Don’s Personal Medical Tourism Experience

Don, one of our Readers, has been very kind to share his recent personal medical tourism experience with utilizing Bumrungrad, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you Don!

I had an appointment scheduled for 10 a.m. at Bumrungrad, a private hospital across the street from my hotel here in Bangkok. I arrived at 9:20, 40 minutes early for my consultation. The procedure was done, and I paid the bill, and got both receipts and my paperwork and I was able to leave the hospital at 10 a.m.

This whole transaction was completed in those 40 minutes and the MRI on my knee itself took 30 minutes!  Note: Bumrungrad had brand new machines from Siemens.

I believe they could only have done this more quickly if they had me RUN between machine and cashier. But from what I could see, it was merely a brisk trot.

I go back there to see specialist this afternoon at 2 p.m. for the interpretation of my results and my free CD.

Later that same day

I returned to Bumrungrad and had my post-consultation with the orthopedic Doctor, received my free CD and written report.

Unfortunately, this time I had to wait 40 minutes or so to see the doc, which is very rare here.  Usually one waits less than 5 minutes!  Still, I was out of my appointment in about an hour, CD and report in hand.

I could see the pictures on the monitor. Quite a few were taken and they gave many angles. All were very sharp, and clearly indicated where the problems are.

Unexpected bonus

When I went to settle up my bill at the cashier’s, rather than be charged more for this second appointment, I was given a refund of $70, bringing the total cost of the MRI, consults, CD, report and insurance documentation to $470.

Overall I am pleased with what I got and with the amazing efficiency of this hospital!


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