Q&A with a Reader: Working Overseas While Retired

Hello I am interested in going to one of your suggested retirement locations. I don’t have enough money to simply not work. I am interested in part time or seasonal work possibly in the hotel or concession business. I haven’t read any articles of places one would have a good chance of doing some part time work. How does Panama look as far as that is concerned?



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Hi Tom,

Thank you for taking the time to write, we appreciate it.

We don’t know anything about Panama personally, as we have never been there. However, I can suggest that you go to our Relocation page and contact some of the Expat Forums listed there. People on the forums, who actually live in these locations, will respond to your questions and perhaps help you set up. There is a forum especially for living in Panama listed on this page.

Also, you might take a look at our Retirement Jobs Page and see if any of these job situations might work for you. There are part time, seasonal, dream jobs, adventure jobs, working from home jobs and more

Good luck to you. A little research on these pages should pay off for you.


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