Stem Cell Therapy – The Future of Curing Disease and Restoring Youth

Guest post by Lori Shea, Owner, Guatemala Medical Travel. Lori first arrived in Rio Dulce, Guatemala aboard a sailboat in 2005 and had a home and business there for two years. For more information on stem cell regenerative therapies visit her website

A body’s natural healing state

Your body is in a constant state of renewal. As you read this article, with every breath you take, the stem cells inside your body are renewing and regenerating themselves every second. These seemingly miraculous cells have the ability to transform themselves into brand new healthy cells to replace the sick or worn out cells in your muscles, organs, tissues, brain, glands, joints and bones – virtually any cell in your body. Many scientific studies now indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells in your body is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health.

Adult stem cells are released from your bone marrow into the bloodstream. Then they go searching for tissues and organs in distress. For example, if the heart sends out a cry for help, the travelling stem cells exit the bloodstream, migrate to the heart, multiply, and become brand new healthy heart muscle cells, to replace the sick or worn out cells.

Sixtino I Medical Building, Guatemala City

As we age, healing slows down

Sick children recover quickly, right? That’s because their bone marrow releases stem cells more efficiently.  When we are young, there are niches of stem cells in all our organs that migrate to areas of injury, inflammation or malignancy to assist in replacement and repair. Injured tissue can be repaired by tapping the body’s stem cell reserves.

As we age, bone marrow produces fewer stem cells which decrease the ability to regenerate. Fewer and fewer stem cells are released into the bloodstream, so your body becomes more susceptible to injury and breakdown.  When these stem cells become so reduced in number, they often fail to repair the aging diseased organ. This leads to chronic disease and further aging with declining immune function.

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Chronic disease and stem cell therapies

Chronic diseases set in when we are older because our smaller components start to break down. The origins of these diseases can be traced to deficiencies at the cellular level. For example, the beta cells in the pancreas become less effective and secrete less insulin, a condition that triggers diabetes. And, when the nerve cells become weak they will begin to harbor Parkinson’s disease.

Qualified and trained medical personnel are available to you

In Guatemala, stem cell therapies are being used to successfully treat:

Auto-immune Diseases: Cerebral Palsy, Critical Limb Ischemia, Diabetes Mellitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Thyroid Disorders, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic Degenerative Diseases: Cerebral Palsy, Cirrhosis of the liver, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Pulmonary disease, Kidney Failure, ALS, Down Syndrome, Parkinson disease, Stroke and Heart Disease, as well as Spinal Injuries.

Imagine if we could increase the level of stem cells in our bodies to stave off the effect of aging as it applies to both degenerative disease and esthetic appearance.

Dr. Byron Sanchez

Experienced and skilled staff

Dr. Byron Sanchez, medical director of the Medi-Center Stem Cell Research Clinic, is an oncologist and hematologist in Guatemala City with 15 years of experience in stem cell research and transplantation. The highly-skilled medical team at Medi-Center offers stem cell transplantation therapy to their patients with the same degree of success as any other country in the world, from the United States to South Korea, but at a fraction of the price.

Simple procedure

Dr. Sanchez explains the process: Stem cells are derived from the patient’s own bone marrow or umbilical cord.  Blood, fat and skin are also excellent sources of stem cells.  In adults, these cells are rare, isolated at a rate of about one in one thousand. Immunological reconstitution is done by isolating the patient’s natural killer cells, T cytotoxic cells. They are extracted in a painless procedure, isolated, stimulated, and processed in the laboratory.  The new, multi-potent cells are restored to the patient intravenously, in a method much like chelation therapy or dialysis.

With just a few days of treatment and observation, our patients in Guatemala now have the opportunity to live better and longer without resorting to dangerous drugs or invasive surgical techniques.

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Follow up

According to Dr Sanchez, patients are placed on a longevity diet and an exercise program that can be done at home.  They are given nutritional supplements to support and enhance neurological function and nourish existing cells. Quite often, medium to ultra-high does of vitamins and natural supplements will enhance the efficiency of the newly restored stem cells.

Hope International, Guatemala City

As an anti-aging property, stem cell regenerative therapies are increasingly used in cosmetic formulations. They work to slow down the aging process of the skin, and the supporting muscles, to restore not only a youthful appearance, but the vitality and functionality of the organs as well.

At the Stem Cell Center of Guatemala in zone 10, Dra. Marielos Sequeira, a medical intern, describes an additional method to enhance the efficacy of the Stem Cell Transplantation: Patients are placed in the hyperbaric chamber and breathe 100 percent oxygen while exposed to elevated ambient pressures. In this new application of an older, established technology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is helping to resolve a growing number of difficult, complicated or otherwise hopeless medical conditions.

In all cases, success rates depend on the patient’s age, lifestyle, genetic composition and metabolism.

The future

Biotechnology is the medicine of the future, coupling our biology (organic bodies and minds) with the extraordinary technological advances that are being proven and accepted by mainstream physicians more and more every day.  The most exciting therapeutic possibility of stem cell transplantation is that it enhances the body’s own natural inclination is to heal itself, effectively reversing the effects of disease and aging. We now have the opportunity to live longer, healthier, happier – feeling “good as new.”

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