Travel Sickness? Try Motioneaze

I have suffered from motion sickness since I was a child. Though loving to take adventures, traveling in a car, bus, boat or plane always produced that uncomfortable feeling of queasiness, until it was so predictable I simply took a seasickness pill before I ventured out.

For a world traveler, this is a particularly prickly nuisance, since our lifestyle is built on motion. Flying to far-flung countries, taking wooden-masted sailing cruises, riding through rolling mountainous roads, even white water rafting, boogie boarding or body surfing, I lived on those dang seasickness pills. Even with their noticeable side effects it was a better option than the alternative.

Then, for this reason and that, I could no longer take those pills. To say a mild panic took over is being polite. Fleetingly, I imagined my lifestyle changing from one of fairly continuous motion to staying put in one location. This was it. It finally happened; we would be settling down.

I tried to keep my mind open to the possibilities I could use instead, such as ginger candy, powdered ginger capsules, or seasickness acupressure bands. I was discouraged.

Then one evening, during a chance meeting in a restaurant, a friend and fellow world traveler, Lori Grant from Freetirement placed into my hand a small bottle of Motioneaze. She promised that it would work on my motion sickness and that I would be pleased with the results. I was 100% skeptical, and while I thanked her for her kindness and generosity, the rest of what I said was probably pretty whiny.

“No, really,” she said. “It works for me and I’m really bad.”

I whined some more but said I would try it out. I thanked her again and wondered how a little bit of this liquid of natural ingredients at the base of my ears could possibly work.

My first opportunity to give it a whirl was a few days later on a 10 minute chicken bus ride from Panajachel, Guatemala to Solola, the larger town up a very winding hill. One time previously I went pill-free up this hill, only to suffer the consequences, turning green and grasping around for an airsickness bag. Even after arriving, I was sick for 30 minutes until it subsided.

Since then, I have never taken this simple ride without nausea pills.

I want to tell you that this was a big deal for me.

In the interest of the experiment, I tried a little oil behind both of my ears, and with trepidation, boarded the bus. I found myself leaning into curve after curve and feeling… normal. How could this be? On the ride back it was the same feeling of freedom, of being able to enjoy the ride without fear of tossing my breakfast.

The next test was a 25 minute boat ride across Lake Atitlan to San Pedro. I’m telling you I would never, ever attempt this trip without the aid of my chemical pills. Again, drops at the base of my ears and not a hint of nausea.

I graduated to 3 hour shuttle trips to Guatemala City and 10 hour travel days on airplane after airplane and the same feeling of blessed balance was achieved.

Lori knows how grateful I am for this out-of-nowhere, right-into-the-palm-of-my-hand gift she gave me. It’s been life changing for someone like me.

I’m sharing my experience with you in case you also suffer from motion sickness, or have a child or loved one who does. If you would like to travel without chemical aid, try this product out.

You can purchase Motioneaze online at their own website, on Amazon, at your favorite pharmacy or in Wal*Mart. It’s completely natural, works within 5 minutes, even after symptoms have started, and there is no drowsiness. Can be used by both children and adults.

Prices range all over the map depending on the size of the bottle and how many you purchase, so shop wisely. And enjoy your motion-filled life symptom free!

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Billy and Akaisha Kaderli retired three decades ago at the age of 38 and began traveling the world. As recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance and world travel, they have been interviewed about retirement issues by The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, The Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement newsletter, nationally syndicated radio talk shows and countless newspapers and TV shows nationally and worldwide. They wrote the popular books The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement (Your Simple Path to FIRE) and Your Retirement Dream IS Possible.
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