The Power of Having a Plan

Hello Billy and Akaisha,

I wanted to write to you today because I wanted you to know that I have a “plan!” I always tell people that are seeking my advice that if you have a plan you can always change the direction of the plan, but you have to start somewhere.

You have given me the courage to put my plan into action. Each time I read one of your emails that are chocked full of information I become more positive that I am heading in the right direction. My goal is to be in “retirement” mode and living as an expat by early 2013. I may start as a house sitter to explore the place that will suit me the best.

The 1st steps I am taking is to de-clutter my house…years of collectibles have become junk to me and taking up space and collecting dust! I have some great friends that are helping me with this monumental task. I am not a hoarder, but if I keep going this could be reality. I think the hardest thing for me will be to give up my wardrobe and shoes. Deciding to give up those cute Zebra striped shoes with the red bow will be heartbreaking…LOL.

Love at first stripe!

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have been researching, thinking and planning for this for over six years. I will not be wealthy but I will be ok and living outside the U.S. in some of the places you mentioned will make that possible.

I am so happy the day I ran across your blog, I don’t even remember how that happened, but I have been a faithful reader ever since. Hopefully our paths will cross and I will have the pleasure of meeting you personally.


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Hi Elizabeth!!

I am so excited for you as well — and am happy to hear that you are moving forward with your retirement plans. We have been traveling the world for over 2 decades and it just keeps getting better.

I remember you saying that you are no stranger to travel yourself, that you have a flexible attitude and that you know another language (Spanish I believe…) These are valuable tools and will serve you greatly when you relocate.

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