Q&A From an Aspiring Near-Term Retiree

Hi Billy/Akaisha

Craig: I have read your web site many, many times & researched my upcoming retirement from much of your tips.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your kind words regarding our website, and we are happy you found our site to be helpful!

Craig: I am actually starting to visit different international sites to “recon” where to retire. My first trip is to Mazatlán, Mexico next month. Then every 4-6 months to check out as many places in the next 3-4 years. Thinking I’d like access to ex-pats to mix back home with new cultures. 100% committed to leaving the USA. Have a 6-8 point criteria of what I think I want.

Akaisha: It’s good that you have a 6-8 point criteria for what you are looking for. It’s much easier to find exactly that spot when you know what pleases you.

Simplify and set yourself free.

Craig: I vacationed recently in the USVI & loved the island but a little expensive. One question I have to ask is: what made you pick Nevis to retire and do you ever get “small island” phobia where you need to get off for a while or does your travels just naturally take care of that? Part of me thinks a 36 sq mi island would run out of options after a few years???

Akaisha: When we first retired, we moved to Nevis, but didn’t stay. We wanted to travel the world, so actually, we don’t really “live” any one particular place, and we live in many. We have a base in Chapala, Mexico, another one in Chiang Mai, Thailand, another in Panajachel, Guatemala and we have a small manufactured home which we rent out to a friend in Arizona.

We perfectly understand what you mean about getting small island fever and not having enough to do in a location. This is why, for us, we tend to choose large towns or small cities which have access to larger cities for all the benefits that larger cities bring, but without all the traffic and confusion. Since we don’t have a car, our locations must have good access to public transport to take us to markets, to doctor’s offices or to restaurants and theaters and so on. It’s also been beneficial to have access to an active Expat population, just for the camaraderie and to speak English with someone.

Craig: I think I’m doing all the right options to get to where you guys are at: however, I’m 58 years old so it took a little longer. Sold paid-off house last year, invested proceeds, no debt at all.

Akaisha: Congratulations on having no debt! That’s huge.

Craig: Renting now. Just shy of a million dollars in retirement & taxable accounts. I wonder the annual expense to live retired, $30K @ year, $40K, $50K. My goal was to create a dividend stream of ~$30K @ years and take social security @ 62 for little extra, perhaps $15K annual. Work is burning me out so not sure I can even make it to 62.

Akaisha: You might want to take a look at our Annual Spending Update which includes a link to  Adventures in Financial Independence. This might give you an idea of how it can be done.

Craig: Just looking for friendly advice. A friend of mine recently pointed me to a good site which gives great advice on how to expatriate & helps you with process of naturalizing to a new country.

Akaisha: I am happy to introduce you to an Immigration Attorney from the Dominican Republic who will answer any questions you might have about second passports, residency and even having a business in the Domincan Republic. I will send you this introduction email shortly. Her name is Maria Abreu and she is quite capable.

Craig: I recently Googled ex-pat blog sites to start writing to expats on their experiences. Have 3 I signed to.

Akaisha: You might also take a look at our Relocation Page which has many Expat blogs listed there.

Craig: My destination choices remain in the Central America / Caribbean area right now. Similar time zone to USA/Canada. Not ready to move to Europe or AsiaPac right now.

Akaisha: I understand. While Asia can be a great choice, it can seem to be very far away. Plus it takes much longer to get back to the States for visits or emergency family issues.

Craig: Keep up the great web site writings and advice to a growing boomer wave of upcoming retirees.

Akaisha: Thank you for your kind words and do feel free to write any time with questions you might have.

Wishing you all the best,


 If you are interested in receiving an email introduction to Maria to find out about residency in the Dominican Republic or how to obtain a second passport, send us an email to TheGuide@RetireEarlyLifestyle.com

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