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Where are the best places for single black females to retire overseas?


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Hi Yevette,

Thank you for taking the time to write. We appreciate it.

My first response to you would be to say, “Choose a place you love.”

I can recommend places to live because of weather, cost of living, the access to cultural or volunteer opportunities, the size of city or town, or ease of travel to the States in order to visit family or ease of retirement visas.

But what really matters most is what you want in a retirement location. If I recommend an island or beach town and you dislike the heat, then that recommendation doesn’t work for you. If I suggest a city because of the art, museums, international restaurants, concerts and Expat communities available, and you hate traffic and would really rather hike, bike, kayak and hang out in the mountains or nature, then that suggestion wouldn’t hit the spot.


I would say, get clear on what matters to you in terms of city size, the need for medical facilities, the cost of living you can afford, activities that you are attracted to, and whether or not learning a foreign language is an issue for you. Take a look at our piece, How to Choose a Retirement Location. Also, take a look at our book, The Adventurer’s Guide to Destination Choices.

Choose a place that makes your heart sing. Go for what’s important to you and which place(s) provide those things for you.

I would start there. And with that in mind, I would recommend also taking a look at our Relocation Page where you will find all sorts of forums to join for free, cost of living sites, ways to meet up with new people and even websites which can help you choose a location for living by putting in your list of “requirements.”

The fact that you mentioned living overseas as a possible relocation spot tells me you are adventurous. If you, as a single female, have your own means of financial support, that is a huge asset and you have lots more freedom, and more options.


Certainly I could recommend Chapala, Mexico as a place which offers an active Expat community, has decent weather all year round, is well situated for ease of travel to other locations within Mexico, and has a reasonable cost of living.

Chiang Mai, Thailand is farther away and has hotter, more humid weather, but they, too, offer an active Expat Community, good cost of living and ease of travel to the whole Pacific Rim.

Antigua, Guatemala or Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala are also good places for culture and natural beauty, cost of living is good, and an active Expat Community.

Dominican Republic has a good cost of living, hot weather, fresh foods, beautiful beaches and affordable property. Getting a second passport there is fairly easy.


Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica are all possibilities. Some people really like Belize, mostly because English is spoken there, but in our opinion there are better, easier and more affordable options.

Seriously, pick a place that makes your heart sing, a place you can afford financially without strain and that offers you enough of what you want in your life that you feel supported. If you are happy, that is what people will see and you will make friends easily.

Please feel free to write any time. I hope the information that I have provided here is useful to you.

Wishing you all the best,


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