stay mentally active.

Hope this helps!



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