Location Suggestions for Single Retiree?

Hello Billy and Akaisha,

I really appreciate your newsletter and the great photos!

Lots of places to choose in Mexico

Lots of places to choose in Mexico

I have traveled a fair amount internationally in the past few years and would like to consider living abroad.   I would prefer someplace closer to the U.S.   As a single woman (I am 62 yo), I believe we have a few special challenges.  Certainly security needs are more heightened.   I believe socialization needs are more acute too.   When you have a spouse, you have a built in social system and don’t need to have as many expats around to meet basic social needs.   In Mérida, MX I noticed that couples adapted quite happily, but despite attending the International Women’s Club, language intercambios etc, it was hard to connect as a single person.  Although I enjoy the company of locals abroad, for me the company of expats to do things with is important too. 

There is one more thing is of special interest to me which might be more difficult for you to answer.  I am an organ student, and so I want to be near a church with a nice organ ideally so I can continue practice and lessons.  The Spanish legacy has made it surprisingly easy to come across lovely churches, and at times functional organs.

Reduce your cost of living. Pay less for medical care. Find better weather. Create a healthier way of life.

I am drawn to the warm people of Mexico, but I do have security concerns.  I love the idea of the elevated areas there with moderate temperatures!

Would you please suggest to me any options you can think of?  

Thank you so much!


Guatemalans are welcoming people also

Guatemalans are welcoming people also

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind words regarding our newsletter. We appreciate it!

As far as where to recommend one to live when they are single, I’m afraid I don’t have any clear answers. I think Chapala has a lot to offer in terms of things to do for both couples and singles (bridge clubs, theater, variety of churches, volunteer groups, garden clubs, rescue animals, language clubs, tennis, golf, bicycling, etc.) I have heard some singles complain there is no dating scene or they feel left out of social events. Others seem to just jump in and get busy doing the things they love and they receive invitations both from singles and from couples to attend dinners, theater or go traveling.

I think if you are looking for a mate that is one thing, but if you are looking for things to do and feel satisfied in that manner, it would be a personal style. There are plenty of little towns between Chapala and Ajijic (and beyond) each with their own subculture and Chapala is close to the beach, (3-5 hours) very close to Guadalajara (a large colonial city) and there is an international airport located in Guad for longer trips (to Guatemala, South America, back to the States or Canada.)

I hear people rave about San Miguel de Allende, Patzquaro, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Escondido – even Merida. I think Guanajuato could be a good bet as well. Very cultured, international, has a university so there is the influence of youth and cheap restaurants…

Antigua is beautifully colonial

Antigua is beautifully colonial

In our opinion, safety has not been much of a concern so long as one doesn’t tempt fate. (Wearing lots of jewelry, flashing digital toys, walking the streets in early morning hours, etc. )

Antigua and Panajachel in Guatemala could be good alternatives. Antigua is cultured – a bit more expensive than Panajachel which is more funky/hippie/artsy.

Since we are speaking of singles and traveling you might take a look at our Traveling Singles page which offers many options for women travelers including adventure trips, culture trips, and women’s networks.

I don’t know if I have directly answered your question, but at least I have pointed you in some positive directions. We wish you the best in your search and hope you find a place that feels like home.

Feel free to write any time, we’d love to hear from you again. And perhaps we could answer any other questions.


Akaisha and Billy

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