Horrendous and Frightening Healthcare Costs in NYC

Hi Akaisha and Billy,

I think I may have already written to you before when I found out last year that the cost of my mother’s supposedly intensive care stay in hospital here in NYC was $170,000.00.  Added to that was approximately $30,000 for her pacemaker and insertion fees.  I’ve taken her back three times for a checkup and they have the nerve to charge her $35 each time which I don’t pay.  I think $30,000 is enough.

Her charges for the hospitalization came to a couple of thousand dollars, but I’m still working on getting that figured out over a year later.

I could go on and on about my mother’s medical bills, but I’ll tell you about something I just got in the mail yesterday from my new insurance company.  I didn’t have insurance for three years due to the high cost.  I got it this year and finally found a new internist for a check-up.  It wasn’t as easy as I though it would be, especially here in NYC.

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I went to the internist last month and he kept me waiting for almost three hours before seeing me for my first visit. He took my blood pressure and listened to my heart.  He was very nice, but there was little medical interaction between us.  A technician drew a couple of vials of blood and someone else used a scanning device on my heart and pelvic region. I still have no idea what that was for.

Yesterday I got two notices from my insurance company for the blood tests performed.  The total submitted to them by the lab was just a few dollars short of US $10,000.00.  Yes, you read that right.  $10,000.00 for blood tests.

The insurance company denied a lot of it, but there was a note to me that I owed around $600.00.  I wasn’t asked by anyone if I wanted to spend that money or if I could pay for it. 

I am not feeling well.  The stress of living here, the rising cost of everything and our inability to save enough money to move is causing me so much stress.  I feel awful and I’m terrified to stay here to participate in any way in this medical care system.

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I had to take mom to the ER last week and I saw first hand yet again how much it’s deteriorated. My mother seems to be stable, but I am worried about myself.  I’m hoping I have nothing seriously wrong so I can put all of my attention to moving.

Because of you we’ve now got Guatemala on our radar.  I never even thought of it before reading your ezine.

Thanks for your ezine.  I look forward to spending some time there in Guatemala soon.  How long can we stay there with a US passport?  Have you covered that before?

Warm regards,


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