Is House Sitting for Everyone?

Q&A with a Reader

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Akaisha, thank you for responding, I’m very surprised that you said that if one “was serious you could schedule your whole year with house sitting opportunities“, and that at some point you can “just about call your own shots”.

It surprises me because you’d think everyone would want to do this, and that there would be tons of people chasing a smaller number of jobs.



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Hi Mark,

I understand what you are saying, but I think it’s just like anything — first of all, House sitting is not for everyone. Secondly, the location of the gigs and the dates themselves change making this somewhat of a moving target. And just because a person sat in Greece one year, perhaps they want to sit in England another year. And don’t forget about visas and the amount of days one is allowed into any one region. These things can complicate arranging sits.

Also, some sits are for short periods like a long weekend, over the Christmas Holidays or just for a week or two vacation. Some sits involve pet caring or even working a Bed and Breakfast or hotel on an island. One may want to run a hotel once but not again. There are lots of variables. 

That being said, international house sitting is a relatively new concept and is just coming into the mainstream.

We do know of people who do house sitting full time, living in hotels or apartments in between gigs. We also know of people who only stay in one area and sit for the same people year after year until things change again. Some house sits are listed on the internet and other house sits are by word of mouth only – so there are lots of opportunities to choose from.

Good luck – I think there is plenty of room for you if you want to try this approach to housing and travel.


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