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If you are suffering from back issues, first thing that a doctor will tell you is that you need a good mattress. When we say a good mattress, we refer to a type that should support your particular body type allowing you to rest and relax. It is general knowledge that a new mattress can provide you much more support than the one which is worn out. Simply put, as time goes by, stuffing depletes, providing less support to your joints and other parts of the body. Even though doctor can suggest a particular mattress, it remains up to you whether a certain product fits your needs or not.

Nowadays, mattresses are made from various materials. Some of them focus on durability, others on anti-allergic properties, while some are meant to provide better support to your back. According to the experts, it is optimal to change mattress once every seven years. Here is a brief rundown that will help you recognize different types of mattresses.

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  • Foam mattress

As its name implies, this type of product is made out of foam. This foam can be from various substances such as polyurethane, latex or memory foam. Furthermore, foam mattresses can also have gel and some other materials within them. The good thing about this particular item is that it can be made in various shapes and densities (due to different materials which are used).

  • Gel mattress

A gel mattress uses a gel within the mattress. However, due to its structure, this type of mattress has to go with some other materials. It can be placed within the item’s support system, upholstery layer or both. Together with foam, it creates feeling of comfort.

  • Memory foam mattress

When it comes to this form, this is a product which uses high density polyurethane foam. Similar to a gel mattress, this substance can be placed in the support system, upholstery layer or both. If you need an easy to clean mattress, this is the one for you.

  • Latex mattress

If you wish to have an organic mattress, this is the best option for you. Latex mattresses can be organic, non-organic and a mixture of the two. While organic is made from the coconut plant (its milk to be precise), a non-organic mattress is made from petroleum material.

  • Mattress with springs

This is the oldest and still, most popular type of mattress. It has a spring within it as a support system for your back. Naturally, due to its long existence, there are various sub-types of this product. You can choose your mattress based on the spring system within it. There are those that are made with springs connected into a single unit as well as those that are individually wrapped pocketed coils. Springs are covered with different materials which are meant to provide protection and isolate the user from the springs themselves. When it comes to number of coils, it can vary. However, one thing holds true; the more springs there are, the better distribution of weight. Having this in mind, more coils will provide a better support to your back. These mattresses are very cheap and durable.

  • Hybrid mattress

As you can presume, this mattress combines different technologies. It is based on springs together with foam (can be made from various types of foam). Have in mind that even gel can be used for this particular item.

  • Waterbed

These beds are based on water. There are two main types available to consumers: a hard sided and a soft sided bed. Even though this kind of mattress has existed for quite some time, it has never attained the same popularity as other similar products. Even though they are very comfortable and good for your back, they are not very durable.

  • Pillow top mattress

This is a great option for people who need additional support or extra comfort. A pillow top mattress has another upholstery layer which is placed into the top of the mattress. It can be made out of fiber or foam.

  • Air bed

Similar to a water bed, this type of mattress is quite gimmicky. Their support system is based on air which is placed in a special chamber. This chamber is protected by padding or upholstery which is made out of fiber or foam. The good thing about these mattresses is that you can adjust different parts of it according to your own desires.

Although these products vary in term of price, durability and comfort, the most important thing to have in mind is hygiene. Even if you have the best mattress in the world, it can still present a health hazard if you do not maintain it properly. Of course, anti-allergic materials may solve a part of your problem but you still need to clean your mattress from time to time.

If you wish to learn more about mattress cleaning, read this detailed mattress cleaning guide.

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