Traveling with a Stay-at-Home Spouse

Hi There,

I’m planning to visit Australia next year to visit my cousin on the Gold Coast.

I’m a 60+ lady traveling with a lady friend, my hubby is a stay-at-home type……………..

Any advice….



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Hi Julie,

Thanks for taking the time to write.

I was unclear as to what your question “really” was.

1) Advice on how to travel without your husband?

2) Advice on how to find great travel partners or affordable ways to travel?

3) Advice on how to “get” your husband interested in traveling?

4) Advice on how to travel in your retirement and not feel guilty, keep in touch with your husband while you are on the road, and more?

In Chapter 10 of our book, Your Retirement Dream IS Possible, we discuss this very topic in great detail. Many couples want to fulfill their dreams in retirement and sometimes these dreams differ from what their spouse has in mind. I believe you will find this chapter to be very helpful.

You might also take a look at our Traveling Singles Page. Here you will find adventure groups, women’s groups, global and educational tours, information on solo traveling, packing lists and such.

You might also take a look at our Travel Housing Options Page. Here you will find links to hostels, furnished apartments, how to make connections worldwide through Couch Surfing, how to find a place to be a roommate in a location which you might want to visit, links to home exchange, house sitting opportunities, Workampers, vacation rentals and more.

Keeping in touch with loved ones while we travel is easier today than ever. You can download Skype for free and chat online with video from your computer or at an internet cafe. If you chat computer-to-computer, this calling time is free. If you call a landline or cell phone, it is only a few cents per minute. So you will be able to chat with your husband while he is at home where he feels comfortable, and while you are on the road, where you would like to be.

I hope these few suggestions are useful to you. Feel free to write any time.


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