Single Woman Going to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi Akaisha,

I was doing a tour to Thailand in November, but my friend backed out and now–seeing that I have over 250,000 FREE miles with American–am debating whether just to cancel it and do Chiang Mai on my own which is why I wrote you hoping you would be there this year.  Not sure what I want to do yet…debating.

Any advice/suggestions welcome.

As I understand it, I should not have too much trouble finding English speakers there?



Wats are everywhere in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi Ann,

Thanks for writing, we appreciate it.

We aren’t sure when we will be returning to Chiangmai, but please don’t let us not being there stop you from going.

You might consider taking a look at our Traveling Singles Page. There are all sorts of singles, groups of singles, women’s groups, women’s adventure travel groups and even women hosting sites for you to find lodging when you travel.

If you still want to go to this amazing place, why not contact one of these organizations and see if you find a good fit for you? At least you wouldn’t have to make all the decisions yourself, and you might just find some solid contacts or make a good friend.

The morning sun glistens off the gold on this Wat

If you do decide to go, I can make an email introduction to a couple of good friends who live there, and some friends who will be visiting there soon.

As far as finding English speakers in Chiangmai, many hotels have employees who speak English, there are expat organizations, (see our Thailand Travel Information Page) and you can always go to the AUA Library where it’s air conditioned and many English speakers hang out there.

Don’t forget to memorize a couple of Survival Phrases (at the bottom of our Thailand Travel Page) or download one of World Nomads language apps on your iPhone. They are free! Speaking even a little bit of Thai can make your experience 100% more engaging.

I hope this information helps!

Please feel free to write any time, and let us know how your trip is going.

Best, Akaisha

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