Practicing Yoga on the Road

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I don’t have time.

It’s too expensive.

There is no studio near me.

I don’t have an hour and a half in my day to practice.

When it comes to yoga, we’ve all made these excuses. Myself included.

So when we book a trip, or make the decision to long term travel, yoga is absolutely out of the question. If I didn’t have the time or money while I was at home, I definitely won’t be able to do it on the road.

Right? Wrong.

I’m here to tell you how you can maintain your yoga practice while on the road, without spending your whole day on your yoga mat and breaking the bank.

First, yoga is expensive. I teach and I practice, so I know. When you’re on the road, it can be challenging to fork out this kind of money.. But, what if I taught you how to practice at home? Or from your hotel room? Or from the rest stop that you stop at while on the road?

Do not let Fear make your decisions for you. Risk has a price and so does security.

You see, yoga doesn’t have to be expensive. The problem is that if you don’t know how to practice, you automatically think you need to go to a class.

Second, the idea that we have to spend an hour doing yoga is a complete fallacy. Although an hour is amazing, we don’t usually have that kind of time on the road. You can actually practice yoga in 5-10 minutes and have it be super effective for your body.

Don’t believe me? I’ll show you how!

Take 5 minutes, either sitting or standing, to close your eyes and do a mental check in. Mentally scan your body from head to toe and pinpoint places of tightness or tension in your body. Now, you have a playing field to work with.

Here are 6 basic poses to help you stretch those out, and feel amazing while on the road:

1.Neck rolls

Neck rolls

Neck rolls

Drop your right ear to your right shoulder, hold for a moment, and then begin to drop your chin to your chest. Hold for a moment and then bring your left ear to your left shoulder. Continue at your own pace doing 3-5 movements.

  1. Lateral side body stretch

    Lateral side body stretch

    Lateral side body stretch

Reach your arms towards the sky, grab your left wrist with your right hand. Inhale deeply and as you breathe out, begin to tip to the right, feeling a nice stretch through your left side body. Hold for 3 breaths, and then switch sides.

  1. Cat / cow pose

    Cow pose

    Cow pose

Come onto your hands and knees in a tabletop position. On your inhale, sink your belly and send your hips and head to the sky for cow. On your exhale, arch your spine drawing your shoulder blades away from one another for cat. Repeat 5-10 times.

If you don’t have somewhere where you can come onto your hands and knees, you can do this from standing, as shown in the photo below!

Cat pose

Cat pose

  1. Lungeyoga8

Ground down firmly into your front leg, bend your knee and lengthen through your back leg coming up onto your toes. Now, tuck your pelvis in and under and feel a nice long stretch through your hip flexor. Hold for 3-5 breaths and then switch legs.

  1. Hip circles

    Hip Circles

    Hip Circles

This is about as basic as it gets, and it feels AMAZING! Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and begin to make circular motions with your hips. Move for 30 seconds in either direction. Make sure to use your hips, and NOT your knees. And remember, the motion doesn’t need to be dramatic.

  1. Forward fold

    Forward Fold

    Forward Fold

Bring your hips to hip width distance and fold forward, clasping opposite elbows and allowing yourself to gently sway from side to side, as pictured. Keep your back as long as possible, and allow your head to hang heavy. This should feel awesome, especially if you’ve been sitting, flying or driving for a while.

You can practice these poses in any order you want, at any time or day, and it should take you no longer than 10 minutes. Now, the next time you’re on the road, there’s no excuse to not get your daily yoga practice in!

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