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We continue to search for the right place in Mexico that has moderate temps, low humidity and culture.  Although I want to be around some expats, I do not want to spend all of my time with them.  I want to experience the culture.

How is the infrastructure and medical care in Guatemala?  These are two criteria my husband uses to pick cities to visit.

We have now both retired so will finally have more time to explore and find our heaven.  Thanks for your wonderful writing.  I love reading your newsletter.



Hi Lisa,

The infrastructure is fairly good here, about the same as Mexico. The roads are in decent condition, although there are some places where they need repair. Water, electricity, and Wifi are all pretty stable and available, especially in Antigua and Panajachel. The only reasons you might go to Guatemala City is to arrive at the airport, or if you need special medical care. They have some of the best doctors in the world there and we have received care in Guate City for 2 separate incidents (see articles below.)


Medical care for normal, regular, everyday things is available in Panajachel, conditions of more specialty one would go to Antigua, and as I mentioned, you can get anything you need in Guate City.


Some links are for you below.

Antigua and Panajachel/Lake Atitlan are certainly worth the visit. There are other locations you might enjoy, like Flores, Tikal, Livingston and Xela, which we cover in our Guatemala Guide. Here is a link to our Guatemala Page.

All the best, and stay in touch.


Pricing of a Medical Emergency in Guatemala – details about my de-gloving finger accident

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