Can I Find Good Internet Connections Overseas?

Q&A with a Reader

Love your blogs and am hoping to do traveling in South and Central America this next year.

One thing I am concerned about:  What is the internet like in various countries?  I absolutely must have fast internet.  How can I know before I go somewhere what the internet would be like?  Suggestions?



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Hi Laura,

Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind words about our website.

Billy and I are very internet dependent also. Due to our website maintenance, answering questions from our readers, skype phone calls home to family and friends, watching the financial markets, getting our news, writing articles and sending them to the media and so on, we must have a solid internet connection available to us.

It is our first priority when we rent a hotel room. “Do you have Wifi?” then we connect with our phones. If it is not a good connection, then we move on to the next hotel, or move to another floor or whatever it takes to find the connection we require.

In years past, internet was a novelty and was sketchy to find. These days, with “everyone” on their iphones and other digital devices, most hotels offer wifi included in the price of a hotel room. This wifi will be listed when you look online under amenities for a hotel when you book. Some countries are more wifi friendly than others — but most coffee shops and restaurants will have wifi available also, and we have seen parks and plazas marked as free wifi zones.

If you go off the grid and stay in a hill tribe or native village, you probably won’t find a wifi connection. However, in our experience, from Asian countries to Central America, wifi is available “everywhere.” Friends who have traveled to South America tell us it’s the same there with the abundant availability of internet connection.

As I said, in years past it was an issue, but it’s unlikely that you will find it to be much of a challenge these days.

Congratulations on your upcoming trips! Have a great time and stay in touch!

Best to you,


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