Secure Online Transactions When Traveling

Q&A with a Reader

Hi Billy and Akaisha!

I corresponded with you a few times in 2008-2009, and decided to take the plunge and “retire” (without a pension or gold watch) at 48 years old in 2009.  I’m glad I did!  Fortunately, my portfolio is bigger now than it was when I retired thanks to the stock market.

Since then, I have not been traveling a lot or having too much adventure, but I am thinking about going to teach English in Thailand for 6 months.  I have never been to Asia, and have never traveled for more than 2 weeks at one time.

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I have a question about how you conduct secure online financial transactions when you are away from a home, secure internet connection.

I would like to be able to move money around between accounts, for example, without fear of my information being stolen over public Wifi.

I’m wondering how you accomplish this; any advice would be greatly appreciated!

All the best to you!


Hi Kevin,

Congratulations on making the leap to early retirement.

As far as Wifi security goes, we use the normal precautions such as an anti-virus program, a firewall and so on, plus common sense. That said, we check our accounts regularly for any issues. So far we have never had a problem. Sometimes we use a VPN but that is a different issue.

Also we only access our accounts from our computers, not from public computers. We have no financial account information stored on our phones.

I hope this helps and good luck with teaching English. Something tells me this will change your life.



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