Important Steps to Finding Your Trusted House Sitter, Part I

Guest post by Angela “Sittingperfected“  Laws

If you own a home, are new to the house sitting world and don’t know where to start to find the right sitter for your home and pets, read Angela’s post below. 

Many home owners have decided that house sitting is just THE best solution to leaving home and pets safe and secure. I’m a home owner myself who has been house sitting for over five years. Here’s some advice on how to get your very own Trustedhousesitter.

Listing your home

While it might not always be possible, it is most advantageous to you to post well in advance of your confirmed travel dates. Post your home’s availability on a reputable and high profile web site. In my opinion, is far and above the best and most user-friendly, with excellent house sitters situated throughout the world.

Registering is easy, even for the novice internet user. Within 24 hours of joining the site, your listing goes “live” and TrustedHousesitters sends email alerts to their registered house sitters who are looking for assignments in your area. Not sure of when you’ll travel? No problem, you can still go “live” with dates showing “variable.”

House sitting helps both owners and those who want to travel

Listing Content

Be specific about your expectations. Are you a super-proud house keeper? Do you have a high maintenance garden or just a few pots? Do you retain a cleaner or gardener? If you have pets does your house sitter need to be experienced with certain breeds? Do any of your pets have special needs? Are you away from civilization? Is there the opportunity to explore the area perhaps with the occasional overnight away?

List only the important points so sitters can immediately assess your requirements. This is professional courtesy, and in that way no one’s time is wasted.

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Home owners

As a home owner, you’ll have access to many sitter profiles which are full of personal information, references and photographs. To attract sitters, it’s very important for you to include some of your own basic personal information along with photographs of you, your pet and your home.

Would you apply to look after a home without a photo?

Location, transport and extras

If you are in a very rural location, you need to consider if sitters have the use of a *car? (see below) Be honest with your expectations. Are you expecting the sitters to take on extra household duties? Do you have rental units you want managed, relatives you’d like visited?

If you are expecting extra services from your sitter, would financial compensation for these duties – which are not considered part of a normal house sit – be offered?

If you live in a remote location, your sitters may need access to a vehicle

* Important Car Facts!! Car rental is very expensive. Yes, sitters are getting “free” accommodation, but if a car is available I would encourage home owners to make it accessible. This may make the difference between getting the sitter of your choice, or not.

You’re trusting the sitters with your MOST prized and precious possessions – your pets and home – so why not the car? In my personal house sitting experience, it’s been the male of the species who gets possessive over the family car. But to me, it’s the least precious of possessions.

This is something a home owner must consider fairly and reasonably in order to give you access to the sitters of your choice.

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Priority is Trust on both sides

House sitting is an arrangement based on trust.

Honesty at every stage by both parties is a paramount. As a homeowner, always keep in mind that a House Sitter is someone who will care for your home and pet, and keep everything safe and secure and just as you left it. House sitters are not free laborers, gardeners, sub contractors or cleaners. They provide an important service to give you Peace of Mind. They are not there to remodel your home or garden. Just as you trust them to live up to their commitment, you have the same responsibility – no more, no less.

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