Is 61 Too Old to Be a Gypsy?

Still traveling after all these years

Still traveling after all these years


I appreciate the time you spent emailing me back. I do have one important question now that you both are about my age……..60. Are you still traveling and exploring as you did 20 years ago or are you going to slow up on your travels/adventures?

The reason I ask is that one of the CD’s I ordered from you years ago gave me the impression that you felt older people in their 60’s might be hesitant to make major changes in their lives. Since I have been desperately wanting to leave the work force and travel extensively in addition to living in foreign countries, I’m hoping that at my age, 61, it’s not too late to really appreciate the alternative lifestyle of being a “vagabond/gypsy” so to speak. I have moved 35 times in my life and I enjoy living out of a suitcase and being on the road, so would this make it easier for me?

Using public transport

Using public transport

I just don’t want to be too old to begin my exciting new life. Maybe you have a link to some folks my age that are just beginning too and they might want to meet up with me. If so, let me know. Thank you.

I wish I had started way back but I hope it’s not too late…….:-(


Hi Penny,

We are now in our early 60’s and we are still vagabonding around with our backpacks. Some people our age — not so much. We certainly think it’s a personal approach. That being said, we still hop into the back of pickup trucks for transport and take tiny boats across the lakes or in between islands. We take bumpy rides in tiny tuk-tuks and absolutely still use public transport.

Having adventures is FUN!

Having adventures is FUN!

We are not slowing down too much, but we have noticed that we prefer more comfort to our travels now. For instance, better quality rooms with firmer beds and no red-eye air flights if we can help it. And… we take taxis more often now instead of traipsing with our luggage long distances.

We have added house sitting to our lodging/travel options which certainly brings with it more comfort and more room.

I think as far as we go, we are just a little more conscious in terms of what may threaten our health concerns, but nothing so much as to prevent us from traveling. Personally, I think the thing that ages people the most is “stiffening of the perspective.” As humans we get used to a routine, to a certain amount of comfort and then anything else seems a hardship — when it really isn’t.

You sound like an adventurous woman with a flexible attitude so I don’t think you will have nearly the trouble as someone else who has not traveled. You will find your comfort level and just travel from that position. There are plenty of international hostels and hotel rooms you could afford on your own. You will most definitely meet other travelers on the road and that will open your world up.

I still carry my own gear

I still carry my own gear

I would suggest checking out both of these sites that we have on our website: Our Traveling Singles Page and our Travel Sites Page. There is lots of information available to you here.

I am really excited for you. You will know when you want to stop, but for now, take advantage of your bold spirit and see as much of the world as you can. It’s truly worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to write and for your interest in our books.

Best regards,

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