How to Find Cheap Student Travel

By Charlie Brown

Students always feel a wave of excitement as the holidays approach, as it gives them the opportunity and freedom to travel. However, being a student means one will almost always have budgetary restrictions, and travel destinations should ideally be cheap. Without proper due diligence, this can be a huge problem. However, with the right amount of input, finding options for cheap travel should not be too big of a problem.


The first step is to make sure one does as much research as possible. The fact that the holidays are here is not an excuse for research on subjects to be over. Before they start the actual booking and reservations, it is important to make sure they know what they will expect to pay for flights, accommodation, and travel and so on. The internet has many helpful resources, key among them the peak performance group travel website, which offers students options of most frequented locations and a choice of different types of tours and travel options. When searching for options and gathering information, it helps when one knows where to look for information. Look for sites that offer packaged deals and discounts, as well as resources for saving money.

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Sometimes, picking a specific destination can be difficult with loose travel plans and a budget that is not exactly as flexible as possible. A clever trick is to focus on the type of vacation one is to have, instead of focusing one’s attention on a single destination. By not committing oneself to a specific destination, one opens themselves up to numerous suggestions and a wider selection of travel deals.

Planes, trains and cars

Air travel costs have been going up in the past few years, and there is little chance that there will be significant drops in future. Still, there are discount airlines available for students who prefer flying. However, travelers with stricter budgets might also want to consider travelling by train and bus. They offer a more meaningful experience as one gets to pass across famous landscapes and enjoy the scenery. More importantly, they are much cheaper than flying. In fact, in some case, travel by train can be the fastest and cheapest way to move from one location to the next.

Student discounts

Student travelers enjoy discounts for travelling in almost every country, so do not be afraid to ask for discounts. Museums, parks and various historical sites have special rates for visiting students. Make sure to bring international student identification cards, or any other form of identification to take advantage of these rates.

Group travel

Travelling with friends is another great cost cutting tip. On gets to save money through the sharing of hotel rooms and group travel. With a group, it is also easy to make new friends who can then offset some of the costs, like accommodation and travel.

Being cash strapped might have students feeling like they cannot travel the world during the holiday period. With these tips, though, travelling for the average student is much cheaper.

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